Woocommerce gift card

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WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards plugin is multi-functional and allows you to play with des, templates, and personalized messages to surprise your customers and their dear ones. This plugin allows merchants to sell WooCommerce gift certificates in their store along with their easy management.

Woocommerce gift card

As a merchant, you can now de and create beautiful gift cards for special occasions and festivities to attract more customers that too with the flexibility of amounts. Gift Cards for WooCommerce have always been special to everyone as one tends to give a suitable amount to their dear ones in a presentable form that the recipient could redeem by purchasing products from your store.

Woocommerce gift card

WooCommerce gift certificates will not only bring happiness to the person whom you are gifting but it will also bring satisfaction to you as well. It brings more customers by offering WooCommerce gift vouchers in your online store. Gift Cards are the 1 most requested present during the holidays — use them to boost sales volume.

People even take an easier approach by giving away cash. However, it lacks emotion. A separate WooCommerce gift card type product is created in WooCommerce and merchants can create as many products as Woocommerce gift card want. WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards offers 5 pricing variants for its customers willing to purchase gift cards. They are —. Note: The ECC level is used for dirt, damage, or fuzziness of the barcode. A high ECC level adds more redundancy at the cost of using more space.

Woocommerce gift card

When a gift card product is purchased separately then after successful payment order becomes completed and a Gift card is Woocommerce gift card to the Woocommerce gift card. If a gift card product is purchased with another product then when an order goes to processing Gift card is sent to the receiver. In this setting, not only Admin but also Buyer can choose the delivery options by which they can send the WooCommerce Gift card Products to their loved ones. We have added a new downloadable feature for WooCommerce Gift Card.

The buyer can also download the gift card and either share Woocommerce gift card with the receiver or keep it with himself. A gift card Coupon is now applied to the cart total amount. From now on id can be changeable by Merchant easily, Whatever id has been filled in the given textbox, the Mail will get sent on that Id. On the other end, this comes with a WooCommerce currency switcher that assists customers who have bought a gift card in their currency and will get converted into your base currency according to your business. Note: The expiry date in the WooCommerce Gift Card Template will be in this date format if this setting is enabled from the backend.

Please check the Checkbox, to activate the plugin and add the new Gift Card Product is Enable or not. Add a new WooCommerce Product, change the product type to the Gift Card Product, enter the default price, and select the pricing type. After entering the price of the selected pricing type you may need to Publish the product. At the bottom, you can see the mail setting toggle bar. There you may change the Gift Card Subject to the recipient.

We have provided a custom post type Gift Cards under the dashboard where we have provided 16 custom templates. You can use them or even add your template. If any Gift card Product is purchased through a Shipping method one of the Delivery Methods only then the shipping charges would be applied. Only the admin will receive the gift card mail so that he can ship it to the customer. This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliance as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. View author portfolio. Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

The total Woocommerce gift card includes the item price and a buyer fee. Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. View details. Deliver better projects faster. Effortless de and video. Made online by you. Smart templates ready for any skill level. Deers matched perfectly to you on Envato Studio.

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Woocommerce gift card

Guest Cart 0. Envato Elements: Go Unlimited. Envato Elements: Millions of creative assets. Unlimited downlo. By makewebbetter. Cart 2, sales. Item Details Reviews Comments Support. Preview Item Screenshots Video Preview. Schedule gift cards for the on-date deliveries. Select the delivery method that suits your needs best. Selling gift cards in your WooCommerce store will increase your brand value as it is easy for your customers to purchase gift cards for any occasion rather than choosing between the products. Enhances brand loyalty, brand visibility, and exposure. It is an easy way to expand your business globally through the word of mouth strategy.

They are — Fixed Price Selected Price Range Price User Price Variation Price Gift Cards Settings and Templates Admin has the access to recipients address editing Resend gift card option is available to resend the failed to the user Admin Woocommerce gift card resend the unused Gift Card Coupons to the recipients by adding more amount to the coupon from the order detail section Merchant can set the Gift card message length from setting. The default length of the Gift card message is Along with this, we have provided the customers to check the current count of the message characters.

Admin can enable the BCC Woocommerce gift card for gift card mails. In Coupon Mail Settingusers will get notified after each use of the coupon and now the user can also check their coupon amount. The default length of the gift card coupon is 5. Gift Card Usability The merchant can restrict the of users using the same gift card with the Individual use feature.

Woocommerce gift card usability features allow the customer to use the gift card amount in multiple transactions than in a single transaction. Gift Card Notifications Merchants can set the Expiry Date for each gift card purchased to restrict the usability of the gift card after a certain duration of purchase. notifications for the gift cards sent via. Merchants can set minimum and maximum cart total amounts for applying the gift card discount. for Ship Your Card Delivery method From now on id can be changeable by Merchant easily, Whatever id has been filled in the given textbox, the Mail will get sent on that Id.

Shipping Class Feature In this feature, you can add a shipping class and apply it to gift card products. By default, no tax is applied to gift card products. Frequently Asked Questions Q. How to set up this Gift card plugin? How to add Gift Card Product? Where do I change the Gift Card Subject of the recipient? From where I can modify the template? Is Shipping Charges applicable to Gift Cards? Changelog Changelog New: Include product and for a particular gift card product Woocommerce gift card Added setting for "TO Name" field to make it require.

New : Compatible with woocommerce 3. Tweak: Hide Meta fields from Thankyou order and version: 2. Show More Show Less. Regular Regular Selected. Extended Selected. Add to Cart. Buy Now. View Portfolio. Deers matched perfectly to you on Envato Studio artists ready to undertake your work.

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Woocommerce gift card

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Woocommerce gift card

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