When does spencer start dating toby

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Fans of Pretty Little Liars love the mysterious town of Rosewood, wonder why Ali went missing, want to know who A is, and love the relationships between the characters. While there are some epic friendships in this popular series, When does spencer start dating toby main character also has a great love story that stands out. Toby and Spencer have a wonderful relationship and though they drift apart, it's clear that their story isn't finished yet. But while these two characters clearly loved each other and were sweet together, there were some moments when their romance seemed problematic. It seemed like Toby was the one behind all the stalking, and this wasn't a thought that Spencer or her friends wanted to even entertain.

Toby let Spencer know that he wanted to keep her safe and this is why he ed the A-Team. But if that was the case, then why didn't he talk to her about it first? It would have been great if she had known what to expect. Toby knew how dangerous the situation was, and he could have had a much more respectful approach. The liars thought Toby was strange at the start of the show.

He and Emily became friendly, and then Spencer realized that she had gotten it all wrong: Toby was actually an amazing, kind person whom she wanted to get to know. Because Spencer admitted that she was wrong about him, they started hanging out, and it was a sweet and natural progression to romance.

This proves that the two characters are perfect for each other as this is a solid way to start a relationship. On the one hand, it seems romantic that Toby ed the A-Team so he could keep Spencer safe at all times.

When does spencer start dating toby

He loved her and cared about her, and this felt like the next natural step for him. On the other hand, this is a little strange and can be viewed as sexist, too. Spencer is a strong and independent person who could always take care of herself. While it makes sense that Toby wanted to help her in her time of need, he didn't need to be her protector.

She was always smart and capable, so this felt pretty toxic. Spencer and Toby kissed in the parking lot of a motel for the first When does spencer start dating toby. While IRL this might seem like an odd location, it was pretty perfect onscreen, and it felt like a moment straight out of a romance movie. Even when this couple had their issues, Toby was always romantic, and Spencer always let down her walls and became more emotional and vulnerable around him. This showed that Toby was really good for her. It was great the parents had their own storylines on PLLbut these characters sometimes became too invested in their kids' lives.

Spencer's mom Veronica didn't like her hanging out with Toby at first and she didn't want them to be together. Spencer didn't listen to her mom and started dating him anyway. This added a toxic and difficult element to the romance. Spencer's parents always had her best interests at heart, but they were wrong about Toby, so why didn't Spencer get her mom to come around and see the truth about him?

Instead, she just rebelled. This always makes things worse. Yvonne was a side character on Pretty Little Liars and she seemed nice and intelligent. But since she was engaged to Toby, it was When does spencer start dating toby for viewers to connect with her or want to get to know her better. Even though fans always shipped Toby and Spencer, it was nice that they remained friendly with each other even when he was dating Yvonne. They were respectful of each other and their desire to move on, and this suggests that they care about each other's happiness more than anything.

This is definitely proof of how good they are together. Spencer and Toby had other love interests on the show, which makes it seem odd that they're one of the endgame couples. Spencer dated Marco and Alexand Toby married Yvonne before she died. If this couple was so perfect, why didn't they stay together for the entire series? Spencer even dated Hanna's soulmate Caleb and it seemed like they had actual, genuine feelings for each other.

This was definitely confusing.

When does spencer start dating toby

Fans found out in the final episode that Spencer had an evil twin, Alex Drake, who was a mastermind trying to ruin Spencer's life. She even pretended to be Spencer and handed Toby a book. But while Alex thought that she was the master of her own game, Toby could tell that he wasn't talking to Spencer.

He later asked Alex to say a quote from the book, and when Alex couldn't, he proved that he When does spencer start dating toby the truth. This was also proof of Spencer and Toby's true love as he didn't fall for the scheme. While loving someone does mean worrying about their happiness, Spencer and Toby seemed to worry about each other's well-being way too much. Sure, this wasn't necessarily their fault since they lived in Rosewood and were the subject of A's wrath, but at a certain point, their concern and fear that they would get hurt seemed toxic, as they never were able to have a good time together.

Negative and dark vibes always became part of the equation. Spencer could have dated several characters and maybe she would have even been happy. But there doesn't seem to be a more flawless partner for Spencer than Toby. In the series finale, it was implied that these two characters would be getting back together, especially since Toby played a role in saving Spencer. Because they didn't rush back into their relationship and spent enough time apart to know what they wanted, this proves that they're a perfect couple.

When does spencer start dating toby

They got to know themselves both in and out of the relationship, and now they could be happy, once and for all. Aya Tsintziras is a freelance writer who writes about pop culture and TV. She loves watching TV, particularly '90s teen dramas and reality showscoffee, barre classes, and avocado.

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When does spencer start dating toby

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