What can i cut meth with

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November 11, — The antidepressant mirtazapine may help decrease What can i cut meth with dependence, according to one of the first studies to show positive for a treatment of this addiction. In a randomized controlled trial of 60 active methamphetamine users, investigators found that those who received mirtazapine in addition to substance use counseling showed a ificant decrease in usage and in sexually risky behaviors compared with those who received placebo plus counseling. And we want to see if we can reproduce the in a larger sample size before saying it's really 'ready for prime-time.

So from a public health standpoint, it may also be a useful adjunctive STD [sexually transmitted disease] or HIV prevention strategy. The study is published in the November issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry. According to the investigators, more than 1 million people in the United States used methamphetamine in So a challenge in the field is to try to find a medication that will actually decrease methamphetamine use," said Dr.

studies examining various agents, including calcium-channel blockers, antipsychotics, and serotonergic medications, have not shown ificant efficacy. The investigators enrolled 60 sexually active MSM between ages18 and 60 years mean age, Weekly urine samples were collected from all the men, who also underwent physical exams and behavioral assessments at baseline and at 4- 8- and week visits.

In addition, more members of the mirtazapine group showed a ificant decrease in most sexual risk behaviors. Medication adherence, measured by both monitoring of MEMS caps medication event monitory system lids and self-report, did not differ ificantly between the groups but was found to be low to moderate. No drug-related serious adverse events were reported for either group. Colfax reported that the investigators are now planning to replicate this study with more participants. And we know that the data supporting those medications are mixed at best. I think it's too early to say that this drug is specifically indicated for this treatment, but I think it certainly warrants consideration," he said.

But I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a standard of care at this point. Although not a confirmatory study, it did produce that are important but will need to be followed up with more extensive assessments," Richard A. And of all those trials, which was close to What can i cut meth with, none have shown anything that looks this promising," said Dr.

Rawson, who was not involved in this research. And I think this study is one of the first with very solid data, looking at drug use as measured by urinalysis. That gives us reason to think there may be a al here for medication that can be of use.

What can i cut meth with

Rawson noted that the neurobiology of this substance abuse disorder "is very complicated" and different from that of opioid dependence. And it's a difficult population to study because of high drop-out rates and low compliance with medication taking," he said.

That's part of the reason why it is so promising. He added that some of the past trials of other medications might have been more successful if their drop-out and noncompliance rates had not been so high. Now we need to follow it up and see if its findings can be confirmed. It's too early to say we have a cure for methamphetamine dependence but it is promising," said Dr.

What can i cut meth with a long ways from having something definitive but it's certainly a step in the right direction. The study was supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The study authors and Dr. Rawson have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

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What can i cut meth with

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What can i cut meth with

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What can i cut meth with

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What can i cut meth with

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Antidepressant to Cut Meth Use 'Most Promising' Agent to Date