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Most of them are in Hells Kitchen, Williamsburg, and West Village, but regardless of where you go, there will be some good ones that worth a stop. But, as one of the most open-minded cities, NYC has no shortage of good gay bars, and in this post, we will share them all. Click the pin to see detailed info about each gay bar. The lively crowd at Club Cumming. Photo by Club Cumming. Owned by actor Alan Cumming and promoter Daniel Nardicio, this gay bar slash nightclub in East Village, in addition to its colorful drinks, features cabaret events, Broadway-style shows, dance parties, and drag performances.

On a lucky night, you might spot Alan passing through the crowds or Broadway celebrities as they pop up and give performance. Best of all, this tiny space, praised by the New York Times, has rare inclusivity that welcomes a far broader spectrum of the queer community. Straight or queer, come and have some late-night fun!

A fun fact: the bar was ordered to temporarily halt its shows in when they discovered that its liquor didn't include a provision for live entertainment. But, the matter was resolved quickly with support from the community. This ski-lodge inspired bar in Brooklyn features exposed-brick walls and two fireplaces to keep you warm and cozy in the winter months. Here, you will find a crowd of friendly guys and gals chilling with nightly drink specials with a DJ spinning the latest tracks.

Sincethis intimate bar has been a favorite destination for the LGBTQ community and anyone with a respecting and accepting mentality. They also have a pool table for anyone ready to have some casual fun. Come and have some fun. There is no cover fee, but you can plop down a few Transsexual bars new york to support the bar and artists. Learn more about the events and their times here. Barracuda Lounge in the heart of Chelsea. Photo by Grace Chu. And one of them is the Barracuda Lounge.

Located in along 8th Ave and 22nd St, this cute lounge has outlasted many others due to its combination of cozy couches, generous happy hours, friendly bartenders, and awesome drag shows. In the s and s, the lounge was a popular celebrity hangout, such as the American actor and writer, Nathan Lane, and it was frequently the site of promotional events for new music and Broadway plays. This laid-back gay bar in Williamsburg comes live every night, filled with gay men, boho-chic girls, and hipsters in the area Transsexual bars new york with their happy hour specials and the latest soundtracks.

It is located in the same neighborhood as Metropolitan and sprouted as Transsexual bars new york trendier alternative for Brooklynites to get their freak on.

Transsexual bars new york

But, hey, this is New York, drama is everywhere. The silver lining is that the bar is always able to handle it well and with grace. Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of gay rights movement, is where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people, for the first time, Transsexual bars new york a group, forcefully and vocally asserted their rights to equality under the law. One year after the riot against the police raid, the first Pride March was held in New York City and around the world and continues to grow to what it is today.

Now Transsexual bars new york National Historic Landmark, Stonewall continues bringing all people together with great drag shows, dance parties, karaoke nights, and Pride-themed events. Daytime brings gawking tourists, but the evenings are still for partying. Check their calendar here to stay updated on the latest and upcoming events!

If you find someone to have a nice conversation with, there are plenty of hidden spots and booths you can find to do so. This is a good spot to kick off your night out or use it as an escape after work. There is also a pool table for anyone ready to have some casual fun. Opened inJulius is the oldest gay bar in New York City, featuring a rich sense of history and community, and you can feel it the moment you walk in. Here, you will come across an interesting mix, with longtime patrons sipping draft beers at the long wooden bar while younger groups gathering at tables in the back and wolfing down cheap grilled eats.

Please note that this is a cash-only bar. So, be sure to bring enough before leaving your home! Also, the DJ is often upbeat, and the speakers are loud, so you might yell a bit to hear each other. Established inthis Ridgewood bar offers homestyle favorites for brunch with unlimited mimosas and dinner alongside queer parties and performances later into the night. Think of drag shows and themed nights, such as otter parties for the hirsute gentlemen adventurer. Also, the bar features colorful murals and cute decors on top of the bar shelves, which creates an interesting vibe that you rarely find from any other options in this list.

The colorful paper decors inside Cubbyhole.

Transsexual bars new york

Photo by Cubbyhole. The beauty of it transcends the decors - it is a multigenerational playground where queer strangers become friends, King Princess rules the jukebox, and Transsexual bars new york men enter at their own risk. But seriously, anyone is welcomed here. The drinks are light - to help you stay sober throughout the night and keep coming back. The dance floor can get crowded on weekends, so you can't really dance, but if you want to sit down and talk, there is plenty of space to do that. Before you sit down, take a look at your barstool, which is upholstered with glossy vinyl bearing pictures of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig.

How cute is that?! Photo by Phoenix Bar. Expect various theme nights, drink specials, trivia games, karaoke, and a straight-up good time. The bar is often rather empty when it opens at PM and gets a bit busier with people before the party scene at PM.

If you just want to grab a few cheap drinks, catch up with an old friend, or make some new ones, this is the perfect spot for you. Also, I came across some reviews on Yelp, saying that there had been dramas with the bartenders and straight customers. The good news is that the rude bartenders are no longer with the bar. The lively crowds at Pieces gay bar in NYC. Photo by Jeff Eason. This long-standing Transsexual bars new york bar in West Village features over-the-top seasonal decorations, karaoke nights, drag spectaculars, and plenty of fun nightly events. The drag show is fun. The stage and performance space is small, but the queens do a great job of putting on a big performance in that little space.

Once the show is over, you can hit the ground and dance. They play great music and remixes that cater to anyone. The only issue with Pieces is that they let way too many people inside. But, once the show is on intermission, the crowd often gets thinner. The live performance at The Vault gay bar. Photo by The Vault.

Here, expect spectacular drag performance, reputable DJs, and a dance floor filled with hot guys and girls seeking for a welcoming space to stay true to themselves. The small bar upstairs has some board games for anyone ready to have some casual fun. Live performance at Therapy.

Transsexual bars new york

Photo by Therapy. This is the first gay bar we went to and fell in love with it since! Upstairs, you will meet a friendly crowd sipping on tasty cocktails and dancing to the latest soundtracks.

Transsexual bars new york

Touted as the largest queer venue in Brooklyn, it features a barroom, a performance area, and dance floor, an outdoor space, and a full Mexican kitchen. Here, you will find events year-round, including circuit parties, flea markets, comedy shows, and TV watch parties. It also has plenty of interesting decors that give me a movie set feeling like nothing is real, but it is.

The bartenders handle the crowd with finesse. No one is thirsty for long. Sincethis lesbian-owned and operated bar has been luring girls, gay boys, and tourists with its colorful lights, dance cages, and friendly atmosphere. The two full bars here are stocked with a great selection of liquors, Transsexual bars new york, and beer and expertly tended by sexy bartenders. There are also seasonal cocktails. The crowds during TV event screening at Albatross bar.

Photo by Albatross. Check their calendar here to stay updated on the upcoming events! If you sit at the bar, take a minute to peruse the mirror next to the shelves, which has beautiful drawings that change occasionally.

The lively Metropolitan gay bar on a Friday night. Photo by Metropolitan. Started and operated by the folks behind Pieces and Hardware, this Transsexual bars new york gay bar was an Off-Broadway theater for 40 years, just steps from other West Village hotspots. Its basement-level space was renovated and repurposed with a technicolor dance floor and a stage area home to some of the hottest events in the city.

Transsexual bars new york

Think of bingos on Wednesdays, live DJs almost every night, parties on Sundays, and more! Opened in by Eddie Valentin, this old-school bar has only one objective - give Transsexual bars new york in the Latino community a haven where they can be themselves without risking being ridiculed or attacked. For straight folks looking for a fun time, this is the spot for you too. Bartenders dancing on the bar tables at Flaming Saddles.

Photo by Flaming Saddles. Yes, the outfitted bartenders here serve more than just drinks. Every so often, these sexy guys hop on the bar table and clack their boots across the counter to the sounds of Dixie Chicks, Shania, Dolly, and the like. If you can catch the attention of a dancer and you might earn a free shot during the show.

Transsexual bars new york

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