Style boutique dating dominic

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You just sell clothes to your customers and save up your money that's what i would do but godfrey is so annoying he comes in and says where would you like to go on a date that's when i clicked when he said the name dominic Style boutique dating dominic i knew that i could date him. Hey guys this game is my life so if u have dated dominic me how u did at lilyrk hotmail. Okay sorry to say but you don't date dominic. Ik heartbreaking right trust me it took me a while too but it's the truth. Ive made several games and reached yet nothing so i just let it go and i think you should too.

Don't believe the people who say " gets you to date him" Hoped i helped :. Apparently you dress like grace and dominic says " oh grace is that you oh sorry i thought you were grace would you like to marry me? I tried everything! I dressed up like grace and went to dominic's mansion. And when i say i dressed up like her i really mean it. First time i just dressed up like her. Didn't work. Next time i completly faked her. I made an alternative character and faked her eyes mouth clothes hair Creepy right?

But still nothing! After trying this 3 times i got annoyed Style boutique dating dominic tried this afro code. It simply makes your character look ridiculous and doesn't work Well at least not for me. After that didn't work either i put on my maid skirt and went to my shop. Then i got annoyed with this cheat too and went to his mansion with a hot red dress. He helped me out and then nothing! And when godfrey came in and told me that dominic didn't eat dominic came in after a few customers sayin' There where too much mushrooms in his stew.

So i wasn't invited to his mansion to "help" him eat that. Y'know when you try cheats that don't work you feel silly later. But i'm not shure about it 'cause i don't have customers yet. But i'll try. So please tell me an useful cheat purlease. If i find a cheat that works i let you know.

Style boutique dating dominic

Please write back as soon as possible. It makes me crazy tht every cheat i try doesn't work! I went that far with my crazyness that i people i'm not lying right now wore the plaid dress from dazies that looks like a shirt and pretended that it Style boutique dating dominic one of dominic's old shirts Yeah i'm nqot proud of myself but i would defently stalk him. So please post some cheats this gal needs them now. Do you have to get past customer and then dress up like grace? And do you have to have the same haircolour and make up and skin colour etc.

Or just what she wears? And did this work for anyone else? Oh and could someonetell me what grace wears in winter? I once tried the cheat by dressing exactly like her but i never see what necklace she's wearing please help. And oh yeah does that work for the european version too?

I don't think that they would make dominic all shy when he wouldn't be interested in your character. And i on't think that's a cliffy for the next game cause i hear that in style savvy trendsetters dominic is dating grace!! What's the point in buying the game if you're just going to cheat? How about you play the damn game properly and find out what happens?! As you fans may be irritated, you can date the character, dominic. The game keeps track of how many times you play.

Your relationship with him will blossom. Keep trying, it will work. Just get the new one!! But, i have never played the old one, somehow in the new one, when you dress the dudes, theres a guy, dominic who goes to station square and your character Style boutique dating dominic too, and he meets a girl, renee who likes him. In the end they date.

Maybe you crazies shouldn't play this version. Just saying. You guys need to understand that, style boutique is about fashion, not relationships.

Style boutique dating dominic

It's creepy enough that it's and you haven't given up. Why don't you buy pullbox on 3ds, it's really fun!! You don't dress up a grace or renee, you have to win the international contest on valentines day!! Please, i hope you do not believe any of the suggestions above.

Style boutique dating dominic

Even though it will be quite a treat to go out with a plastic guy, but this game was made for fashion. Please do not follow any of these cheats and very useless codes as none of them will lead you to your dreams. Meanwhile, continue deing :. There is Style boutique dating dominic way you can date him it is so annoying. Someone said about reseting your game and then saying no to all the questions that should be yes and i tried it but he just kept repeating what he said before and you can't do anything but say yes so it is a load of rubbish.

Time to face the facts, dudettes! I was only surfing the web, until i stumbled across a peculiar chatroom about this, dominic? Even i am wasting my time giving my own opinion. Become a doctor, stylist or boutique manager etc. And get out of the addictive phase of being in love with a game.

Style boutique dating dominic

Maybe you will find your real-life 'dominic'. If you look hard enough, he's just around the corner. Xoxo, sasha. I'm so thankfull to the person above me! She was my best customer! Now my enemy unfortenatly. People i recommend to read the comment above me!! Ye it happend to me too, the next day after the restaurant when he brought me home i went to my shop and guess who camed in. Tanita did!

Style boutique dating dominic

She said that she saw me with dominic, so what? She was angry and said that if i date him again that she won't shop by me and will take revenge. When they ask you to chose what you will say between; i'm sorry, everything between dominic and me is done. Or i will not leave him because of you. You have to chose the second! I dont know yet what or when the revenge will be, but thank you!

Btw i already have above customers so it's maybe better to reach that first before you date tha hottie :d. Tanita loves dominic like she loves hats, you won't expect it lol. If you will serve her bad she will notl let you chose between 2 awnsers but she will take revenge anyway.

I served her good but my friend didn't, we wanted to see the result lol. And omg dominic gaved me a rose in the restaurant!!! Love him love him love him! Is it possible to marry him? Cuz if so i'll do anything!! If you have 7 stamps with nikkie she will start talking about a boyfriend that will love her and stuff and will take care about her, she wants a nice and serious relationship. When she has already 8 stamps and will come back and you serve her good she will be the enemy of tanita, not to you yet.

When nuances will interview you and dominic on the second date in the park she will know it and be angry on you to so that are 2 enemies!! I'm interested how this will end :ddd Ps: thank you person who wrote this comment; dating dominic? Here's Style boutique dating dominic truth Its impposibble iv practicly finshed the game and nothing happend,but he does give the same birthday present and says its new stock by the way is style boutique 2 out yet.

I wanna date him so bad, i have tried about every cheat i have seen and know exist but it just hasn't worked! If it worked for you tell the truth and say how plz! Why do you flipping care if dominic likes you or not if you manage to start dating him fair play all i'm saying is that like what happens if 1 you lose the game 2 you read bad cheats and end up with a restarted game happened to me 3 you do something wrong you have to restart Just some of the reasons of what might happen whatever the just enjoy the game.

The new style boutique is not called dominic salon ive got it its better than the first one its Style boutique dating dominic a cuter guy. Hey guys : lol,ik its a great game right,but i want dominic to date me too, and i've nearly been walked home by him after winning the international contest and then he gets all embarrassed and doesn't walk you home.

Maybe he will ask you Style boutique dating dominic a date later. Ima wait and see ;d x hope this helps!

Style boutique dating dominic

Yu plain Style boutique dating dominic cannot date dom give up freaks its impossible just give up forever hes a dang video game character. Hi all, trust me dominic does not date you if you reset your game and say no when he says wanna start a store. All that happens is he says the same thing over and over until u say yes Sorry gals but no date with him there!

Trust me i tried it. Oh and that whole story about tatiana and hats! Lol if u can date him with out losing data then write it down don't keep it a secret between friends!! Trust me bitches!! Oh and if you do marry dominic then you should have steamy sweaty sexe with him three times in a row cos then u can start to cheat on him and start sucking his fat long dicke!!

Oh man the idea just makes me feel horny!! I dont think its possible to date dominic i mean isn't rennee like in love with him oh ya any cheats for international contest. Please reply i need your help.

Style boutique dating dominic

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