Story of success

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Elizabeth is a passionate writer who shares about lifestyle tips and lessons learned in life on Lifehack. Read full profile. Failure occurs everyday, in school, jobs, housework, and within families.

Story of success

It is unavoidable, irritating and causes pessimism. While the thought of flinging your hands in the air and walking away is all too appealing, take a second to connect with the people who have been there and survived. Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Story of success

Here are 10 famous failures to success stories around the world that will inspire you to keep going and achieve greatness:. During a Harvard commencement speech, Harry Potter author J. Rowling outlined the importance and value of failure. A few short years after her graduation from college, her worst nightmares were realized. In her words. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. The fears that my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.

The now revolutionary Apple started off with two men in a garage. Yet, almost unbelievably, Steve Jobs was fired from the very company he began. The dismissal made him realize that his passion for his work exceeded the disappointment of failure. Jobs said in Bill Gates was a Harvard dropout. He co-owned a business called Traf-O-Data, which was a true failure. Yet it Story of success a famous fact that the pioneer of the theory of general relativity, Albert Einstein himself, could not speak fluently until the age of nine.

His rebellious nature led to expulsion from school, and he was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School. His earlier setbacks did not stop him from winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in After all, he believed that:. To this day, his research has influenced various aspects of life including culture, religion, art, and even late night TV. Failing in business insuffering a nervous breakdown indefeated in his run for president inAbraham Lincoln was no stranger to rejection and failure. Rather than taking these s as a motivation for surrender, he refused to stop trying his best.

The amount of rejection you receive is Story of success a defining factor. Success is still within your reach. And that is why I succeed. This quote by retired basketball legend Michael Jordan in a Nike Story of success speaks for itself. It was years of effort, practice, and failure that made the star we know today. Regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Steven Spielberg is a familiar household name.

It is surprising to realize therefore that the genius behind Jaws and E. While he was in college, he caught the eye of executives at Universal, who ed him as a television director in This meant that he would not finish his college degree for another 33 years. Mickey Mouse creator Walt Disney dropped out of school at a young age in a failed attempt at ing the army.

Yet today, The genius behind Disney studios is responsible for generations of childhood memories and dreams. From Snow White to Story of success, Disney will continue to entertain the world for generations to come.

Story of success

During his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh suffered mental illness, failed relationships, and committed suicide at the age of He only ever sold one painting in his life, pinning him a failure as an artist. However that did not put a damper on his enthusiasm and passion for art. He would never know that years and years after his death he would become known as a key figure in the world of post-impressionism, and ultimately, one of the greatest artist that ever lived.

He would never know that he became a hot topic in art classes and his image was going to be used in TV, books and other forms of popular culture. An addiction to drugs and alcohol were his mechanisms to cope with the unhappiness he felt with his life. The frustration he felt towards multiple rejections by publishers in combination with illicit substances caused him to mentally contemplate violence towards his own children. These intense emotions were those that he focused onto his writing. Writing became his new coping mechanism, and this is how the master author we know Story of success grew to success.

Like Albert Einstein said, failure really is just success in progress. Featured photo credit: Unsplash via unsplash. Life transition coach who helps professionals who love what they do Story of success aren't sure where it's going Read full profile. This means that there is likely a time or two when you have not taken responsibility for something in your life. Feelings of shame or inadequacy can surface.

Accepting responsibility has benefits at work, home, and all aspects of life. When we demonstrate to ourselves that we can be responsible, we show our strength of character, our leadership qualities, and even our adulting skills. Using the example of pretending that you live in an apartment with multiple roommates where you all have to share the kitchen, we will look at seven tips on how to accept responsibility for your life.

Maybe one of your roommates will do it for you? Superman to the rescue? Why insist on crushing every childhood fantasy? What we can do in this situation is acknowledge and validate our feelings. You also need to take Story of success for your emotions. Like doing your own dishes. There are many different ways we can develop the skill of self-acknowledgment and validation. You may even uncover other times Story of success your life when you felt this way and find that your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are based on that past. You might even heal an old experience as you deal with the present circumstance!

This becomes another way to avoid taking responsibility, and we can do so out of a perspective of anger. It can keep us stuck and prevent us from having the life and relationships we really want. You end up taking on their work, allowing anger to build up. By the time you get home, you need a place to let that anger out. And so, your anger is directed toward your kitchen and your roommates. There are so many ways of dealing with anger. It would serve you and others around you well to learn how to manage and work with any anger you have in your life so that you can your acceptance of responsibility.

After reading tips 1 and 2, perhaps you are now adept at practicing acknowledging and validating your feelings. For instance, without the feelings of victimhood and blame, you have the energy Story of success see things from a perspective of forgiveness and tolerance. Plus, you can see that all of you have challenging things happening in your lives right now, so why should your challenges make it so that you can slack off?

Story of success

We can step into a space of considering how our actions, or lack thereof, might be burdening or harming others. For example, not doing your dishes and leaving the kitchen dirty means that when another roommate wants to use the kitchen to make a meal, they may have to clean the kitchen first to have access to the pots, pans, and utensils required.

Story of success

A confrontation may be on the horizon. By taking responsibility and doing your part to keep the kitchen clean, you are taking care of the space and your roommates. A lot of people find it easier and highly beneficial to do things out of a sense of responsibility for others. When we choose not to take responsibility, we are choosing a zero-sum game, meaning nobody wins.

What if you looked for the win-win opportunity of taking responsibility instead? Maybe there have been times when your roommates have saddled you with a messy kitchen. If you now decide to leave your mess, nobody wins. Whereas, cleaning up after yourself now means that you are modeling how you want the space to be treated by everyone. You are also ensuring Story of success your Story of success can trust you to take responsibility for your cleaning tasks, and the next person who wants to use the kitchen will be able to do so.

In this scenario, you will be taking responsibility, cultivating a relationship of trust with your roommates, and making it so that nobody else has to clean up after you. Everyone wins. But what could happen for you if you made the task of doing the dishes fun?

How can it be fun? This is where you get to be creative. Have Airpods?

Story of success

Call a friend as you clean! Finding a way to make it fun helps you lose track of time and Story of success the job done faster. Get back to your childhood roots and find ways to incorporate play into your daily routine, and get the dishes done at the Story of success time! When we approach responsibility from our highest self, we can be at choice for how we want to accept it. This requires an awareness of what we intend to accomplish or learn in any life experience.

For instance, when faced with a responsibility, you could consider all the ways of looking at it from a place of victimhood, blame, forgiveness, service to others, win-win, or fun and decide which perspective would serve the highest good of all, yourself included. Knowing that you can make conscious choices at any time in your life hopefully helps you to feel freer and more energized for any life responsibility you choose to accept. These seven tips on how to accept responsibility will set you up for a good start.

Featured photo credit: Marcos Paulo Prado via unsplash. Success Mindset Advertising. Elizabeth Andal Elizabeth is a passionate writer who shares about lifestyle tips and lessons learned in life on Lifehack.

Story of success

Share Pin it Tweet Share. More Story of success this author Elizabeth Andal Elizabeth is a passionate writer who shares about lifestyle tips and lessons learned in life on Lifehack. Read Next. Living in Fear? Tess Miller Life transition coach who helps professionals who love what they do but aren't sure where it's going Read full profile. This is all understandable. But it may not be serving us and who we want to be in the long run. Money Watch: Celebs who went from failures to success stories. Biography Online: Walt Disney Biography.

ScienceDirect: Losing your temper and your perspective: Anger reduces perspective-taking.

Story of success

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