Steve harvey book questions

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. I like to see what women are reading these days about relationships just so i know what to Steve harvey book questions when these situations come up in the dating scene.

One of the popular book that is out is steve harvey's "act like a lady - think like a man. I found this section particularly interesting because I would say these questions come up often. He not only talks about the questions but gives good responses and bad responses. If a man wants to stay in the game with a specific female he should answer these questions very precisely. Lieing is optimum because if you are honest, she will just put you in the gay friend zone. It doesn't matter how much time energy or money you spent on her.

Good response: You want to have realistic short-term goals.

Steve harvey book questions

Good responses are going to college to get xyz degree, working to achieve xyz goal or getting a promotion. Bad response: No short-term goals. Alright in this question she is trying to gauge where SHE will fit into your life.

Steve harvey book questions

Most of the short-term goals should be related to career, money or education. The long-term goals on the other hand will relate more towards family life. Good response: something a long the lines of the "white picket fence house with your wife" fantasy that every woman wants.

A good response would be that you want to eventually get married to the right girl and have some. You could also say stuff like traveling etc.

Steve harvey book questions

Good response: The key thing she is looking Steve harvey book questions is, "are you willing to commit. Say you want a family and have children. Almost every woman wants a family. Bad relationships with mother, god or you don't want to commit. Good response: You have to show that she is special to you. You want to talk about both the physical attributes and personality. Don't just say, "I think you are a nice girl and have soft skin. The examples show that you've been listening to her and analyzing her not just ignoring her as she blabs on and on.

Bad response: generic responses.

Steve harvey book questions

I like your lips. Good response: Once again this is another question where you have to make her think she is special to you. You have to express emotion for her. Say stuff like you miss her when she isn't around or when you first see her it makes you very happy. I just enjoy being around you. I feel complete when I am with you and when you are not around I feel like something is missing in my life.

Steve harvey book questions

Bad response: for example, I think you are good and a nice girl to hang around with. Remember, most of these questions are deal breaker questions. If you give any bad responses, she will put you in the gay friend zone.

Steve harvey book questions

Which basically means she won't ever have sex with you. Not in a million years. It doesn't matter Steve harvey book questions nice you are to her. Being nice will NOT get you laid, it gets you married with kids you never even wanted in the first place.

Just like men who want multiple girls women also want multiple guys to provide for them. Harvey suggests four guys every woman needs, which are: 1 old rich guy - can't have sex, loves your company and spends money on her. No serious commitment guys, you want to be this guy. Withholds sex and commands a lot of requirements.

Never wants sex and enjoys listening to various chick talk. I would say the book is decent to read because it shows what tactics women are using to get what they want. How to manipulate men. If you don't know what you are doing you'll get taken for a sucker pretty quickly. The Steve harvey book questions agenda is withhold sex and try to control a man. Have the man pay for everything and only reward good behavior with sex. Eventually lock the man down by forcing him to get married to you.

The book suggests using ultimatums, having high standards and setting your price high. Likewise the book talks about how to selectively love someone. If they don't have a plan - pass on them. If you don't make xyz money - pass on them. The only way you will love is if he passes zyz requirements. Of course my dating methods will bypass all of these requirements.

Getting what you want for as little effort as possible is the name of the game. For a man, the most important thing to do is get your act together. The more money you've got the less she can put up ultimatums and requirements as suggested by the book. Last edited by killer; at AM.

Oh boy, has it really come down to this? Now men and women have to "outgame" each other? I seriously doubt there are hordes of women out there who are testing their dates with these types of questions. This is just a book that many women myself included have not read. If they have read it, they may have discarded it in the "this is a bunch of crap" pile of self help books.

Steve harvey book questions

I don't recall ever asking any guy these types of questions. I usually learn this type of information from the guy himself, as a real relationship develops and he shares more about himself with me over time. If you're worried about the 90 day rule, that was covered in another thread.

Majority of women said they didn't buy into it, and they weren't overly concerned with the amount of money a guy made or what his short term goals were in deciding to engage in sex early on in the relationship. What is a dealbreaker for most women and Steve harvey book questions cause them to withhold all sex and friendship, is when they are dealing with an emotionally immature guy who thinks he has to lie to make any connection with a woman.

That's more uncomfortable than a job interview. If a date asked me those questions and sat waiting for an correct response while I fumbled for some kind of surprise coherent answer If you pulled a stunt like that on me I'd never date you again. And I'm a nice person too. Just don't like being ambushed with relationship pop quizzes. You would be crossed off MY list. Originally Posted by shania. I often play questions with a guy, just for pleasure. So I would ask all of the questions, and then some. I dont have many fears the guy will walk out on a date with me.

Beleive me, I've tried. Re lying: There are plenty of books that make reference to physical cues that people make when people are lying. I have found those books to be more effective than "self-help" books in the evaluation of potential mates. The aforementioned questions are Steve harvey book questions herrings. The real goal of asking those questions is to denote the physical responses, which tend to tell you everything you need to know about a person.

Men tend to be horrible liars; the truth is often pretty apparent and exactly what one would expect.

Steve harvey book questions

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