Speed dating science

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Outfitted in a large, white hazmat suit, Merchant briefed the crowd on the history of the National Academy of Sciences, a private nonprofit made possible by Abraham Lincoln, a fan of good science policy. Then, finally, a reveal. First to arrive was Summer Ash, an astrophysicist and rocket scientist with a slew of credits and a love of black holes.

Speed dating science

Munish Walther-Puri was next. He told us to picture everything that we hold dear; our most prized information. And that data is already being compromised. And the bigger issue, Speed dating science says, is our reaction to it. Ashley Llorens took the mic for an unprecedented spoken word interpretation. A temporary job at the Johns Hopkins Physics Lab to finance his record label turned into a full career on AI research. Using AI to understand the human brain.

Next was Dr. This misinformation, she says, creates a stigma. Friendly Allen Herbert Speed dating science with some unique insight on space. A cookie, of course. Herbert spoke on global space Speed dating science and the power of diversity to promote the health and economy of regions, especially Africa.

Space is very important for emerging countries. Matt Frieman entered with living prop, Ann Merchant, to tell us that at that very moment, we had the potential to breathe in 1 million viruses. To test these deadly contagions, Frieman works with mice in a lab. He found that the majority of deaths are in patients with diabetes, as evidenced by diabetic mice not being able to recover from the MERS virus.

Last but certainly not least was Dr. Heather Berlin, a hip, leather jacket-wearing neuroscientist who, at age five, decided she wanted to keep her thoughts after she died. Berlin works to understand intricate structures of the brain. But the question remained, is Dr. Berlin conscious? And if so, how can she hold onto it? The crowd asked questions of individual panelists that may have gone unanswered as they hustled from room to room to give their talks: How do I protect myself from a deadly virus? Nuclear fallout? Also, what do we do about climate change?

In a lively tennis match of answers, panelists gave their advice and left audience members including Bill Nye wanting more. Newsletter. Interested in Events. Search for:. The statements and opinions expressed in this piece are those of the event participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization or agency that provided support for this event or of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Get Updated.

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Speed dating science

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Speed dating science Speed dating science

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