Sister in law sex confessions

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I fucked my gf's sister. I always found her to be the sexier version of my gf. They look alike but my g sister is very athletic and I always thought of her as my gf's twin but hotter she is very fit and has a sexy figure where as my gf is more on the thicker side. I've had back problems for a while since I used to play football, one day my gf told her sis about this problem and her sis who we'll call MM mentioned a spa she goes to and gets massages and relax n what not regularly after her workouts.

She's into fitness and has a very nice body, she has a slim fit body wit a very nice curvy Sister in law sex confessions big tits and the perfect bubbly ass. I always thought of it as a porn star ass bc they're so bubbly n perfect. Well my gf tells her sis to set an appt for me one day and MM says perfect bc she's already making an appointment. She wearing flip flops w her nails and toes freshly done, French manicure white tips, her feet looked so fucking sexy I was already getting hard wearing just shorts and a tank top. It was very obvious I had an erection and As I'm staring at her I told her how amazing she looked and she blushed saying I shouldn't get too excited, I knew she noticed the lump in my shorts also.

I held the door open for her as she walked in first and she pulled her tights up her ass like a thong I couldn't help but stare mouth drooling. Sister in law sex confessions we went in we got into a private room and had two beds next to each other, the lady's massaging us asked us to strip naked and put towels over us.

I'm still rock hard and hesitant MM says to cover my excitement with this lil towel I had to cover my groin and she covered her tits and ass. When we striped I couldn't help but look over and see her back towards me stripping naked and lay down covering herself. I followed suit, we get our massages and they tell us turn over on our backs.

Sister in law sex confessions

I hesitated bc I was still hard and MM laughs n says don't worry it's normal for us guys to be hard after loosening up, when I turned over my lil ass towel fell off and I layer there hard as a fucking rock and MM was staring at my erection smiling. I saw that her nipples were very pointy and she kept fidgeting n moaning lightly while licking her lips when getting massages.

We finished our massage n got ready to leave, in the parking lot she ask me how it was and I said it wasn't all that to which she replied apparently Sister in law sex confessions was great for me bc I was so hard the whole time. I told her shyly it wasn't the masseuse that had me hard n told her straight up how I was hard bc I couldn't stop thinking about her body.

She then says "I see why my sis is so happy talking bout y'all's sexual experience seeing how good your dick looked" I faked laugh and told her maybe she would find out one day and she asks if I would like to go home wit her bc she knew how to release Sister in law sex confessions tension in my back if I would like.

We end up at her apartment and right as we walked in I took my shirt off right away wearing just my shorts while DTILL rock hard. I laid on my stomach trying to hide my erection but she flips me over right away and tells me to strip and put a towel over my groin, she threw me a hand towel that barely covered me and poured baby oil over my chest n thighs. She got a lil too close to the point her hand rubbed on my nuts and smiled as she did so. She asked how good it felt as she massaged my thighs and calves n said jokingly my erection still hasn't went away.

The towel I had was so small it covered the tip of my dick but you can clearly see my nuts and my dick, I laughed n said your sister knows what to do when this happens and she laughed and massaged higher into my thighs to where she was actually hitting my balls as she kept rubbing. She asks me what my gf does to help when I'm hard and I told her she puts it in her mouth and unexpectedly MM grabs my dick and slowly starts sucking me right away!

A blowjob feels good but when MM started sucking me it felt so much better than any blowjob I ever had. Maybe it was bc she was the sexy sister in law that I always dreamt of fucking but it felt sooo fucking amazing. She kept going slowly while stroking me w one hand and gave me the sloppiest head I ever got. I came in her mouth without warning and she swallowed every bit and still kept sucking.

Sister in law sex confessions

Once she was done she told me she was wet from the moment she saw my dick at the spa n said she wanted me to fuck her harder than I fuck her sister. The head was so good it I had to jack off for a bit before I got hard again and she bent over right away and I entered her slowly, she was already so wet it felt like fucking heaven fucking her.

I started off slowly then fucked her faster n harder while pulling her hair meanwhile she kept moaning loudly that I should fuck her harder than her sister. Her wet pussy wrapped around my hard dick so tightly we both didn't care that I was fucking her raw. As I was about to cum she grabbed my dick pulled out n turned over then told me she wanted me to fuck her missionary, I stuck it back in right away and fucked her roughly til I was bout cum again n she wrapped her legs round me tightly and squeezed me into her as I pumped every cum I had in me into her.

She came at the same time I did and It was literally the best sex I've had considering I always dreamt of fucking my sister in law. Sister in law sex confessions we just laid there while I was still cumming in her wit a now limp dick. We raked for a while as she rubbed my back and mentioned how her sister always mentioned what if she tried hitting on me just to see if I would cheat on her wit her sister, she would always laugh it off but now that we had finally fucked she asked if I would actually leave her sister for her.

Me and MM's sis are married now but we have sex every chance we get alone! Our routine is "hitting the Sister in law sex confessions together every Mon-thurs after I get off work and we fuck regularly. One day after fucking in the car at the park near my house I went home and fucked my now wife's mouth soon as I walked in the door. She asked why my dick was already dripping cum and I just old her I was really horny and came quickly.

Me and my wife's sister secretly fuck regularly 4days out the week and my wife don't know anything about it. We have our own channel on a porn website that we every week! I love my life man. Over 42, Adult Confessions Shared!

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Sister in law sex confessions

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Sister in law sex confessions

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Sister in law sex