Retarded sex stories

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This is a story about my first sexual experience. They were with my older step-sister. As curious as boys are, I began to notice females and the shapes of their bodies.

Retarded sex stories

I noticed the shape of their Retarded sex stories, the curve of their hips their soft skin and hair, and even their wonderful smells. After a while, I began to play with myself when I was alone, exploring my body and thinking about women. I was Retarded sex stories of afraid of the strange feeling that began to build when I did it too long. After a while, I began looking at my step-sister. So after a while, she became the object of my fantasies.

I would dream it was her hand wrapped around my cock jerking me off. I would dream it was her mouth sucking me off in the shower. My step-sister at the time Mary was 26 years old. To me she was perfect. She was single. She had auburn red hair, and she had the finest body I had ever seen. One day, my parents went out, and it was only me and Mary left at home.

Retarded sex stories

I Retarded sex stories I was bored and went to my room. As most young boys have, being curious, I started looking at a dirty magazine. I began playing with myself. The next day, Mary was cleaning my room. She came into my bedroom with a Hustler magazine in her hands. She just stood there for a second and looked at me. Then with a slight chuckle and a grin, she left the room. She just grinned at me and went about what she was doing, without saying anything. A few very nerve-racking days passed.

Retarded sex stories

Nothing was said. Our parents ended up going away for the weekend, and again, it was only Mary and I left in the house. I was in the living room watching TV. Mary had come down from her bedroom and sat with me. We both looked at each other. I tried to do it to myself seeing how simple it was. I got a strange feeling and I stopped. A little while later, I was still watching TV when Mary called me up to her bedroom.

I Retarded sex stories upstairs, into her room, and on the TV, was a porn movie. Mary looked at me and grinned. So I sat down next to Mary. She leaned back on the bed, and pulled me back to her, putting my head on her chest. We continued to watch porn. On the screen, this guy was sliding his cock in and out of a woman. So I did so. She slid over slightly to the side of the bed.

I started Retarded sex stories from nerves. I just sat there.

Retarded sex stories

Still a little hesitant, wondering if what she is saying is real, I just sat there again. When 2 people have sex it feels even better! Realizing she was right, I stood up off the bed and removed my pants. I was hard already. With that said she laid a hand on my chest and slowly slid her hand down to my waist, and ever so gently took hold of my cock.

A Retarded sex stories ran through my body. Her soft skin and her warm hand on my cock was the most amazing feeling in the world. Occasionally she moved her hand and flexed her fingers. She took that as a yes, and just continued to hold my cock. It felt like hours passed, but in reality, Retarded sex stories was only 5 minutes. By the end of that 5 minutes, I was as hard as steel.

Next Mary slid further down the bed.

Retarded sex stories

Her face was totally in line with my cock. She took my rock hard cock in her hand again and tilted it straight up. Slowly I felt her breath on the head of my cock, then all of a sudden, with a shiver again, this intense warm feeling came over my whole body. Thinking Retarded sex stories, it felt kind of weird. It felt like electricity flowing through my whole body.

It was perhaps the best feeling I ever had up until that point. She just sort of held Retarded sex stories head of my cock in her mouth. Occasionally I felt her tongue brush against my head, making my body jerk slightly. I guess that was part of her being gentle with my the first time. Then after a few minutes, her mouth slowly made her way all the way down my shaft, then back up.

She did this maybe a total of 4 times. The pressure began to build in my crotch and I was getting nervous. Once more and I probably would have cum in her mouth. She then released my cock from her mouth. Still holding my penis in her hand she looked up at me smiling.

Retarded sex stories

I feel a slight slap on my cheek. That means you were about to shoot stuff out of your penis. Or I can make you cum. As I lay back, she left the room. By this time my cock had gone soft. This time Mary got back on the bed, only this time she straddled me. She took my cock in her Retarded sex stories, and gently stroked it. I became hard as steel. She lifted herself up onto her knees and positioned her body directly over my penis.

She held my cock straight up in her hand, I felt something warm and wet touching the head. I just nodded, with that, she smiled at me and slowly slid my cock into her hole. It was warm. As she sat down on my waist with my cock inside her body. She just sat still with my cock inside her, waiting for me to get used to the feeling of being inside a woman. She took both of my hands and placed them on her chest. This is where the good feeling will become explosive! I was having sex for the first time.

She lifted her torso slightly, making my cock slide out of her slightly, and she sat back down pushing it back in. All Mary did was smile. My heart started to race. She lifted herself up again and slid my cock out and in again and then again until she built a slow but steady rhythm.

I started to gasp from excitement. She looked down at me, my hands still gently grasping her boobs. My cock suddenly pulsed. Mary must have felt it because she stopped moving up Retarded sex stories down and sat on my cock, sliding me completely inside her. My whole body Bucked with pleasure as shoved deep into her, shooting every last drop of Retarded sex stories cum into this vagina that happened to belong to my step-sister.

She just laughed. She smiled and gave me hug and a kiss. A step-sister erotic story. Erotic Stories. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We make all our money needed to keep the site running fromplease disable your ad block for our site fappystories. November 22 My best blowjob Ever. Erotic Stories Everything changed after matching with a former student on Tinder: part 1. Add Block Detected.

Retarded sex stories

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