Prostitution in china cost

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RUILI, China — Her bleak, concrete-walled room is first in a row down a dark alley, behind a small shop selling water, cold teas and sample packets of shampoo. Inside the bare room lit by a single fluorescent tube, the prostitute sits atop a hard single bed, dressed in deep blue and gold.

Her long hair cascades down her back; her face is painted carefully. She is 19, and only agreed to meet if we protected her identity. In another life, she might be a university student or a farm girl. Here, she is a prostitute servicing Chinese men in a drug-riddled city on the China-Myanmar border.

Gangsters are never far; there is no protection by police, the women say. The young woman tucks the cash into her top and continues talking. She tells of crossing the border into China at 16 to work as a cleaning maid. She Prostitution in china cost, she says, tricked into prostitution, working on the streets.

She moved up because she was good looking.

Prostitution in china cost

She accepts a limited of her own clients, but wants desperately to be seen as in charge of her own affairs. The money she earns goes home to her family, to educate her brothers in Mandalay. Her family, she insists, must not know how she earns the money she sends home.

Her own mother sold her into prostitution in China. Her fate rests on surviving this dangerous world. Whether she will ever go home and realize her dream of building a new farmhouse for her family depends on her ability to survive the wretched underbelly of a Chinese border town. Stories like hers play out over and again in Ruili, this small Chinese city 10 miles from a permeable border with Myanmar. Smuggling is routine at all hours. Over this border, everything moves with practiced ease. Mundane goods like food, clothing and cooking oil slip Prostitution in china cost and forth.

But also illicit items like guns and drugs. With the rise in the of single Chinese men in the past decade, demand has grown for one particular Myanmar import: women. Many are children. One Myanmar aid group says known trafficking cases — mostly bought brides — quadrupled from to Though aid groups detail the increase, neither they nor the Chinese government can provide firm s.

At least Prostitution in china cost, women from Myanmar live and work in the Ruili area, with varying degrees of legal status. Many are maids and nannies. Many more work in the sex trade. This is a hub of prostitution, and foreign women are both exotic — a big draw for Chinese men — and cheaper than Chinese girls.

Prostitution halls are often disguised as massage parlors, but the sex trade is barely hidden. Byan estimated 35 million Chinese men will be unable to find wives. Increasingly, bachelors buy women from poorer countries like Myanmar and North Korea. The Chinese government has stood firm to its single-child policy, but government-linked sociologists have begun to publicly question its impact. The countryside around Ruili is dotted with small villages where dozens of the women have come from Myanmar. An hour from Ruili, in Nongbie village, more than half the wives of the or so families are from Myanmar.

Those willing to talk insist they came to China freely.

Prostitution in china cost

With a baby on her lap, she spoke about cross-border marriage as an arrangement that benefits everyone. Bride brokers work openly in these parts.

Prostitution in china cost

But because the business is unregulated, horror stories happen. Women have been beaten and killed by their Chinese husbands. Because she spoke no Chinese, the police could not understand her problem. They sent her home to virtual imprisonment.

Trafficking of women and girls is not confined to the border. Further Prostitution in china cost in Yunnan province, women and girls are smuggled in from Vietnam and Laos. International anti-trafficking agencies say women are brought to China from Russia, Mongolia and the Ukraine. Even as the country imports thousands of women and girls, poor Chinese women still are trafficked to other countries. In addition, Southeast Asian women are trafficked through China to places like Thailand. In its report on human trafficking, the U. State Department calls China a second-tier threat, in part for its failure to provide data and comply with international agreements.

Many North Koreans who enter into China are subjected to forced prostitution or forced labor in forced marriages or in internet sex businesses. Officially, China has intensified efforts to combat cross-border trafficking, but aid agencies say the problem is growing.

As the shortage of Chinese women grows, the outlook is bleak. State Department said. Talk of policy and programs means little to the women and girls sold into China. For them, survival is a priority and dreams are in short supply. Global Post. Article continues after advertisement. See our full republication guidelines for more information. To republish, copy the HTML at right, which includes our tracking pixel, all Prostitution in china cost styles and hyperlinks, the author byline and credit to MinnPost. If you have questions, editors minnpost.

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Prostitution in china cost

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