Ocean city maryland women

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A three-judge panel for the U. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit heard arguments on that dilemma this week, and it's the heart of a four-year lawsuit against the community. Ocean City's leaders outlawed bare-chested women in as a way to ensure the resort town retains a family-friendly appearance, and the measure was soon taken to court. A ruling last year in the lawsuit filed by five women upheld the city's action. A federal judge in Baltimore said the city council was qualified and legally able to decide the public sensibilities of its residents and visitors.

Elected officials in the Eastern Shore mecca have the legal right to ban topless women from sunbathing on the town's beaches, the Maryland Attorney General's Office said after the city council enacted the measure. Two of the three judges who heard arguments in the case Wednesday had questions for attorneys, and seemed to have differing opinions, The Washington Post reported. Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory asked about the scope of public concern over topless beachgoers and how many complaint calls local officials received about the topic.

Public acceptance of behavior and standards changes as time passes, he said. Judge A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr. The third Ocean city maryland women on the panel, Barbara Milano Keenan, did not ask a question during oral arguments, the newspaper said. Ocean City's Beach Patrol enforces the regulation. District Court Judge James K. Bredar ruled in April in favor of Ocean City leaders as being within their rights to ban topless women at the busy beach resort.

Attorneys for a group of five women had sued to overturn the topless ban, which they called discriminatory. Court documents argued the nudity statute "codifies longstanding discriminatory and sexist ideology in which women Ocean city maryland women viewed as inherently sexual objects. But Bredar said "[i]t is a part of our democratic culture that elected representatives can, and do, speak for the public. See the full text of the district court judge's decision at the bottom of this story. City Council members voted in June to ban topless women from public spaces, and topless advocates vowed to challenge in court.

In Januarythe women filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to strike down the resort town's ordinance. In court in DecemberMayor Meehan testified that he and city council members felt they had to respond to the concerned calls and s received following the topless appearances. Meehan said he believes the ordinance reflects the public's sensibilities because of the public comments he received.

Local authorities outlawed topless sunbathing after fears from some residents and tourists that topless women would flock to the sandy shores of Ocean City. Word that the town's beach patrol would disregard women who were sunbathing Ocean city maryland women circulated across social media; local officials said lifeguards would focus on swimmers, while police handled complaints on too much exposed flesh.

He said the town will pursue all available legal options to fight the lawsuit. The women who sued Ocean City are Chelsea C. Bryant of Lothian, Rose R. MacGregor of Salisbury, Christine E. Urban of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eline and Jacob vowed to sue to normalize female toplessness. She had asked Worcester County officials to weigh in on the laws regulating toplessness in Ocean City.

Ocean city maryland women

The attorney general's staff said ly that courts have upheld prohibiting Ocean city maryland women from exposing their breast in public while allowing men to do so under the same circumstances. So the city's ban does not violate the federal or state constitution, it said. Meehan said ly on Facebook, "We have a responsibility to protect the rights of thousands of families who visit our beach and Boardwalk each summer season, and the letter of advice agreed with our position. Ocean City officials say the ordinance prohibits offenses involving public nudity or those in a state of nudity.

The law says "there is no constitutional right for an individual to appear in public nude or in a state of nudity.

Ocean city maryland women

Whatever personal right one has to be nude or in a state of nudity that right becomes subject to government interest and regulation when one seeks to exercise it in public. A memo directing the beach patrol in Ocean City to disregard women who sunbathed topless was shared across social media, with news that the popular resort town on Maryland's Eastern Shore is now a topless beach. Not so fast, city officials said on Facebook June 9, The misunderstanding likely began when Ocean City Beach Patrol employees received a memo telling them not to Ocean city maryland women women who sunbathe topless.

In past years, patrol workers would tell women to cover up, but a policy that began May 20,said employees should instead document complaints of toplessness only, even if beachgoers ask that the sun-worshippers be ordered to dress.

Ocean city maryland women

Police Ocean city maryland women will still handle nudity complaints. City officials were unhappy with the social media firestorm that erroneously labeled the town's beaches as topless. Ocean City leaders received dozens of phone calls, read thousands of comments and answered numerous s from residents and visitors expressing their concerns about the purported change at the beach.

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Ocean city maryland women

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