Most expensive baby doll

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Dolls have been around for a very long time. You could probably buy a car or even a house with the money people can spend on the dolls on this list. These are dolls that are often bought by celebrities and those who live off old money.

Most expensive baby doll

Trust us when we say you do not want your kids playing with these dolls. No, these dolls are statements more than they are toys. They are meant to sit in glass cabinets as luxurious food for the eyes. Maybe in a couple hundred years, they will be creepy and haunted-like too because Most expensive baby doll watched the lives and deaths of numerous rich people. What is most fascinating is what makes these dolls so expensive.

Is it the materials, or something more? Sold at a charity auction for the Council of Fashion Deers inthis doll is expensive due to its high-fashion accessories.

Most expensive baby doll

Devi Kroell is famous for her high-class Italian-made handbags and purses. Only one copy of the doll with the golden boots exists, and it was the one sold at the auction. The boots and handbag are certainly the most stunning aspect of this doll. She looks ready for the red carpet. This doll looks like an 18th-century Most expensive baby doll. She honestly looks like she belongs in a museum. She holds porcelain roses and her dress hides pantaloons with blue satin ribbon shoes. The dress is so luxurious looking with its golden fringe, layers, tassels, and bows.

Many girls have dreamed of trying on a dress like this just once. Due to this model being retired inher price skyrocketed.

Most expensive baby doll

She was a fan favorite by collectors due to her simple but pretty de. Kirsten Larson is one of the first three historical dolls in the series, with her backstory being a Swedish immigrant living in Minnesota. She was released in The price will probably only get higher with time since Kirsten is one of the original three of a famous doll line.

Cabbage Patch Kids was one of the most popular toy brands in the s. If you have one of these dolls from the 80s, then you might be sitting on Most expensive baby doll good sum of cash. This particular one goes tomaking it have its expensive price. These 80s dolls are well known for their vinyl he and fabric bodies.

Having been copyrighted inthese famous dolls are more than years old. While known for being redheaded, these dolls were originally made with dark hair so the darker hair ones typically go for more cash. So what makes this Barbie so special? It was deed by Lorraine Schwartz, a famous New York City jewelry deer whose creations have been worn by celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Most expensive baby doll

Only twelve copies of this doll were made by Mattel. This bear is limited edition, with only copies in the world. Louis Vuitton is a French luxury retail company that was founded back in the s, so they are a bit of a big deal. As you may have noticed, the Louis Vuitton logo is all over this bear, making it pretty unmistakable.

This bear was released in and comes with a cowhide leather collar. In the s, most bears came in the colors of orange, gold, and brown. The company of Farnell however, made a limited of teal blue bears. So the value of these teal teddy bears come from their company, their age of nearly years, and their limited. Only two of these dolls are known to exist.

Someone needed that Batman toy more than putting that money towards a vacation to Fiji or a new car. Noticing a bit of a trend here when it comes to these Most expensive baby doll and pricey New York clothing brands?

Most expensive baby doll

This toy is rare due to the toy company, Kenner, deciding to replace the vinyl robe with a cloth one. However, this made the vinyl cap rare and it can fetch a ton of money from Star War figurine collectors. What makes these dolls expensive is their old age and rarity. They were created by a Frenchman named Alexandre Mothereau in the s. His doll making business started in and ended in In its fifteen years of business, oddly very few Bebe dolls came out to existence. This particular price is for a Bebe Most expensive baby doll Doll that is ed by Mothereau himself.

The bodies of the dolls had odd proportions, with wooden upper limbs and rounded-t lower limbs, thin torsos, and small Most expensive baby doll and feet. Only ten of these dolls exist and they might be one of the most expensive and exclusive of any anime figurine collection.

The fun part is that this figurine is taller than five feet! The figure was created by Aniplex. Not only did you have to purchase this figurine, but you also had to win a drawing to have the privilege to have a chance to pay and receive it in the first place. Manimals were a subset of the G. I Joe Star Bridgade collection.

The line was canceled before it got to stores.

Most expensive baby doll

As you can imagine, Most expensive baby doll were Transformer-like figures whose gag was Transformer-like abilities like changing shape. Despite not making it to the market, a variety of the models were produced and somehow made it out into the world of eBay. This picture is of Vortex, which sold on eBay for 20, dollars. Some collectors even boast that this was the first superhero action figure of any sort. Most of these figures have to be professionally restored. The cape rarely survives, so often times the cape is not original and is tacked on.

Definitely get it restored by a professional though since they will know what to keep original and what to fix up. The first-ever Barbie doll came out in Most expensive baby doll She wore a black a white bathing suit and had golden hair and blue eyeshadow. According to The Richest, the first edition models have holes on the bottoms of their feet. This figurine was made by an award-winning Chinese artist, Michael Lau. The character, Gardener Uncle, is from a comic strip from East Touch magazine. Lau is known for his deer toys, pop art, and pop surrealism.

The figure comes with a grocery bag and a skateboard. It takes between to hours for her to finish a doll. She makes everything from their elaborate outfits, painted bodies, and their porcelain models. Some of her dolls even touch difficult subjects like breast cancer. This teddy bear is from the s. The bear is five-way ted. Earliest models of it had paw p made of velvet and later models used felt. It has a squeaker on the side and a button in its ear. Its eyes just beg for rich people cuddles.

The baby turned one year old in and the parents made sure to spend on extravagance for their little girl. The acclaimed Japanese singer's queer identity is a positive of things to come. Writer, author of The Awei Series, and cat foster parent. This list will countdown to the most expensive doll we could find. Share Share. Related Topics Lists. Allison Stalberg Articles Published. Read Next in general entertaiment. Pokemon Unite Lucario Build Guide.

Most expensive baby doll

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Most expensive baby Dolls