Matchmaking based on names

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Kundli matching which is known as 36 Guna Milan, Kundli Milan, Janam Patrika Milan, Teva Milan, horoscope matching or birth chart compatibility, which is indeed, an astrological calculation to check deep level of compatibility between a boy and girl.

Matchmaking based on names

Kundali matching is an ancient astrology method, in which, an astrologer checks multiple levels of compatibility. This horoscope matching is based on the Matchmaking based on names and woman's birth constellation and their zodiac. The Guna Milan can be checked by the birth date of both people or by names of the future bride and bridegroom. Both methods are correct and logical. Kundli Milan by name is more useful for them, who haven't the date of birth. As, most of Indian astrologers use Ashtkoota Chakra which is based on Moon zodiac and name constellation.

Our Kundli Milan calculator can analysis names of two persons according to astrological conjunctions. You can Kundli matching in Hindi or English languages for free. You just need to enter boy and girl's current first names. This tool generates the matchmaking horoscope with detailed Guna and Dosha. It presents Dosha Parihar or rectification, which must Matchmaking based on names be considered during marriage matchmaking. During the Kundali Milan by name, you only need the current name of boy and girl.

As it can be more correct, because birth details can be wrong, like, birth time can be wrong by minutes. So matchmaking by names seems more correct. Also, it is also proven process for marriage compatibility. So, if compatibility will good, marriage can go successful. When you enter the couple's name, it instantly checks zodiac s and Nakshtras of both persons. Then, analysis various conjunctions and Yogas, ass each Koota some points called Guna. There are 36 types of Guna or properties. According to astrology, Guna points should be minimum 18 for a successful match.

More than 24 merits or virtue called the best match. Although, a Kundli matching is sufficient to know the success rate of compatibility. Besides this, you should check luck and age factor of the couple, and Manglik Dosha. Which cannot be checked through Kundali Matching. Despite this, you must check Dosha Parihar or the probability of defects cancellation during a horoscope match. This is known as Avakhada Chakra or Vair Chakra in ancient astrology also. This Ashtakoot Chakra shows eight types of characteristics and 36 Guna of each zodiac and Nakshatra, by which an astrologer compares Kundali chart.

Matchmaking based on names

Every rising and constellation has value or characteristic called merit or Guna. These merits are related to each birth star or constellation. The 8 types which should be considered during matching between two person are given below. It is called Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha also.

This demerit or Kuja Dosh related to the position of the planet Mars in the birth horoscope. When Mars placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of a Janamkundli, it's deemed as Manglik Dosha, even if these exist in the boy's chart or girl's horoscope.

Painful married life, delay in splice, irritability between life partner and chances of separation are outcomes of Mangal Dosha. It is good to know if there are such a Manglik Dosha exist or not. If you find such demerit, there are many Manglik dosha cancellation remedies are available in astrology also.

Look at, these Mangal Dosha remedies or conjunctions or rules, which lead to rectification of Mangal Dosha. If any Koota gets 0 or less Guna during Kundli Milan, it means, there is a Matchmaking based on names in compatibility called Dosha.

Matchmaking based on names

But, astrology has many basic conjunctions which can destroy these defects, we can say it Dosh Parihar. So, if demerits are destroyed, matching can get the high score. So always check Dosha cancellation Yoga. During the Kundali matching, there are a maximum of 36 Guna or points for consideration.

Minimum 18 merits should be matched for wedding. If couple gets 24 or more Gun Milan. It deemed good for matrimony. In the horoscope matching, there are 8 types of Kuta, which have 36 Guna or merits. When these Guna Milan calculated through astrology, it said to be 36 Guna Milan in the Kundali chart. Nadi match is very important during the horoscope match. If both the man and woman have same Nadi Dosha, it called a defect which Matchmaking based on names to incompatibility in love.

But, this Dosha strictly applies to Brahamins only during the Kundali Milan. If there are less than 10 Guna during a Kundali matching. It is seriously very low score. It can be advised to avoid the marriage if you have such a minimum Guna. During the correct horoscope Matchmaking based on names, Mangal Dosha is a crucial part. You should avoid the relation, if any one of birth chart has Manglik Dosha, otherwise, you should search remedies to reduce the Manglik Dosha.

Online Kundali Matching Calculator - Kundli Milan by Name Kundli matching which is known as 36 Guna Milan, Kundli Milan, Janam Patrika Milan, Teva Milan, horoscope matching or birth chart compatibility, which is indeed, an astrological calculation to check deep level of compatibility between a boy and girl. Kundli Matching Boy Name. Girl Name. How Kundli matching by name helps in marriage concern?

Matchmaking based on names

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Online Kundali Matching Calculator - Kundli Milan by Name