Massage parlor foot fetish

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Aug 13, 1 T Aug 13, 2 T Aug 13, 3 T Aug 13, 4 T Aug 13, 5 T Aug 13, 6 T Aug 13, 7 T Aug 17, 8 T Aug 20, 9 T Aug 24, 10 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 10 posts. Hey there everyone, So this just happened and I am pretty excited to tell you about it. I used to have a GF who catered to my fetish quite nicely but we've been broken up for a couple of years now and I've been really to busy to return to the dating scene full time like I could in college.

Lately I've been having foot urges that need satisfaction and with nowhere to turn, I decided to try out some escorts. Needless to say, they got the job done I can tell you those stories if you like but it wasn't really an enjoyable experience when I reflect on them since you never know in advance if you'll Massage parlor foot fetish the feet. So today I started getting urges again and turned to bp.

Now I have never been to an AMP but Ive heard of all the fun things that could happen there so I said what the hell, Ill give them a call. I spoke to an older woman who could barely speak english and asked if they could massage me with their feet ballsy Massage parlor foot fetishbut she responded that they could do it and that I had to come see the feet for myself. She said this because I asked if they were pretty haha. So I got to this place finally and couldn't find it so I had to call again and she pointed me in the right direction.

As soon as I stepped in I was greeted by the manager this old asian dude on the couch who told Massage parlor foot fetish to go through the other door. That's where I met my masseuse -she asked me if I was here for a massage and I said yes and she led me to a room. The room was really mellow and set a very nice mood. All the lights were dim, it was very clean, and fresh towels were laid out. She told me to get all naked and she would be back.

So I stripped down and laid face down on the massage bed until she came back. When she walked in she took the towel off my ass and began to rub my whole body softly with her hands. After she had covered my entire back n buttocks and legs, I asked her if she could rub me with her feet.

She was a little confused at what I mean to I rubbed her calves and grabbed her feet and told her "massage me with this". She said "You like" and I nodded. She then took off her high heel wedges and got onto the mattress and started to rub me softly with her feet all over my back and calves and butt again. I was making all sorts of sounds to let her know I was more than enjoying the activity and she didn't mind me rubbing her other foot while she did this.

She then got onto the bed and began to stretch me out a bit Massage parlor foot fetish which point I grabbed my dick and pointed at it asking her Massage parlor foot fetish she could rub it. She looked at me a bit confused then started making a jerking motion with her hands asking me if thats what I wanted. I nodded but told her, "Yes with your feet". She seemed confused but I explained to her again by grabbing her foot and telling her what I meant. She started to laugh a bit at the request but was ready to oblige me after pointing at my wallet. At first she would rub up my thighs, up my groin, and would stop right as her feet lay flat with my shaft perfectly clasped beneath the arches.

She kept this up for a while and laughed when she saw me get hard. I then showed her a couple of different things she can do. She immediately got used to that and started to rub me real good. After a bit of time I started going a bit soft because I wasnt feeling as stimulated so I asked her to get more baby oil. As she leaned over to grab it I saw her right foot, toes spread, all glistening from the oil and couldnt help it -I leaned forward and kissed her soles and started to lick and suck her toes.

She didnt seem surprised and in fact really got into it. I grabbed my dick and started jerking off as she poured a ton of baby oil all over my dick and hands. I took my hands out of the equation to last longer and she replaced it with her foot, rubbing my dick head with her toes into her soft calf while she scooted in and stuck her toes spread out into my face and mouth. I started to feel like I was ready to cum and I think she could tell because she started to breath hard and get excited. Within seconds, with her foot in my mouth I began to cum all over her calves and left toes.

After a few spurts I settled back to relax and she wiped us both off. As I prepared to leave she laid me back down and told me to wait. She came back with hot towels and cleaned me up even better and told me to "Shhh! I just got home from this experience and already want more.

I should have taken pics, but maybe next time I will. Hope yall enjoyed this experience as much as I did!! See who reacted to this post. I've been wanting to try this out. How should I find out if they'll do this though? I just saw this ad and it appeared to be trying to be sexy Did you like call and ask? Haha no, all I asked on the phone was whether they could massage with their feet haha. She kept saying the girls were real pretty so I figured she was hinting at some extra services. Not bad, I'm gonna have to do some research lol nice job dude! I've been to one local here in Massage parlor foot fetish and wish I had done what you said.

She let me smell and kiss the feet, which had been in heels for hours! What did her feet look like? Great story, erotic and informative too. Out of curiosity, how old was the girl? Next time you go in please bring your camera or phone, and share. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

Massage parlor foot fetish

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