Married female ca 44 Horancia

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Married female ca 44 Horancia

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Full text of " Bluestone " See other formats W'. The university inspired us to grow and helped us broaden our perspectives and knowledge of life. By shaping our futures, the university left a lasting impression. During our time here we were able to embrace all that was offered and ultimately had the opportunity to achieve our dreams.

Just as the university Married female ca 44 Horancia an impression on us, we left Married female ca 44 Horancia individual lasting impressions. The building was home to more than residents. Westhu Showing off his moves, senior Raphael Villacrusis breakdances for an audience during Sunset on the Quad.

The event was a tradition held as part of the week-long Homecoming celebration. When the weather was warm, the Quad was packed with students throwing Frisbees or footballs. The co-ed a coppella group grew this year, not only in size, but also in experience. Zone Showker Hall serves as the academic home to business majors The building was one of the first seen when new students arrived on campus for the first time.

Spencer served as SGA president his senior year,? Speaking with wisdom, Professor Burgess, played by junior Daniel Crabtree, teaches his student about life, love and literature in A. R- Gurney's "The Love Course. President Rose thanks them for their support. Photo by Mindi Westhoff The Dukettes danced during halftime at every home football game.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

ISAT housed the College of In- tegrated Science and Technology where students took classes ranging from tech- nology to human services. Members of the Tae Kwon Do Club met weekly to train and improve their physical and mental abilities. Phoio by Mindt WeslhoR Waiting to be used, pompoms and a megaphone stand on the football field sideline as a symbol of the university's spirit.

After being named National Champions, the football Married female ca 44 Horancia drew record attendance at their games, especially from students. Photo by Mindi Westhoff Screaming with excitement, homecoming fans watch the game intently.

The first 1, fans were frequently given thundersticks for the football games. During the event, students could participate in the senior class challenge by donating to the university. Photo by Mindi Westhoff "D5 opening J.

Godwin was the location for many of the hip-hop and punk groups performing during the event. Photo by staff photographer Getting the crowd involved, one of the members of the bond Living Legends sings to a packed Godwin Hall. In addi- tion to music, MACRoCk also provided panel discussions on topics such as label and record promotions. Photo by staff photographer Display- ing the names of bands, T-shirts fiang outside the concert halls. Students could purchase the shirts and other merchan- dise to support the bands.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

DJs, bands from independent record labels and concert-goers flocked to the area for a weekend of independent music and thought. The event had at- tracted hundreds of bands over the years and this year was no exception. MACRoCk provided students with an escape from the commercialized music industry, staging dozens of performances in several locations around campus and Harrisonburg. MACRoCk was put together for love of music, as evidenced by the fact that organizers and staffers received zero wages for their many hours of hard work.

The event got underway Friday Married female ca 44 Horancia as several locations around campus hosted different styles of music. In Godwin Hall, concert-goers heard some of the best hip-hop the independent music industry had to of- fer. Doujah Raze took the stage at 9 p. The crowd at this performance was noticeably smaller, but exuberant. Break-dancers cut loose with their skills as the music's beat pulsated through the gym. Raze's high energy per- formance left him breathless afterward, but the crowd was fired up. Graduate Julia Redden said, "I liked the hip-hop.

He really communicated his message. Other than music, students could enjoy break dancing, political documentaries and other Independent films. Photo by staff photographer p. Captain Tee's also got into the act, staging performances from the early evening until well into the night.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

Although little profit was made from ticket sales, MACRoCk's presence provided local restaurants and businesses with a greater pool of customers. If concert-goers wanted a change of pace, MAC- RoCk's newest event, the independent film festival, was shown on both days of the event.

Supporters could watch a film either in Transitions or Grafton-Stovall Theater. Viewers could also see "The Take. Graduate Leah Larson said, "I think it's nice to get out of the mainstream. Too often we're bombarded with the same stuff and it's nice to step Married female ca 44 Horancia of It every once in a while. Capping off the day was the Lost Film Festival, a show hosted in Transitions that featured a combination of live performance and videos of pranks played against society's authority figures.

Included in the price of admission, those interested could sit in on a panel of their choice at several locations around campus. At the War Speak panel, guests listened in as faculty, students and members of the community spoke about their perspectives on recent wars. Those who attended had the opportunity to voice their own opinions at the con- clusion of the panel's discussion. Other discussions on the music industry featured topics on promoting and booking shows for bands, the independent music movement status or even the label and record promotions process.

Visitors could even learn the art of the DJ from experi- Adding harmony lo tfie music, a keyboardist for one of tfie bonds plays for ttie crowd. Thougfi students paid to Married female ca 44 Horancia tine events, oil money raised went toward funding tfie event, ''mi iluff ' I f Strumming his guitar, tfie lead singer of one of tfie bands performs on original piece.

Pfioto by staff ph,- 1. A plethora of independent record labels came to town, setting up shop at the label expo.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

Each label sent representatives who spoke to interested fans about various topics. Representatives also handed out free Safe and Sewn merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers and buttons. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was also in attendance, a presence that only reinforced MACRoCk's goal of being about more than just business. They put in hours of work, culminating into a frenzy of activity the week before the event. Independent music's descent upon Harrisonburg gave Married female ca 44 Horancia music listeners the opportunity to break off from the mainstream.

Listeners were treated to songs performed by bands whose top priority was music, not goods or profit. The debut of independent films at MACRoCk complemented the weekend's theme of unique and visionary expression. Both men spoke at the wreath-laying cer- emony. Photo by itai-f photographer Honoring James Madison's birthday, cake is served to those in at- tendance at the Madison Day celebration.

Madison Day, held on Wednes- day, recognized James Madison's birthday. Phoi by staff photographer fea eatures by Jackie da silva and sara wist Ratified mthe Constitution had served as the foundation of the United States for over years. To ify its importance, "U.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

March 16 began with the annual wreath-laying cer- emony. Former SGA President, Tom Cul- ligan, spoke on why the university appropriately carried Madison's name, demonstrating Married female ca 44 Horancia of scholarship Married female ca 44 Horancia citizenship. New members were inducted into the Society, a group sponsored by the James Madison Center deed to provide students with the oppor- tunity to explore the life, philosophy and ideals of James Madison. There was also a presentation of the Donald Robertson Scholarship in elementary education. Follow- ing these events, a birthday cake for James Madison was cut and enjoyed by students, faculty and others gathered at the event.

Featuring Nicholas Katzenbach, former attorney general of the United States, the Madison Day con- vocation was held later that afternoon in Wilson Hall. The university wind symphony played the processional and "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the convocation began, followed by a procession of historical American flags. These included St. Madison Day Convocation ended with recognitions by Dr.

Douglas T Brown, provost and vice president for academic affairs, followed by an arrangement of "America the Beautiful. On March 16, 14 collegiate debate teams, including the university's team, went head to head in a full day of debates, culminating in the final round debate that evening in Wilson Hall Auditorium. Six teams advanced to the final round of debate, which focused on the issue "Resolved: that the time has come for the United States to reinstate a draft for compulsory military service.

After much deliberation by the judges, the debate team from Towson University won possession of the Madison Cup. The team from Yale University placed second and Georgetown University's debate team placed third. Throughout the week, both James Madison and the university were honored as students, faculty and others who attended events celebrated a long-standing tradition of excellence.

It was a tradition for Hall to represent Madison on this day each year. The cup was awarded in Wilson Hall. Phjtc by i! Walking through the Clothesline Project, student re the mov- ing messages on shirts created by people who hove been affected by violence against women. The Clothesline Project was established in in Massachusetts.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

Each year, Take Bock the Night worked with the Clothesline Project to disploy the collection of shirts, which continued to grow each year. Photo by staff photographer I features by sara wist As the sun set over the Commons after a perfect March afternoon, the lOth annual Take Back the Night event began. Sponsored by the Women's Resource Center and the Center for Multicultural and Interna- tional Student Services, Take Back the Night Vv'as an evening dedicated to raising awareness of sexual assault and violence against women.

The event began with a variety of musical perfor- mances to lighten the mood. Since graduating. Perry has trained the members of One in Four, a men's organization dedicated to the fight against rape and sexual assault. He spoke about strategies to help end sexual abuse, saying the Married female ca 44 Horancia important aspect was to "change the attitudes and norms of our culture. Dur- ing "Songs of Sexism," a group of students presented popular songs from a variety of genres with sexist, vio- lent and graphical messages.

Each song was paired with a statistic that addressed each of the different songs' lyrics, including the fact that 75 percent of sexual assault victims required medical attention after being attacked. Representatives from other women's resource organizations were in attendance at the event and each Married female ca 44 Horancia given an opportunity to speak to the crowd about the services they provided. One in Four spoke on the importance of recognizing sexual assault as not only a women's issue, but a community issue as well.

CASA's services included support groups, trained counselors and intervention counseling. Elizabeth Stalcup, a well-known inspirational speaker from Reston, Va. Stal- cup ran a healing center out of her church, the Church of the Apostles in Fairfax, Va. The speak-out, the most powerful and emotional event of the evening, provided an opportunity for anyone in attendance to step up to the microphone and tell their stories about sexual abuse.

This open forum created an atmosphere where healing could take place.

Married female ca 44 Horancia

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