Love is unpredictable

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For a long time, I had a type: tall, charming, and just a bit detached.

Love is unpredictable

It was the kind of man who would love you on a Friday and put his guard up on Saturday. The kind of man for Love is unpredictable I like you was Love is unpredictable said instead of something shown. The type of relationship that makes you sugarcoat, rationalize and, yes, sometimes fictionalize to believe that enough time invested will shift the pendulum and result in happily-ever-after. Ring a bell? The ups and downs of an unpredictable relationship — and, more so, an unpredictable partner — can be infuriating, irritating, and it plagues levelheaded males and females of all races and economic backgrounds.

The discrepancy between what we say we want and what we actually do is a mystery not just to us but to psychologists and researchers alike. But ask a neuroscientist, and he will offer considerable evidence that nature is the dubious culprit; that the constant attraction to inconstant love is rooted deep in the brain — more specifically, the reward circuitry of the brain. But for a situation that can be so maddening and seemingly crippling at times, the question begs: How could chasing after the unpredictable be the least bit rewarding for the brain?

Science is beginning to parse the neural systems, chemical messengers, and inner workings of the brain in different romantic states to tackle these questions and discover what stems behind the scenes from such patterns. Coincidently, people in the early throes of love have brain activity that matches the brain activity of a drug addict in need of a fix. Likewise, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates such as heroin, morphine, and OxyContin trigger these same circuits.

Is love synonymous with addiction? Instead, it intensifies or decreases our emotions.

Love is unpredictable

It functions as a motivational system that is turned on and off by neurotransmitters released in the brain such as dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine — a combination that in pleasurable feelings. Your brain recognizes it as a reward and dopamine is replenished — the high is back.

Likewise, hope and trust are Love is unpredictable anxiety, skepticism, and better judgment are suppressed. The chase of unpredictable love and longing for the unattainable function in the same way that gambling does. In fact, it is gambling. When you are unsure whether you will be rewarded in a situation, you keep playing until you win.

To understand the particular conditions that cause dopamine release, psychology professor Dr. David Zald and his colleagues at Vanderbilt University used a combination of techniques in different scenarios to measure the release of dopamine with unpredictable and predictable rewards. Zald and his team used positron emission tomography PET to scan brain activity in volunteers under three different scenarios. During the second scenario, subjects knew they would receive a reward with every fourth card they selected. Under the third, subjects chose cards Love is unpredictable did not receive or expect any rewards.

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Love is unpredictable

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Love is unpredictable

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