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NO 1G V. From Hebrow wit tho maxim sprang, "Though feet should slip, ne'er let the tongue. The snored writer crowns tho whole. Jones' country home, slowly drawing on a pair of the daintiest of gloves, preparatory to taking a walk out into the cool woods and down bv tho brook. As she looked into tho glass, the rejection which gazed back at her from its depths was one which would have charmed a stoic.

Tall, veil and gracefully formed she was, with a face which would have been a dream for an artist: the most regular and delicate features, cheeks just tinged with the bloom of health and spirit; lips not too full, but red as cherries; brown eyes shaded by long drooping lashes, with brows slightly arched above them ; an abundance of rich wavy hair just a shade lighter than her eyes, her little ear a very marvel; and such a neck!

The young men w ho came for a few days in the summer to board at her uncle's house wondered if they had ever before seen anything so fair. Just at this moment, however, there is a shade across tho beautiful face ; the merest suspicion of a frown is visible, Looking to practice my Paxico banging as she succeeds in fastening the last refractory button of her glove and eteps out of tho house and down the cool, shady path toward the, brook, she is saying to herself : "0 dear! I do wish the gentlemen would come back. It is so dull here with no one to talk with but auntie. The idea of their going off shooting for three days, and leaving mo here all alone!

Cousin Will might have staid at least, or or Mr. As for the other one, that companion of his, I hate the sight of him; if he had remained behind, I would have pleaded a headache, and kept my room. But Mr. Lyle is so different ; so chivalrous and kind and yet so earnest and manly. Perry came he is always away with him; I wonder if that is what Looking to practice my Paxico banging me dislike him? He told me he was going away in a few days; what if he should take Mr.

Lyle with him V Here she broke off suddenly; she felt her heart give a sudden, painful throb at the thought; and then she blushed the rosiest red to And that the mere mention of his leaving could have such an effect upon her. You have only known Henry Lyle three weeks, and he has given you no right to suppose that you are more to him than any other pretty country girl that he might chance to meet. For shame that you have given your heart to him unasked!

She had reached a cool, leafy bower on the briuk of the creek, formed by nil over-banging vine.

Looking to practice my Paxico banging

As the thonghts just recorded came thronging to her mind she blushed yet deeper, and a few tears of mortification and shame sprang to her eyes. A moment later she heard the voices of men coming down the road on the opposite side, of the brook, and m they drew nearer she reeog-nizefl the boisterous laughter of Cousin Will, and the deep, yet quiet tones of Henry Lyle. The road lay nlorg the opposite bank of the creek for a little way. She must not be seen with eyes red with rr. Before they Looking to practice my Paxico banging near enougu for her to distinguish their words, however, they separated, Cousin Will going off in another direction, while the two friends rode slowly down the road.

The superficial oWrvcrs of Farmer Jones' neighborhood sefLyle and Perry down as "two more of them city fellers," thus dismissing them in the same category. But the close observer would see a great difference lictween the two men. Both were tall and well made, and both showed refinement and good breeding.

Perry was perhaps the handsomer mau of the two, but his face lacked the firm character w hich was stamped on every line of Lyle's features. Perry had more the air of a man of the world, who does nothing mnch more weighty than lounge about his clnb ; while Lyle's face showed the student and the worker. Perry w as rich, and seeing no cause for doing anything, did nothing, and took his ease.

Lyle was a young professional man, devoted to bis work, but jnst now enjoying a well-earned and much-needed summer vacation. They had been coi-lege classmates together and had chanced to meet again at this place, where both had gone for a few days of rest and quiet The first words that Alice beard distinctly were Perry's: I say, Lyle, why can't yon go up to the Adirondacks with me next week?

I will lie there for several week, and we conld Lave no end of sport. The finest place in the world to sjend the latter half of the summer; camp ont, fish, shoot, chimb mountains, draw, paint if yon like, anything. Ring and Waite are going np; we have all the arrangements made, and it need not cost you a cent, as one more will make no change in our plans. Come, bit a go? Lyle did not besi jUe. I suppose it iro'j'f be a glorious time, and I ' would like very much to make one of 3'otir party, but tho fact is there are some littlo mutters of business that will prevent my going so fur from the city.

I thought you came out here to be away from business. It has a charm for me. She is a beautiful girl, is she not? Yes, I know that's a strong word for me to use; but I was listening the other night while she played something from Beethoven and she Looking to practice my Paxico banging more music from that cra7y old piano than I could have dreamed possible.

She must be of very humble birth. Anil poor! No, Lyle, it will never do for you to stay; you know have always intended to marry a fortune. Come up with me to the mountains. What I told you about the business was not a mere excuse. I really cannot get away so far just now.

Looking to practice my Paxico banging

I may run up after two or three weeks. When do you start? Their voices died away in the distance, and Alice could hear no more. But she had heard enough. Henry Lyle, marry for money! She would not believe it of him. It would bo much more like Perry than like Lyle. And yet ho had not denied it.

But at least he would remain for a few weeks; he was not to leave at once.

Looking to practice my Paxico banging

And so, though not daring to own to herself the true cause, she was unusually cheerful and gay when they met again that evening. On the following Monday Perry left, and after that Alice monopolized Lyle's time as much even as she could w ish. He was very attentive to her, and the time passed pleasantly with drives and walks and the most charming conversations. Have bocii looking for you hern for two weeks past. Hunting anil llsliing t ho best I ever saw: weather pe'fect: the sunsets would charm you, tome up ut once.

I positively must return to tho city iu two weeks; mid just at present I have a new occupation a short en. You remember Miss Beaeh, old Jones' niece? Well, I was out walking with her the other day, and through some carelessness of mine she fell und hurt her ankle so ns to conllno her to the house for some time. Since then I have spent several hours every day reading and talking to her.

I am afraid it would be pretty dull for tho poor girl if I did not. She had been so happy in the past few weeks that she had taken no thought of the end ; and now he was to leave her, and after another short day she would see him no more! Her heart throbbed painfully; but with an effort she controlled herself, and, when she spoke it was with a calm and steady Looking to practice my Paxico banging, saying only, as she slowly plucked the leaves from the rose she held in her hand: " Your business, I suppose, calls you home as the autumn passes?

Lyle, that my unworthy self should have caused you such trouble. O, Alice, I have learned to love you! I cannot go away without telling you that you have become a part of my very life. Alice, can you love me? Wiil yon be my wife? You know you always intended to marry a fortune, and you ought not to throw yourself away on a poor girl such as I am, and with such relatives! He bad never heard her speak in German and did not Looking to practice my Paxico banging that she conld understand it.

He recognized the words at once.

Looking to practice my Paxico banging

I beg your forgiveness for discussing you even so much as I did. But do me justice; those were Perry's words, not mine. I care not whether you are rich or poor; it is yonr sweet self I want ; it is ioil that I love. I am not rich ; I cannot offer you a luxurious home; bnt all that I am is yonrs, if you will but accept it.

Alice, may I not hope? May I not return to c-ami you as my own? Lyle felt angry with her. Could she smile like that while uttering words every one of which pierced his heart like a knife? Conld this be bis true-hearted, innocent Alice? Had she been trifling with him?

Looking to practice my Paxico banging Looking to practice my Paxico banging

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