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For more information, consult the listing in the appropriate department. WGS Introduction to Women's Studies.

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Interdisciplinary introduction to the study of women which focuses on determinants and expressions of women's roles. Provides the intellectual foundation for the further study of non-normative genders and sexualities. IC, IIB. Description and analysis of gender in human society with special attention to constraints placed on both males and females by current socialization practices, and to issues in equality from historic as well as contemporary perspectives.

Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056

Cross-listed with SOC. WGS will introduce students to the study of science and technology from the critical lens of interdisciplinary gender studies. We will explore questions such as: What does science tell us about the nature of sex or gender differences?

How have ideas about gender and sexuality structured the basic practices and language of science and technology? What are feminist critiques of science and technology? How have women contributed to science especially in contexts where they were barred from doing so? And what does a feminist science look like? Why have women and people of color been, historically, underrepresented in STEM disciplines and what can be done to change this underrepresentation? Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication. This is an intermediate level course which enables students to investigate and discuss interdisciplinary practices of knowledge creation and dissemination.

Students will practice a variety of writing and other communication strategies necessary for the effective dissemination of ideas to interdisciplinary audiences and the general public, and can expect to gain experience in working with a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary research, tools and methods while engaging intellectually in interdisciplinary modes of thinking, reading, listening, and speaking.

Introduction to the study of human sexual behavior with particular attention paid to the issues of gender development; premarital, marital, and post-marital sexual patterns; birth control; sexual dysfunction; cross-cultural Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056 patterns; and alternative sexual lifestyles. Introduction to women's writing in English.

Readings may include poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction by women writers from various historical periods and national traditions.

Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056

Cross-listed with ENG Study of the status of women in the Greek and Roman world from Bronze age through early centuries of Christianity conducted in light of literary, artistic, and archaeological evidence in order to increase knowledge and understanding of Greek and Roman family and social life and of our own society as well. Cross-listed with CLS Study of literature by and about sexual minorities, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer identities, cultural contexts, and social movements. IIB, IC.

Women's Health Care: Problems and Practices. Examines health and medical problems or concerns of women. Current controversial issues and misconceptions revealed in such topics as sexuality, rape, obstetrical and gynecological procedures, cancer detection and treatment, menopause, and psychotherapy.

Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056

Women's health movement is introduced; health care delivery system scrutinized from the point of view of the female consumer. Cross-listed with KNH. Women and Dis ability: Fictions and Contaminations of Identity. Provides a critical analysis of the historical, sociological, cultural, media and educational images and representations of women with disabilities.

Current research and theories from Disabilities Studies and Womens Studies will serve as the lenses for the exploration of disability as a social construct. American women in music from to present. Women have made considerable contributions to the various genres and traditions that define American music. From popular forms to concert music there are numerous women who have constructed a musical discourse that chronicles their experiences in America and their conceptions of womanhood.

This course is deed to chronicle the experiences of these women musicians and vocalists and discuss their musical approaches. Discussions include traditional music practices as well as contemporary popular music styles. Prerequisite: MUSoror permission of instructor. Cross-listed with MUS. Investigation of the interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to the Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056 of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other aspects of social identity in women's lives; analysis of the ways social difference is defined, used, and experienced.

Emphasis on feminist and womanist theories that take into the interdependence of multiple of social difference. Open to majors and minors or other students with permission of instructor. Prerequisite: WGS This class adopts a geographic approach to the study of gender relations. The role of space and place in shaping the diversity of gender relations throughout the world will be considered. Through case studies the importance of gender relations in understanding a variety of issues will be stressed. Overall, we will explore how geography shapes gender relations and how gender produces a variety of geographies.

Cross-listed with GEO. A survey of writings and film by and about Native American women. The objective of the course is to provide students with a broad overview of Native American perspectives on a variety of topics including indigenous viewpoints on research methods, environmental activism, politics and policy, and critical analysis. This class engages feminist theory and gender studies to explore the consequences of different types of marital formations polygamous as well as monogamous for the lives of women and men in selected Western and non-Western cultures.

Cross-listed with REL. Develops conceptual tools and critical perspectives that enable students to better understand and analyze the processes through which identities are constructed and experienced. Learning activities facilitate analysis of individual identities as experienced through the life cycle and across diverse cultural and subcultural contexts, and build a systematic understanding of the processes and dynamics through which identities and identity groups develop and interact.

Review and integration of emerging theory and research about women and their behavior, with particular attention to uniquely female experiences throughout the life cycle and to the influences that affect women in contemporary society. Cross-listed with PSY. Do people have gender-specific ways of experiencing religious life? See how organized religion is in turn shaped by the lived experience of humans with gendered and sexualized bodies. Apply feminist and queer theory to selected case studies in order to analyze how religions respond to people and how people respond to religion.

Cross-listed with REL Displays of status through constrictive dress and gender segregation will be explored with reference to religion, gender, and class. Course will explore the topic through selected case studies, several of which involve Islamic cultures. This course examines the written and visual evidence for ancient sexual practices, as well as ancient attitudes towards these practices as found in ancient law, philosophy, love poetry, novels, and other texts. Our reading of primary sources will be informed by modern writings on gender and sexuality. We will also engage with recent debates about the ideologies reflected in ancient codes of sexual conduct.

Through a close reading of a variety of ancient Greek and Roman texts and images, together with contemporary interpretive readings, we will attempt to reach not only a fuller understanding of some central features of the cultures of Greece and Rome, but also, by holding up the mirror of antiquity to our own beliefs and practices, to arrive at a more critical consideration of how we think about sex and gender today.

Cross-listed with CLS. Examination of the role of women in political participation, political protest, and political and economic development worldwide. Explores the usefulness of gender as a Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056 tool for comparative analysis, and uses case study material from the developed and developing world to examine how women's involvement in politics both shapes and is shaped by various political contexts. Cross-listed with POL. Addresses the role of gender in American politics. Intensive interdisciplinary study of imaginative representations of the encounters between "Asia" and "America," broadly conceived, particularly the entangled relations among their diverse constituencies in the contexts of colonialism and globalization.

Key topics include feminist critique of gendered violence and human rights issues; Euro-American militarism and sex tourism; the emergence of new of sex, gender, and kinship as lived experiences mediated by transnational consumer culture and institutional structures; masculinity and Asian diasporic nationalisms; pan-Asian movements against racism, colonialism, and neoliberalism both in Asia and the U. Examination of major writing by contemporary feminist thinkers.

Traditional philosophical questions, such as justice, freedom, nature of a person, and relationship of an individual to society, are raised in context relevant to both male and female students. Cross-listed with PHL. This course explores the construction of gender and representations of women in film in two contexts: in mainstream Hollywood cinema and in experimental and independent films. While not providing an extensive history of women in film, the course provides a sampling of iconic films—from early cinema to the present—to critically examine how women are portrayed throughout the twentieth century and in various genres, in films made by both men and women.

Course readings engage theoretical and practical points of contact within cinema, including feminist film theory, postcolonial theory, psychoanalysis, queer theory, and critical race theory. Couple Relationships: Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056 and Change.

Investigation of intimate couple relationships in their many diverse forms.

Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056

Focuses on social and psychological factors influencing development and maintenance of such couple relationships as dating, cohabitation, and marriage. General principles are discussed as well as factors that are more specific to certain age groups, relationship types, or sociocultural settings. Prerequisite: three hours of social science. Cross-listed with FSW.

This interdisciplinary course utilizes insights from a variety of areas - such as literature, sociology, popular culture, law, and medicine - to analyze how contemporary discourses of sexuality are viewed from multiple perspectives.

The course investigates how discourses of sexuality co-mingle with discourses of youth with special attention to the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, gender, nationality and ability. Working from a Critical Youth Studies CYS framework and similar theoretical positions, the course privileges scholarship and community-based educational models which foreground issues of equity, social justice, and youth participatory activism.

Examines specific aspects of women's roles, status, and experiences. Dis Ability Allies: To be or not to be? Developing Identity and Pride from Practice. The course emphasizes identity formation and how that formation can inform the construction of the ally identity. Through deconstructing learned values, knowledge, and images of disability that mitigate ally behavior, students discover the micro and macro structures that support ally behavior. By exploring how social control and social change have worked in other civil rights movements, students understand the necessity of identifying and including allies in the disability movement for civil rights.

Survey of the history of women's lives and roles in American society from colonial period to present. Emphasis on examining women's individual and collective roles in private and public spheres and on Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056 how specific economic and political transformations have affected women's lives.

Brazilian Women through Literature and Film. Addresses questions about gender, race, class and stereotype of women's bodies in 20th-century Brazil. Sex and Gender in American Culture. Examination of change over time in the construction of sexual norms, attitudes, and behaviors in American culture, as well as of gender roles.

Covers the period just prior to the Indian-European encounter to the present. The Role of Women in a Transforming Society. Review of current and historically ificant feminist writings on the ways in which patriarchal structures of authority affect what students know about women's experiences.

Students position themselves as creators of knowledge about women's experiences and as members of self-critical communities of activists who are transforming society and women's positions in that society. Includes readings, discussions, and individual and group projects. Students learn to celebrate similarities in experiences and perspectives, and to understand and appreciate differences. Engaged Learning Practicum. This course connects feminist theory and Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056, and is deed around Service-Learning at a practicum site.

The readings explore leadership, feminist grassroots organizing, service learning and civic engagement, feminist activism, and difference and cultural competence. Prerequisite: WGS or or Cross-listed with BWS.

Ladies looking real sex OH Miami university 45056

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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGS)