Indoorsy type seeks same

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By Kristi Westberg. I grew up in the suburbs, surrounded by paved ro, city parks, the occasional stream and plenty of Target stores. Sure, I had some tennis shoes and plenty of workout gear, but all of it was pristine thanks to my local sparkly gym…no dirt please, and thank you. To say this was a bit of a culture shock would be a gross understatement! In my mind LA was one overpriced green juice bar after the other, surrounded by the nipped, tucked and Botoxed who were most likely lounging beside an infinity pool or pointing at me and telling me to get off their private beach.

As I started to get comfortable in my new home I began noticing a large of people heading off on the weekends with camping gear in tow. Several of my co-workers would return on Monday with tales of hikes, river crossings, Joshua Tree pictures and a glow of renewal. A little niggle of jealousy popped up in me and got me wondering if I could be a camper? As of the beginning of I had officially gone camping 8 times in my life. I slept in a tent only one of those times and it was terrible! Truth be told there were two camping trips in there where I was in an air conditioned cabin does that even count as camping?

So of camping trips few…. Why would I spend my hard earned money on a sleeping bag and a tent so I could lay on the ground Indoorsy type seeks same the cold and have bugs crawl all over me? When I say it like that the answer is crystal clear. Camping can seem pretty intimidating.

Prepare a little, have an open mind, go with the flow and see where your adventure takes you. Kristi Westberg is a writer, indoorsy camper, Indoorsy type seeks same and bookworm living in Pasadena, CA. I love your voice! You had me cracking up. I was a city kid until I was I can absolutely relate to this. I might become even more outdoorsy if I Indoorsy type seeks same cook up the same campfire fanciness you all did! My very first camping was in Bhutan 3 years back. I can totally get your points and I personally know people who are fanatic about hygiene, comfort and food while camping.

One can start with little steps. Bringing food from home is one comfort area to getting going in the outdoors.

Indoorsy type seeks same

Camping is such an overwhelming experience spending some good time with nature! I need to go for more weekend camping getaways! It totally makes a lot of sense too. I would love to give it a try one day soon. Wow, what great tips for people who are afraid of camping and spend their whole life in the urban community. I too never opted a night out camp though I love Indoorsy type seeks same, reading your post, I too want to start. As you have correctly said, that initially I have to start with car camping to make me used to of this camping practice.

I loved the picture of Joshua tree taken by you. If I were to go camping in cool places, it would take a long drive and another long hike to get there. But good for you to have found this endeavor. Right now, I am already struggling just finding time to walk in the park. Wow, good for you! I honestly have not gone on a camping trip in a long while.

Yea, not a fan of bugs either. This is where living in southern California has been really good for me.

Indoorsy type seeks same

I moved here from Massachusetts and the bug count is WAY lower here. I am definitely an outdoorsy individual, I get bored if I stay indoors too much. Love the indoorsy camp mug, so cute. I love my indoorsy mug too. Great post and I am planing to do some camping going forward with the .

Indoorsy type seeks same

Some top tips here. Get correct hear the main aspect.

Indoorsy type seeks same

If you love any food take that as this makes life easier. Overall a great post to come out of indoors. While I love the outdoors, when it comes to sleeping, I personally prefer to stay indoors but sometimes I do feel like pushing myself out of my comfort zone and go camping. Glamping is more comfortable though. I do quite enjoy camping, but I have to say I hate not being able to shower!

I always seek out the places with a shower too. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, not just for the information, but its humour. I found myself constantly smiling throughout. Chocolate covered raisin! I really, really need to do it for them! Thanks for the car camping tip, I love that. My dad used to set up his tent in the backyard for us and I loved it! We never made it much further, but it was lo of fun and I have lots of good memories from backyard camping. I think I am bit indoorsy too. I miss daily showers only if I am ill and unable to.

Not gone traditional camping as such in years. Luckily a lot of car camping sites have showers for a small fee. I can completely relate to this post. Not a great experience! I was pleasantly surprised after camping at the festival, we endured all types of weather too; from scorching hot sun to an electrical storm! Blisters on your hips reminds me Indoorsy type seeks same reading Wild, she had the Indoorsy type seeks same problem.

Sounds like that must have been quite the trip. Glad your camping experience was better…not sure about an electrical storm, but I bet it was pretty amazing to watch from a distance of course. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the idea of borrowing or renting a tent first. The last thing you want to do is drop a lot of money on something you end up hating.

The first time I decided to try camping I counted up all the money I would need to spend to go and completely gave up. Luckily I have people around me who are willing to share their gear, and companies that rent. It really made all the difference for me. I absolutely love this idea!! Car camping sounds perfect for me, and by the way, your lamb tagine sounds delicious too!

The lamb tagine IS delicious! I highly recommend making it! Italy must be an amazing place to get outdoors! I would love to camp there someday. This definitely resonates with me. I would love to just arrive at a glamp site and enjoy it without the hassle of putting everything up and then Indoorsy type seeks same it down. I can understand about the cultural shock part. Glad you got adjusted to new home. Taking your favorite food while camping is a good tip.

I like the thoughts you shared. LA has such amazing options for weekend trips. LA is so different than I thought it would be, but in SO many good ways.

Indoorsy type seeks same

Too many places to see, experiences to experience and too much fun to be had. Living in a bustling metropolis, I can easily identify with you. Indoorsy is the right word.

Indoorsy type seeks same

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