I m looking for Midland b

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Midland bikers! Today it's time to tell you the story of Claudia Farina, aka Girlgonebikera young influencer and passionate motorcyclist who loves sharing her life made of motorcycle dreams, enchanting pop illustrationsand stunning bike tours through the Swiss Alps. Claudia is the official biker girls Midland's spokeswoman because you know, the motorcycle is also pink Hello Claudia, first of all, thank you so much for giving us this interview! Let's start with your nickname: who's hiding behind Girlgonebiker? I'm a year-old girl and I'm originally from the small Italian region called Molise.

I'm a traveler and a dream chaser : And that's exactly what I try to tell with Girlgonebiker. It's about how I chase my dreams, desires, life goals. Whether you do it on two the wheels or not, it's always the heart that moves everything, don't you think? There was a PC game I couldn't part with, that obsessed me most of all, it was called Motocross Madness. From there I began dreaming about the two wheels! That feeling of freedom, that feeling of life running through your veins, that urge to feel part of the landscape That was me!

I m looking for Midland b

So I waited to "grow up" to get my getting rid of my mom's apprehension sorry, Mom! Easy, peasy! It took me a while anyway How I m looking for Midland b your passion for intercoms start and why did you choose Midland? Three years ago I bought my first intercom, it wasn't Midland, it wasn't user friendly, and the audio quality left to be desired. After a short while I felt the need to have something better performing. So, after an afternoon spent on the web analyzing what the market offered, my choice fell to the Midland universe and since then I never separated from it!

Okay, Claudia, the last question, then we let you go back to your beloved bike! How does Midland help you live your Biker Dream? I don't drive car I only ride my motorbike! After I got my I began moving from city to city, and having a car around the world with me was more of a problem than a logistical convenience.

So my car has been left away years and still does!

I m looking for Midland b

You're on a motorcycle and your boss is calling you and you don't know how to answer? Midland got you covered! You don't know how to get to that restaurant where they make fabulous pasta and you don't want to waste time studying the route? Midland won't leave you on an empty stomach transmitting the GPS directions into your helmet. Wanna know Claudia's adventures on Instagram? Follow her here: www. Policy sui Cookies. Midland - www.

I m looking for Midland b I m looking for Midland b

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