How to make two lovers of friends

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Some may even call it the unachievable — Going from Lovers to Friends. How to make two lovers of friends everything else, there are ways to bend the rules to accomplish going from lovers to friends. Have you ever wondered why going from lovers to friends has been deemed impossible? Of course, specific cases might be exceptions. But if the breakup meets specific guidelines — both parties must be willing, it must end mutually, etc. Then going from Lovers to Friends is possible. And to make this long and difficult process of going from lovers to friends a tad bit easier for you here is — Going from Lovers to Friends: The Ultimate Guide — 13 Crucial Steps:.

This is the very first and probably the most critical step in the transition from going from lovers to friends. After the breakup is over, depending on how dangerous things were between the two of you, the amount of time and space one would require can last from anywhere between a month to sometimes even a year or more. The two of you must give each other time to heal. And that means allowing breathing and thinking space as well. Do not hover around them, do not spam them with calls and messages, no matter how tempted you are to reach out. As I mentioned earlier, just because you might have moved on quickly, does not mean that your ex has too.

So as an essential step of going from friends to lovers, you must not mention any new flames you have in your life right away. Nobody wants to talk about the hopes and dreams that they once wanted to have with you, that have been shattered again.

And an essential step in moving on. Show more gratitude for each other. If you must bring up the future, then try to talk about the future of your friendship and solely that. Your future as individuals, building your lives and careers by yourself, not with anyone else, and certainly not together. Are you going to be going from lovers to friends?

How to make two lovers of friends

Are you going from lovers to friends with benefits? Do you plan on being best friends, or do you just want to maintain a platonic friendship for the sake of it?

How to make two lovers of friends

Make How to make two lovers of friends that you discuss what the two of you expect from each other in terms of friendship from here on. You must do it. This will avoid any misleading, threats to your friendship, confusion and hence, avoid more heartbreak. When it comes to a situation like this, you can never be too safe. But you also need to find out whether or not they still have any feelings for you before you move further into a friendship. Many times, the other person will say that they have no feelings, even though they do, just because it means that they will get to see you again. And that is precisely the kind of situation that you need to avoid.

This is a crucial step in going from lovers to friends. That was the whole point of turning this breakup into friendship instead of cutting them off entirely, right? When going from lovers to friends, one must follow this step-by-step process. This process includes starting with realizing what has happened and understand the reality of the situation, moving on to closure, healing, crying to acceptance and then comes moving on. So, there are many things that you must keep in mind before jumping from a relationship into a friendship.

How to make two lovers of friends

Give them enough time to get over you. This time may vary depending on the term and the seriousness of the relationship. The entire breakup guide process might take longer for one than the other. If you want this friendship to work and so does your ex-lover, then the two of you must have patience and must be understanding towards each other. The two of you must be very patient throughout this course.

Giving each other enough time and space to heal is one part where you must be very patient. And the other has to do with following the breakup guide. The third part where it takes patience? That has to do with the myth. If the two of you are lucky enough and have enough patience, it is possible to going back to being the way things used to when you were just friends.

This is a process that may take years or even a decade because this can only happen when the two of How to make two lovers of friends have found and settled in with your actual soulmates. When going from lovers to friends, there are two options in front of you, and the first one is starting again. Then you can just pretend like it never did and start anew. But if you were in a close long-term relationship, then this might not be the ideal way to go about things.

Starting again is an excellent way to make the atmosphere a little lighter and brighter. The other option that you can take when going from lovers to friends is not blocking out the past but cherishing it. And even if you have considered option A, do not block out the past entirely. Do not burn or throw out the tokens of memories of your relationship. Or the presents or even the pictures.

How to make two lovers of friends

Who knows, years from now, one day, maybe the two of you will even be able to joke about your time together and tease each other. To avoid any awkwardness when going from lovers to friends, in How to make two lovers of friends initial stages, I would suggest both meetings just by yourself and in groups with mutual as well. A set of rules and conditions to be followed that the two of you draft together is the best way to avoid any problems, confusion, awkwardness, and more heartbreaks. You must remember that just because it happened to them does not necessarily mean that it will happen to you as well.

Do not listen to what others have to say here, whatever happens, happens between you and your ex. Going from lovers to friends is a transition that can be incredibly painful, as well as time-consuming and difficult. We hope this step guide of ours has made it a tad bit easy for you too. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Spread the love. Harsh July 23, at am. Anonymous July 23, at am. This is such a painful experience, but your guide will help.

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How to make two lovers of friends How to make two lovers of friends

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