How to get girlfriend to cuckold

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback How to get girlfriend to cuckold issues you experience or suggest improvements. I have seen certain articles advising women on how to turn your husband into a willing cuckold but not found a decent one which could guide husbands on how to get their wives to cuckold them. The strange part is it's always the men who initiate or want cuckolding and usually not the women, the women may cheat but they don't harbour the fantasy of cuckolding there men although as they cheat the husband is a cuckold.

Confusing hah I faced similar situation, derived pleasure in secretly fantasising about my wife cheating on me but do not know how to make it a reality. I have overcome it and now I am a very satisfied cuckold with an equally satisfied married life. Cuckold is a fetish, a passion for the man who derives his pleasure in knowing that his wife is having a time of her life, sexually, with some other man. Why other man? Why not the husband himself; well this is a million dollar question.

Before I answer that question let me tell you about cuckolds in general and remember I am talking about willing cuckold, a person who knows and accepts his wife with other men. Most of the cuckolds are men in their 30s or more, living comfortable lifestyles. They are usually alpha males with above-average intelligence, hold high-power executive positions in their work and earn above-average incomes. They have their own way of looking at life. These men are generally soft spoken, well mannered, avoid confrontation but are not cowards.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

They have responsibilities towards there demanding work, family and expectations from peer to be always on top. They need escape, need to lose control, let someone else take control and be responsible. Well this does not make a man cuckold but when it is coupled with a deep love for their partner, when it is coupled with a sense of inferiority in sex department say small penis, erectile dysfunction whether actual or physiological, when it is coupled with a sense of pride in knowing that men are drooling over your women, it sows the seeds of cuckolding.

There is another reason also, men are always attracted to things which are difficult to get. When you first met your wife to be, she was very much unattainable and this fact attracted you towards her and when life gets into a comfortable rut after marriage the strong desire you felt How to get girlfriend to cuckold the beginning subsides. Cuckolding gives you your desire for her, the desire to win her How to get girlfriend to cuckold from the other man in her life.

Further cuckolds are generally submissive in nature so they enjoy the pain, humiliation, shame and inadequacy that come with cuckolding. Are you ready to accept other man in your marriage? Are you willing to let him take control of your sex life? I guess whenever you fantasise your wife with some other guy you feel excited and you want it to happen Many men enjoy these kind of fantasies and once they cum masturbate or otherwise they do not think about it till they are horny again.

So if you enjoy these kinds of fantasies during sex or masturbation, no problem enjoy it, but if you want it be turned into reality then I would suggest you do the following self tests before you actually do something about it.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

The self test I have in mind are not exhaustive and you can improvise and have your own test; the idea is to find out if you really want it to happen and if you can really handle it if First test - Try to imagine your wife with someone else just after your have ejaculated and your cock is limp. See for yourself how much you like the idea now.

You can try to do How to get girlfriend to cuckold same in the morning, say breakfast time when your wife is getting ready for the office. Try to picture her with her boss, kissing him, laughing with him, getting intimate with him. Don't just picture the hard cock slipping inside the hot snatch, but imagine the other aspects of sharing her, like she is spending time with him at the cost of ignoring you.

Her boss taking her out on a date while you are left to take care of the. Well this one will give you a good idea of your level of fantasy, if you still want it, good there is another test. Second test - No more imagining it, get a field test done.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

You have to choose a candidate, not just some know man but someone whom you despise, could be a bully in the office, a disgusting neighbour. Someone you know is a philanderer, someone who is always interested in trying his luck with wives of other people. Now invite this man to your house or arrange to meet him along with your wife at some party.

Give him a chance, leave him alone with your wife and get away for some time. How do you feel knowing your wife is with this guy while you are waiting? This man may try something or may not, but when you are away you believe that he may be flirting with How to get girlfriend to cuckold wife. You have given yourself some time limit to wait before you them again, it could be half hour, an hour or more.

See if you are able to wait that long or you How to get girlfriend to cuckold in sooner. This will give you an idea of what to expect in future and if you are willing to go this path, well then let's get along with understanding the level of cuckolds. There could be two types willing and unwilling. Unwilling cuckolds are the ones who are cuckolded by a cheating spouse and when they find out they do not accept it and the marriage ends in a divorce or other bitter consequences. Willing are the ones who accepts it or wants it and many a times le their wives into it.

We are off course dealing with the willing cuckolds only. The one who feels happy to know that his wife is a sexual object for other men and is happy to find out that his wife fucks others. The cuck is contended in knowing only, he does not want to face his wife's lover and he may listen to his wife narrating her encounter with her lover but would never want her lover to know that he is supporting it.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

This is the first level and a first step for leading to other stages. Sometimes he does not move on to next level and stays at this stage only; this could be because he feels ashamed to admit it with her lover. Sometimes he is just dropped into this stage by his cheating wife and he is unsure of what to do and this indecision keeps him there. He is unwilling to accept his feeling and thus unable to move on to other stages.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

The first stage is quite common amongst the cuckolds; they let their wives go to their lover while How to get girlfriend to cuckold wait for them at home. They get sympathy love from their wives, who feel guilty at cheating on their loving husbands. In some cases the cuckolds pretend that they know nothing of her lover and in some cases they confront their wives and demand to know all about it and yet never stop them. The next stage is quite open; here the cuckold had accepted his feelings. He has lead his wife to this point or the wife has lead him into this doesn't matters, what matters is that both are comfortable about it.

Neither the wife is guilty about cheating nor is the husband confused. The lover in this case knows that the cuckold is willing and the sex happens in the marital bed while the husband takes the guest room.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

Cuckold also gets to enjoy watching his wife having sex with her lover. Cuckold enjoys the gut wrenching feeling that his wife is doing all the things that How to get girlfriend to cuckold never did with him. The third stage is where the humiliation starts. The humiliation is always there however in third stage it's prominent. The cuck enjoys the humiliation he suffers at the hand of her lover or by his wife. Usually the humiliation is an important part of this lifestyle as the moment his wife cuckolds him he feels humiliated and he enjoys it.

However the third stage he feels he deserved it due to his inability to satisfy his wife sexually like her lover can. Usually the third stage is inevitable if the cuck has ventured to the second stage. He could have stayed at stage one if he chooses to but if he has moved to stage two it's almost impossible to stay there, eventually he will slip to the third stage.

It could be mild humiliation or it could be really abusive depending upon the wife and the lover. Many cuck wants abuse at the hands of their wives and they encourage it. The more the wife or lover is abusive the more he enjoys. The fourth stage i. This is the stage to which not every cuckold wants to reach. The first three stages are intermingled and one can easily slip to stage two or three but not to stage four.

A person who is a cuckold does not automatically turns gay, he has to have those feeling in him. Sometime men who are confused and could not accept their gay tendencies or do not realise them, tends to realise them when they see their wives in the arms of other men. These cuckolds secretly want to replace their wives and want to be with these men. They love to serve the lovers, suck their cocks, cleans the cum, eat creampie, wants abusive treatment and love it if the bull fucks both the wife and husband.

Now a little bit on why do women cheat or why do women do not cheat? As per leading physiologists the reasons for cheating are lack of attention or intimacy, revenge, bad sex, financial independence, feeling neglect or feeling lonely etc. But more important is why do they don't cheat and especially if the above mentioned reasons are there to tempt them.

Well the answer is they love and they fear, they love their husband and fear hurting them. Now you want her to cuckold you, cheat on you but you How to get girlfriend to cuckold want that the relationship continues and she continue to love you. Definitely you cannot push her out of your life, you cannot neglect her or make her feel lonely so that she cheats on you.

So how you going to do it, I try to answer that in the following paragraphs. Now let's get started with the big question how to get your wife to cuckold you? Before we do that let me emphasise on the need to have a good communication with your partner. To have a good relationship the key is to have an open and free communication, be it boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife or in our case cuckold and cukolderess.

If you are not at ease with your wife to communicate your feelings or the opposite then misunderstandings creeps in and spoil everything. You need to understand exactly what your wife is comfortable at; likewise she needs to understand your feelings. Try to understand your wife, is she open with you, is she comfortable to discuss about sex, about her old boyfriends. Does she discuss about her work buddies especially male buddies, does she ever told you about any man making pass at her.

Likewise do you talk to her on the same ? If yes, very good if not, well improve the communication. You start to open up by discussing about any female friend you have and encourage her to talk about her male friends. Make her feel free to discuss about her old boyfriends, sex, etc. Once you have established good communication it would be easier for you to open up completely later on.

The first inference that a woman derives out when a husband says that he wants her to fuck other men is that her husband wants to have sex with other girls or worse he already has a secret relationship going. So just don't blurt it out as you are always going to freak her out if you don't go step by step.

So never say that. Next you need to imbibe in you permanently, is to express you love verbally from time to time. You have to actually use the phrase "I love you" more often. I am sure you express your love to her but keep in mind the phrase and use it with sincerity with her on regular basis. Next keep it permanently How to get girlfriend to cuckold your mind that you have to complement her more often.

Complement her on cooking if she cookscomplement her on any decision she made and most importantly complement her on her beauty. Now here is a catch, don't tell her how beautiful, how sweet or how innocent she looks.

How to get girlfriend to cuckold

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