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I do have a core of hardened toilet slaves who have had years of training and swallow My Kaviar nearly as quickly as I can produce it, but the vast majority of people contacting Me to enquire about hardsports are complete novices. Often, they are very scared and have many questions. I thought it high time for Me to write a post dedicated to all you boys who dream of being a toilet but have many unanswered questions that leave you fearful of taking your first step. Q: I have been fantasising about being a toilet slave for years, but I have been held back by my guilt at the knowledge that it is wrong to be turned on by shit.

What should I do? A: Poo is just another bodily effusion, like sweat, spit, piss etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being turned on by it. Society desperately tries to tell us all the things that should make us feel guilty and that we should hate ourselves for, so that we can be too riddled with guilt and self-hatred to lead fulfilled lives.

It is not going to hurt anyone, and any activity that you partake in with Me will be done consensually with someone who is just as Hardsport escort london into all of this as you are. Most importantly though, I will not judge you. Enjoy it. I am giving you a Hardsport escort london space in which to do so.

Hardsport escort london

Q: Do I have to consume Your shit, Mistress? A: No you do not. Once you have paid your deposit and the session is booked, we can discuss your upcoming session in detail and you can tell Me whether you wish to be made to consume upon your first visit, or not. If you prefer to be introduced to hardsports slowly, I will happily accommodate that preference.

Q: Is eating Kaviar going to make me sick? A: Consuming hardsports is indeed a dangerous activity and should not be partaken in with just anyone. Faeces can carry disease and parasites and of course, consuming it means directly ingesting these. However, I pride Myself on My good health and never do hardsports if I am sick. Eating fresh faeces from a healthy person will not make you sick. You might retch at the time of consumption, but this will be a natural reaction of your body when faced with something that you have been conditioned to consider disgusting.

My shit will pass through your digestive tract and come out the other end, leaving you completely unharmed. Q: Will I get to see You poo? A: Some Mistresses go to the toilet before the arrival of the toilet slave then feed them Hardsport escort london shit. This can cause toilet slaves to become sceptical of the origins of the shit, and rightly so. I will sit on your face and shit directly into your mouth. Or if you prefer not to consume, I might this onto your chest or genitals.

Either way, you will be getting My poo fresh from the source. Q: Can you save up lots of shit so that I can have a feast? A: Absolutely! I own a vacuum packer and a dedicated bodily waste freezer. An extra tribute will of course be required.

Q: I am really scared of doing this, but I know that it is something I really want. Do you promise Hardsport escort london you will force me to consume even if I try to back out at the last minute? Once here, if you have ly asked to Hardsport escort london forced to consume, I will make sure that you do not leave until you have done so. Q: How will You make me consume Your Kaviar?

I have many different methods, and I adapt them to suit each toilet slave that walks through My door. It can be anything from gentle coaxing Hardsport escort london full bondage and using gags to hold the mouth open. Whatever happens though, you will not be allowed to leave My dungeon until you have consumed, if your desire was to be forced to do so. Q: I am scared that I will throw up. What if I do? We are playing with poo. Do you really think that a bit of vomit will shock Me?

I will deal with it as it comes. A: Of course you may!

Hardsport escort london

I adore the notion of men being turned on by My shit. It makes Me feel so powerful and beautiful. Q: If there anything that I should bring with me? A: It is always a good idea to bring a toothbrush, some toothpaste and some mouthwash with you. I also appreciate gifts. Q: May I worship Your arse? A: There is only one type of slave whom I allow to worship My arse, and that is the toilet slaves. I expect it from you boys. Q: May I clean you up afterwards? A: I will make you brush your teeth, and then you can clean Me up.

Q: I am a scat fetishist as opposed to a toilet slave. Do You cater to my interests? Or maybe you prefer to be forced to Hardsport escort london your pants? Not a problem. Whatever your fantasy, Me to find out if it is something that I would do. A: Yes, of course! I Hardsport escort london be happy to prepare one for you. Q: Can we film the session? You will have to be in the moment, and keep the memory in your head, just like they used to in the old days.

Q: I want to be your film slave for hardsport clips. A: I do not film hardsport clips.

Hardsport escort london

You are welcome to apply as My film slave, but it will have to be for other fetishes. Q: Can we integrate other activities into our session? Strap on is often requested in conjunction with hardsports, but you are welcome to request anything that tickles your fancy.

Q: How long does a hardsports session last? A: A purely hardsports session tends to last a little under an hour.

Hardsport escort london

If you wish to incorporate other activities, then we can look at making the session longer. If so, then feel free to contact Me to arrange a session. Mistress, I love your blog entries on hardsports. Taste your own to find out. As for what I eat affecting it, it definitely does. Both taste and texture are very much affected by My diet. I do hope you take the jump. Mistress Do you eat meat?? Thank you. Agreed, your hardsport entries are exceptional.

I will dream Hardsport escort london the day when I can serve and consume in your honor. I loved this detailed description, though I m still scared, let me get the guts, and I will be proud to even pray to your divine Shit, Hardsport escort london you ever combine a Poo session with religion Fetish your highness?

I hope rather am sure, I will soon come to beg you to let me renounce my faith for your Holy Shit, and that would be the start of new true religion for all Hardsport escort london toilets, i m based in Ascot, may be this time I can spend my day off worshipping, will you be bear London in September? I had the great honor to serve as Mistress Evilyne some weeks ago. I wanted to be used as a full for the first time in my life. I was thrilled excited and nervous at first but once being under the Mistress I felt that this should have been always my place.

Thank you so much Mistress! Am a african boy but I will make sure I eat every shit that is in you anus and clean with my tongue please I will like to serve you not for a day or for a week or month or years I will serve you forever till my last breath am from nigeria you can also contact on I will really eat your shit my heines mistress from your rozet how nice is that please awnser me and send me a foto from your beautiful assrozet. I wish I had the courage to eat your shit. Would it be possible for you to send me some of your shit so I can -nightly — accustom myself to your divine aroma?

I m looking forward to your kind respond. Dear Goddess, would a hard sports session be possible where the slave just consumes the poo and not the piss. Yes of course! I am fully aware that Kaviar and Champagne are not necessarily a couple for all toilets. Some prefer one, some prefer the other. Mistress I Hardsport escort london to be very time under u beautiful asshol and shit directly in my mouth and nose please answer me how can I?

Thank you so much for this post Mistress Evilyne! To get a better understanding of things. What to expect an how I should perform. You are of course profoundly beautiful.

Hardsport escort london

Absolutely breathtaking. You make me feel weak at the knees. Looking at the floor, biting my lip. In such anticipation. Thank you so much… you have made me feel so much better about myself. I so look forward to meeting you, serving you. And personly being able to thank you. As I love making things up to people. To be grateful.

Well i still dream about it but i never try it maeby you will my first to show me that and i will happy what do you thing? Hi Mistress, I will like to contribute my experience to the discussion. I have seen lots of your video and quite amazed at Hardsport escort london rich your poo looks. And have seen many of your video the slave barely take a mouthful.

Hardsport escort london

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