God give me hope

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God never promised us this life would be easy, but He does promise this: He is bigger than any storm we face in this world. He is with us, right in the midst of all we walk through. Our storms might look different in this life, but they all have the opportunity to change us — forever.

And God is the Only One who has the power to take what seems tragic and devastating to turn it around for good. It alone holds the ability to soothe our souls, to refresh our spirits, and cause hope to rise above the pain we might be feeling.

You remind us over and over in your Word that you are always with us. You t ell us not God give me hope fear and you draw us close into your Presence.

God give me hope

So we ask you for your words of truth and power to strengthen us in our inner being and life our hearts to you. Thank you for your goodness, thank you that you know the way we take and you have a plan. Thank you that nothing has taken you by God give me hope. You know our journey better than we know it ourselves, and you will use this time of testing for good.

Thank you Lord that you are Victorious over every trouble and obstacle. Thank you that you have overcome sin, and death, and any evil that we may face today. And because of you, we too are overcomers. We too can have victory, and we can walk strong in your peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

God give me hope

Thank you Lord that you are our Redeemer and will not waste our pain. Thank you that we can be assured all things, not some things but all, will work together for good, for those who love you and are called according to your purpose.

God give me hope

Thank you Lord that You are producing in us great endurance through the hard places. You are God give me hope spiritual muscle. Lord, thank you that our comfort abounds through Christ. Nothing in the world can bring us the comfort and peace that you alone can offer. Thank you that you understand our trials, and you care.

Through our own struggle and pain, help us to be your vessels to offer comfort and strength to others who are hurting. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ. Thank you Lord that through every weakness God give me hope hard place, your strength is displayed in our lives. But you can, through us. Your power is Mighty within us, you are our Helper and our Strength.

All things are possible through you. For when I am weak, then I am strong. Lord thank you that through this trial you are using our lives and circumstances to make a mark on this world. Draw us close to yourself. May many know of your Great Name. May they hear of your works and miracles of your faithfulness. We choose again today to fix our eyes, not on all the troubles that surround, but on you alone.

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. We praise you God, for you go before us and cover us from behind. You walk beside us and make our footsteps firm. You are our Protector and Defense. We renew our focus on You this day, and thank you advance for all that you will do. We love you, we need you, we choose to look to you today, and every day….

This article also appeared here at iBelieve. That He is with me and fighting for me in the midst of the storms I am facing. I can rest in His love and trust in His plan.

God give me hope

His plans are good. He is refining me and His glory with shine through. Thank you Lord for this wonderful and promising prayer which came at the right time. When i am so overwhelmed and going through a big storm, a big mountain ahead God give me hope me. Continue to gime strength and know that i am not walking alone i am with you by my side. It is well with my soul, heavily Father as the word says you are our Redeemer and will not waste our pain. Your response is spot on for God give me hope too. His health is failing. The pass three months have been very difficult.

Leaning on Isaiah and Romans to get me through this tough as well as a scary time. I know that God is so good. He keeps reminding me that he is with me in surprising ways. He is my anchor who keeps me still in my storm. Hi lisa,Mary here just to encourage you to keep on trusting onto the Lord because all our needs comes from Him alone, I wish you and your dad well.

Christ is still at the top table his works are to be seen every day, His love peace and joy is with us every day, It is by Faith that we live, Jesus said to Peter you are the Rock and upon this Rock I will my Church which he has. I no am going through the difficult moments of life but I no God will show mercies on my life I bless his name now and forevermore. I am going through a tough storm right now having lost my dear Mother three weeks ago and it seems that I am unable to grieve because I have anxiety that seems to be getting worse.

I pray everyday that Hod sees me through this so that I can focus on my family including my husband and our grown children and grandkids. Thank you for your encouragement. You are a blessing Debbie! I have found comfort in your words and the way you share Gods Word. Would you please tell me how I can begin to reconcile in my mind a confusing childhood and two miserable sinful decades of adulthood even though I had become a believer and was baptized at 11? I floundered at every turn and though I tried seeing Jesus in my life, He always seemed just out of my God give me hope.

No one came alongside me to mentor me. I was lost even though technically, I was found! Why those wasted hopeless years full of sin and shame when God could have provided direction?

God give me hope

One person speaking sincerely into my soul could have set me on the right path. There were many times I prayed for His help yet heard nothing, felt nothing, and the problems kept mounting around me. I experienced terrible pain inflicted on me by parents and predators and sinful men and I made the worst choices, over and over again.

I finally submitted to Jesus at 35 and rededicated myself to Him and things have gone so much better during the past 25 years though I never could understand where He had been during my earlier life. If I was His, where was He? How can I be a witness for Christ and God give me hope to admit that He may or may not show up.

Now But know God wastes nothing. He did not fail.

God give me hope

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