Fun old school songs

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When was the last time you just let your hair loose without a worry in the world? Or had the energy to pull an all-nighter? Or danced like crazy? This old school-meets-modern list will bring it back. Spanning over more than a decade, they were the orchestrators of all those crazy clubbing nights. Music can really pump you up. This collection is evidence of that. What do they have in common? Every single song featured here set new benchmarks in the music industry and gained large loyal followings across the world.

It was about the spirit. So, go down memory lane and re-party to the blockbusters you always loved. If you are planning a party, then this ultimate playlist shall come in handy. The perfect way to ring in What happens when a pop diva and a popular rapper come together? This song smashed YouTube and crossed over 1 billion views. It is still one of the best selling singles of all time. Listen to it here. Edward Maya blasted every scene with this monster hit. It played on repeat. Maya also performed it in India several times. Cheer for the most blasting band on the planet!

At the peak of fame, BEP delivered one Fun old school songs after another, till the gang owned every party scene. All were really big but this one set a new benchmark all together. It was the perfect song to get a crowd jumping and swaying to. The chorus was on every tongue, hummed for all the good times.

Flo Rida has a really impressive running in the party circuit. He just kept belting out one infectious track after another and soon developed a very loyal global following. Whistle, Right Round and Good Feeling are other winners of his crazy collection. Kesha burned the beats with his one.

The track was the absolute highlight of her singing career and flawlessly executed with a hungover video we could all relate to. It topped charts worldwide. There were totally new on the scene but owned it, and how. Like A G6 became an instant favourite with its auto-tuned hooks and sexiness overload. The beats are perfect for some groovy time.

Mellower than Fun old school songs others on the list, Get Lucky shot Daft Punk to the top of the music scene. They broke out to the masses and enjoyed wild popularity. They gave us that epic nostalgic disco style that got every foot in the room moving. This Belgian track makes no sense when you hear it first but happened to be so addictive that it started conquering international charts everywhere.

Perhaps people never even tried to find out what it means but they loved the Fun old school songs anyway. Damn, Adam Levine killed it. Everything from the opening whistle, choreography, the Christina bit - this song was perfect. No wonder it was on every list. Usher is Hollywood royalty. Yeah proved to be his biggest breakthrough though. The dancing in that video could fix two left feet. So high on energy, so damn catchy. It was totally epic, and still is. Old is gold. There are few songs even today that can get my attention like this one. It just never goes out of style; slick and sexy as always.

With him, it was gangsta shit in da club, YO. I know the track is playing in your head right now. Daddy Yankee nailed it with that opening.

Fun old school songs

And the rest of it obviously. Not a single word is in English. Not that it matters. We all got down and dirty to it way too many times to care. You go, Gaga! The pop star built an outrageously big brand when she kick-started her career. Her pitch-perfect pop hooks and positive messages created a new army of 'monsters'. She was the new queen and people knew that.

Fun old school songs

Two dudes and a robot, a team that raided the streets. It was the true party anthem. The electronic madness caught up with a whole generation, becoming No. Major Lazer is a trio including Diplo. It remains one of the best selling songs of all time. It helped that the video went crazy viral too. Everyone was singing and dancing together, just happy. That was the point right? It sure worked out well for Pharrell. It even won a Grammy. It is just so feel-good and weirdly hopeful. It even appeared in and got awesome airplay across the world.

Fun old school songs

The world held onto this one for a while. This artist struck gold with the winning single. The video with the kids on the block, going freestyle and skipping without a care in the world was cool.

Fun old school songs

The audio elevated the energy of the audio. It told listeners to keep rising up no matter what. It was inspiring. Avicii totally spearheaded the EDM wave and took it his own direction with a string of blockbusters. He became a name to reckon with and artists lined up to collaborate with the young DJ. Wake Me Up is one of those absurdly addictive tracks. Even though surrounded by controversy, Blurred Lines was an unexpectedly big surprise hit. It was simply all over. Robin Thicke caught attention as the new boy on the scene with his Fun old school songs croons.

Pharrell produced the track, making him an even bigger name to reckon with. This was the debut by Soulja Boy Tell'em - a self-released debut on the Internet. Have you ever seen a kid make it that big in the first go? Apart from Biebs. Remember how the special Soulja Boy dance was the shit? Billboard named it as one of the most successful songs of the last decade, rightfully so. Mims sure did burn the charts with that sick rap and smooth background score. It was just so badass.

We all got down to it. There was a mischievous charm about it. The Fun old school songs production made it all the more better. Sean Paul stirred up the storm with his amazing work. Critics cheered it on as well. This dynamic trio took to the stage and gave the rest of the EDM industry a run for its money. This was undeniably their patent topper at any concert. In fact, when the band announced their decision to split, the song got even more hype than the time of release.

The multi-lingual part boosted their world presence and helped them sound different. Their albums are bang on party bestsellers. It echoed in clubs till the wee hours of the morning on popular demand. He has been the No. This song is one of them. Summer overtook every season of the year and kept going strong. It won many awards and got fellow artists scrambling to make covers. A guy singing about being broke and heading to the thrift shop for some cheap swag? Oh yeah, bring it on! Macklemore really got it right with this super original, super fresh creation.

It sold like magic. Damn, this song really took Shakira to the ultimate epitome of Fun old school songs stardom. It is one of the best selling songs of the 21st century. Shaggy, boys and girls! This is probably one of the craziest hits of all time. It was all about the dancing. The video was quite a raunchy one, done on a super grand scale. So just jiggle from the ceiling to the floor. Everyone give it up for pop royalty. Britney started a whole new wave of pop culture and dance-centric creativity.

Fun old school songs

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