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The Mobile advertising industry landscape consists of two major parts — Supply, that is presented by publishers and a SSP stands for Supply Side Platform that aggregates mobile inventory across hundreds of thousands of publishers and Demand, that is presented by a DSP stands for Demand Side Platform that allows advertisers to place mobile in publishers desktop or mobile inventory. A Mobile Ad Network function is to serve a middle point between these two ends of the value chain, moving inventory across both supply and demand, either directly or via reselling or re-broking of inventory.

Free mobile ads some occasions, companies register with an ad network as both advertiser and publisher. Such double registration allows these companies to traffic it generates as a publisher to cover fees it needs to pay for traffic it acquires as an advertiser. The pioneer in the mobile ad networks space was AdMobthat really took off after its acquisition in by Google, Inc.

Over the course of more than 10 years since, the advertising networks space has grown with a small of top tier Free mobile ads have been controlling the market.

Free mobile ads

The paramount advantage that allows these companies to occupy the top tier of the mobile ad market is how much data they can accumulate on their registered users and leverage this data for ad campaigns precise targeting. Now, the recent newcomers Reddit and TikTok present an interesting case. The former has one of the most diverse online communities on the planet to reach and monetize and the latter is the brand new China-based social media that Free mobile ads like no other US counterpart.

Both are worth of advertisers attention as an alternatives or extra options to Facebook and Google. The next tier, that has survived competition with aforementioned companies and continues to compete for mobile advertisers budgets, consists of ApplovinUnityironSource and Vungle. Compared with the Google and Facebook duopoly, these four have much less data points for a mobile user profile and therefore can not target mobile as precise as the top tier companies.

To partly negate this limitation and help advertisers achieve their goals, these companies provide managers to handle low-level ad campaigns management. One of the most profound shifts in the mobile ad industry is that mobile apps have become the major inventory for to be displayed in, replacing traditional mobile web.

This shift has even coined a new term — in app advertising. There is a simple reason behind this transition — multiple Free mobile ads demonstrate that people spend most of the time with mobile devices, using apps, not browsing web sites as they used to. With the of mobile apps that continues to increase exponentially, mobile in app advertisements have a potential to replace mobile web completely.

Today all highest paying mobile ad networks are laser focused on mobile as the fastest growing digital advertising sector.

Free mobile ads

As mobile advertising industry continues to grow, it becomes more and more apparent that moving all operations into programmatic area is the only way to go. This is how you can accommodate greater and greater advertising volumes, allow ever increasing of advertisers to manage their ad campaigns efficiently and mobile publishers to maximize their inventory monetization. Continue the trend on advertising automation, Artificial Intelligence algorithms are praised as the way to tackle multiple challenges that digital advertising faces.

In fact, AI is the technology that many industries embrace to handle big data volumes to search for patterns and valuable insights to increase its efficiency. For mobile advertising it is also a brand new way to better fight off mobile ad fraud. There are two kinds of digital ad fraud — technical and compliance one. The first one covers all sorts of technical ways to trick ad network into considering fake advertising events as genuine ones and the second covers multiple tactics to break the rules established on a specific advertising platform.

Examples of technical fraud are ad stacking, attribution fraud, faked postbacks. The compliance fraud has to do with viewability, cases of placing in areas it rarely can be seen but still reported Free mobile ads seen, tricking users into clicking onre-brokering ad offers from one publisher to another and more. All mobile ad networks provide users Free mobile ads several types of business models to run ad campaigns with.

If they have a stable predictable traffic, it allows publishers to forecast their revenue. The down side is that they may loose some extra revenue, if their app or website audience is really interested in a product or service they advertise. For that case CPC model would allow them to make more money.

With CPC cost-per-click model an advertiser is charged for each click made on her or his mobile. This model works better for advertisers, because it allows them to pay only for instances when an interest to their product or service is explicit their were Free mobile ads and, as mentioned above, in some cases may work for publishers as well.

For a publisher this model always presents a certain risk of him serving lots of ad impressions for free.

Free mobile ads

CPI cost-per-instal model implies that advertisers are charged only when a click on their resulted into an actual mobile app install. Cost-per-install price has become one of the most important metrics for mobile app marketers to measure and keep track of, because essentially it represents a price they pay to acquire customers and hence it should be factor into ROI calculations. CPA cost-per-action type is more advanced version of CPI, when an advertiser is charged for specific action in-app sale, subscription, form submit, up and more users take inside an app that is advertised on a mobile ad network.

This type of a business model presents more opportunities for publishers to monetize their inventory on one hand and more options for advertisers to grow their business on the other. And finally CPV cost-per-view type is applicable to mobile ad networks that provide advertisers with video ad campaigns. With this model, advertisers are charged for each instance their Free mobile ads mobile ad was viewed. With the current pace of a video advertising growth, this model becomes more and more popular. There are 5 major formats supported by top mobile ad Free mobile ads — interstitialbannernativevideo and offer wall.

A full screen that cover the interface of their host application. It is an ad unit within a mobile app that provides end users with lots of offers to engage with. The most frequent use case is mobile games, where offerwalls may either advertise third party games or a series of games from the same game developer. Video consist of a short, usually up-to 60 seconds, video clip to advertise products and services. This mobile ad format is most often used within media apps. There are two major types of video — in-stream and out-stream.

Free mobile ads

With in-stream type, video are displayed full-screen before, after and within video content that is streamed inside an app. With out-stream type video are displayed on a webdisplayed inside a mobile app. An advertising campaign performance data reporting is one of the key components that is crucial for its success.

This information is provided by mobile ad networks to advertisers via an online dashboard. It includes data on such parameters of performance as of impressions, clicks, installs, video ad views, platform, country, ad format and so on. There are of parameters that allow to narrow down a mobile ad campaign reach to a specific audience.

These parameters are called targeting options, there are a of such options but the majors are the following:. It allows to narrow down an ad campaign within a specific country or region. It enables mobile marketers to advertise a product or service that is relevant only within a specific region. It allows to show on specific models of mobile devices only. This type of targeting lets advertisers to display on devices with a specific screen size and other hardware requirements, which allows to avoid a mobile ad experience degradation.

It presents advertisers an opportunity to display to mobile users, those mobile carrier provides a better mobile al reception in a specific area. It gives advertisers a benefit of displaying to mobile users on devices Free mobile ads are best to display those software wise. This option allows to narrow down an ad campaign to mobile users of a particular gender. Naturally, just like with any kind of advertising such targeting is aimed to market goods specifically to females and males. One of the best sources to check a particular mobile ad network performance is the AppsFlyer semi-annual Performance Index.

Below you can see the snippet from the H1, edition and it covers media sources performance for both gaming and non-gaming apps for iOS and Android operating system. In the table, Volume Ranking based on the total of non-fraudulent installs each was attributed for, Power Ranking based on the normalized and combined of non-fraudulent installs, the of apps running with each media source and the weighted retention score.

Another company that provides data to measure mobile ad networks performance is Singular — the mobile marketing Free mobile ads platform that issued earlier this year the Singular ROI Index. The index factors in a of metrics, such as mobile user retention, revenue per install and what is the most important — the cost to drive app users engagement.

To compile this list we researched the major players in the mobile advertising field, included companies that offer the wide range of ad formats and targeting options, as well as robust statistics and good technical support. Founded inAdColony was created by mobile developers, for mobile developers and has grown into one of the largest mobile advertising and monetization platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.

AdAction is a full-service ad platform that connects mobile marketers to high-intent users worldwide. AdAction is the leading full-service ad platform that delivers quality at volume with real-time, data-driven technology to optimize acquisition campaigns and drive maximum engagement. Develop your advertising with the global self-serve performance ad platform. Rich traffic quality is verified by core which blocks any bot or other fraudulent traffic. Compass - is a global ad network that offers mutually beneficial cooperation for webmasters, advertisers, media buyers and ad networks. Having Free mobile ads own Ad Exchange and Self-Serve Platform, we are able to provide all our partners multiple options to collaborate.

We Are RevX Made for growth, built for app marketers. RevX helps app businesses acquire and re-engage users via programmatic advertising to retain and accelerate revenue. We help you build sound mobile strategies, combining programmatic UA, app re-engagement, and performance branding to drive real and verifiable so you can scale your business: with real users, high retention, and incremental revenue. AdPushup is a leading revenue optimization platform and Google Certified Publishing Partner GCPP that helps independent web publishers, media organizations, and e-commerce platforms accelerate their growth Free mobile ads ad layout optimization, Free mobile ads bidding, innovative ad formats, smart ad refresh, ad mediation, adblock recovery.

Free mobile ads

Hitapps focuses on your success as a whole. InMobi offers advertisers to reach over 1,5 billion mobile users across more than 32, mobile properties to choose from. With InMobile mobile ad network, advertisers can launch brand engagement, user acquisition or remarking ad campaigns. Free mobile ads of a mobile rich media company Sprout allows InMobi to offer premium mobile as well as a huge volume of other inventory. Advertisers include leading brands such as Ford and Levis.

Free mobile ads

We are specialists in Mobile Content Offers for 15 years and we have experience on both side of mVAS market: we have been a content provider in the CIS countries since and in we have became a global mobile performance network. We have created the biggest ecosystem of mobile traffic monetization for mVAS market all over the world. One of the unique features it offers in terms of inventory for advertisers is an access to 40 million plus Sony Xperia smartphone users, as well as own App Discovery that features the best mobile apps for users to discover.

A light full-stack ad monetization solution that puts app publishers first — the way it should be. Mobile ad planning, execution and analysis are complicated for startups because they cannot reach all available app marketing tools. App Samurai makes it easy for them without requiring in-depth mobile advertising knowledge! Thanks to App Samurai, you can easily create, manage, and measure acquisition campaigns, boost campaigns, and video campaigns to acquire qualified users. Our team manages programmatic budgets from dozens of established and rising brands across multiple verticals, but specializing in the FinTech space.

With native, high-performing ad formats — TilesNotificationsUniversalunique media placements and customization opportunities, the platform is empowering brands to achieve their advertising KPIs such as sales, app downlo, website visits and user engagement. VEVE also has its proprietary reporting dashboard to access deep data insights to optimize conversions and user engagement.

Smarty DSP is a programmatic-buying platform for advertisers who search for safe, supreme-quality push traffic that converts in higher ROI, instant user engagement and retention. The platform stands out from its competitors by offering a complete package for advertising and monetization alike! Adcash Free mobile ads a worldwide audience, protects the users from ad Free mobile ads and thus provides real traffic while optimizing the campaigns to deliver the best possible. That way advertisers can reach their audience and get a high ROI while publishers can boost their ad revenue.

We help mobile advertising platforms and companies to reach new customers, generate sales le and build their brands. To get your service listed in our directories and promoted acrossblog, and social media start an advertising campaign with us. You can opt out anytime. Home Mobile Ad Network. Drive Your App Installs: Free mobile ads 1.

Launch Your Campaign. Featured Mobile Ad Networks. Bidease 1 DSP for mobile app marketers. AdPushup Ad Revenue Optimization. Hitapps Complex digital advertising solutions that drive. Kevel Build a custom ad server in just weeks.

Free mobile ads

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