Forced bi free

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Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models Forced bi free at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Story Tags Portal forced bi. Active tags. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Erin Ch. More than Full Toilet Training A male submissive who gets more than he bargained for. Carnal Crimes Pt. The Mistress and Her Sub Pt. Prissy's Pre-Dick-Ament Prissy was only supposed to be a fluffer. A Filthy Exhibition Pt. Light scat warning.

Forced bi free

She Deserves It Forced bi free. Super Bowl Funday These women prefer to watch a male sub go long. Panties on my Pillow Further adventures of Brandi "making me" do degrading things. Fred Becomes a Cuckold An ugly divorce redefines Fred's life. Cock Sucking Cuckold My wife takes me into the world of a submissive cocksucker. Prissy's Couple Sex Cuckold Forced bi free is forced bi. My Ex is Blackmailing Me Pt. BFF Ch. BFF My female best friend begins to teach me to love cock. My Lady's Holy Trinity He felt a primal need to submit. His mistress would make him. Team Dub A girlfriend widens her boyfriend's horizons and his hole.

Maggie's Halloween Adventure Maggie's nemesis sets her up at a Halloween party. Servile Devotion A masochist devoted to his cheating wife-mistress. Internal, Forced bi free Mandated, Punishment Boss discovers my secret hobby and isn't pleased. Letter From Scranton Hubie marries a girl with a plan!

My Cuckold Story Pt. Slut Soiree Halloween double domme session puts slave through his paces. Sweet and Wicked Ch. Delving into Femdom Ch. Letter from Marietta A Domwife is feared when she's angry! She Found Out His wife finds his gay porn and encourages him to take cock. Mike's Submission Mike was in over his head and was about to find out how far. A Hot Summer's Day Pt. Caught Ch. Alex and Nate Pt. Punishment Fits The Crime Pt. Caught Relaxing Pt. Journey into Feminization Ch. Not What We Planned Ch. Mandingo Row Ch. Mistress Bree gets her way Crossdressers in Lust and bondage.

My daughter's cuckold Ch. Letter from Smucker Landing The Cuckquean is the submissive, but is she really? The Assessment Women rule the country, men's orgasms are controlled. Letter from Frog's Neck Sonny learns not to tell his wife about Dad's punishments! Tara's Training Ch. The Plutocrat of Buttermilk Falls Brye learns that sub hubbies have it good! Shopping and Sucking Debbie takes Matt shopping and he meets a dominant Shemale.

Letter from Folkenberg How to get hubby to blow his best friend. Living with Auntie Auntie knows how to handle these things. Surprise Guest A sub gets more than he bargained for from his Domme. Truth and Beauty in Buttermilk Falls Sammy's new neighbor had his damn key! Trip to LA Pt. Lascivious Lecture Hall Mistress Typhoon's talk sparks a fascinated audience! The New Arrangement When your wife has plans for you Keith's Caught in a Costume Pt. My Neighbor Husband is a Jerk Pt.

Mistress Colt Poor Steppy gets stomped! Experimenting with Becky Day 02 Becky and I meet a couple of guys on a nudist beach. The Hostess Angel can give one evil party!

Forced bi free

Head Shrinking - Big, or Little? She counsels chaste husbands and their evil wives! Jimmy's Dilemma Ch. Maggie's Pizza Delivery Job Maggie gets a pizza delivery job, things go unexpected.

Forced bi free

Grish, Sheri, and Mother Mother has been helping Grish's romance since the beginning! Roxanne's Reading His writing has gotten a fabulous fan! Letter from Wichita Pax decided he had to travel to meet the Domme of his dreams.

Forced bi free

Letter from Grimalkin Canals His new wife grew up in a femdom family! Isaac Moves in New Circles Isaac's learning to select good people! Letter from Grosse Pointe A unique anti-smoking cure! Letter from Thomas Circle Spurs and her Sjambok require a man's attention! Making of a Sissy Whore Ch. Letter from Radburn River You can never trust a sorority blonde It's Just Dinner Honey Wife tricks husband into inviting her ex bf to dinner.

Letter from Collimore Plains Office hours don't quite go his way! Letter from Thistledown Tuft His little sis and her electrical play did alleviate boredom. Letter from Great Cudworth His rival Forced bi free has returned! She's a Thorough Masochist! Dommed by her husband and angry roller derby lezzies! Letter from Wieland Cove He is not allowed to have Forced bi free.

Letter from Montgomery He finds to be more of a man you have to be less of one! Bound for Glory Harlene begged to be a cuckquean in the best of ways! Letter from East Hesburgh Wilkie married a dominant girl with a little bit extra!

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Forced bi free

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Forced bi free

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