First time dick sucking stories

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I experienced sucking cock for the first time on a business trip, and developed a taste for it. There is a sad fact of life that some men discover as they age into their late forties and fifties; some of the wives, who First time dick sucking stories been good and accommodating lovers from before marriage and until their late forties, lose interest in having sex.

Sometimes this is caused by hormonal changes resulting from menopause, or it could be that they have simply tired of the ritual and no longer enjoy it. I found myself in a similar situation at the time I turned forty-eight years old when my wife, Kendra, was forty-seven. In my case, I started going to porn sites and began viewing photos and short video clips of heterosexual sex, before discovering the cuckold genre. I have a small, four-inch dick, and became immersed in the stories, almost as if it was my wife fucking other men. I still loved Kendra, and I was just looking for sexual relief in the safest way possible.

Maybe that was because of my small dick, but I was deriving First time dick sucking stories sensual pleasure in reading those stories, and imagining myself as a submissive, cock sucking husband, who gets off on sucking those First time dick sucking stories cocks that are described so well that I could almost taste them.

To me, it was just about the sexual relief I thought I could get by providing oral service to other men. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but I was seeking the emotional pleasure of sucking other men. I call that the post-orgasm blues, and I think it happens to some men due to changing hormone levels after orgasm. My name is Ed, and I was in a quandary as to how I was going to find a man who would let me suck his cock.

You would think that would be easy, but I found out later that it is harder than you think if you want a controlled and safe situation. After thinking more about it, I realized that if I was willing to have sex with a stranger, I could use my frequent travel as First time dick sucking stories opportunity to find men when I'm out of town. I learned in the chat rooms on some of the cuckold sites that men sometimes use websites such as Craigslist to contact other men for sex.

I started looking at the Craigslist postings every time I had the opportunity and realized that it was mostly younger men who were active on the site and looking for hookups with other young men. And many of them seemed to be more gay than bisexual, and looking for romance, hugging, and kissing in addition to anal sex. In my mind, it would be safer for me to be with mature married men who would have as much to lose as I would from being caught in the act or catching any diseases.

And I wanted them to be more-dominant types who would just want to use my mouth without providing anything in return. After having developed that initial profile of the type of men I wanted to approach, I was ready to try using Craigslist on my next business trip. My normal routine is to spend Monday mornings in the office, and then fly out that afternoon to the city on my schedule.

Then I spend Tuesday through Thursday, and sometimes Friday morning, visiting clients, returning to the office either Thursday night or Friday afternoon. My next trip was to Salt Lake City, and I arrived at my hotel near the airport late in the afternoon on Monday. I had a quick dinner in the hotel and headed back to my room at around pm, excited and anxious to look for First time dick sucking stories on Craigslist.

I logged onto the Salt Lake City location and began looking for someone to contact. I looked at literally hundreds of postings over the next three hours and was frustrated that none of them met my criteria. There were a couple of dozen postings from older, married men, but they were either gay, or wanted to do things that I'm not comfortable with.

I finally figured out how to use the filter, so I could screen the listings for men between forty-five and seventy years of age. I did enjoy looking at all the cock and ball pictures, though, and ended up jacking off and going to bed at around pm. It was hard to concentrate on my sales calls on Tuesday, thinking about trying again that night. On the way back to the hotel, after picking up dinner in the city, it occurred to me that I might be better off posting an ad of my own, specifying what I desired.

I'm six feet tall and weigh one hundred and eighty-five pounds, safe, sane, and disease and drug-free. Not into any huggy, kissy or anal activities and just want to suck your cock and balls and taste and swallow your cum. I'm just looking for that married man who isn't getting what he needs at home and wants to cum into my warm, sucking mouth.

I am out of town on business and staying at the xxxxx Hotel near the airport, and anxious for my first experience. My hands were shaking as I went through the steps to post my listing, and then responded to the confirming to execute the post in the Casual Encounters — M4M section. I kept refreshing my browser, waiting for it to be published, and it appeared about ten minutes later. My heart was racing as I read my own posting, comprehending that I had really advertised on a public website to find a cock to suck.

I waited another fifteen minutes before I got a response from the site. I could damn sure use a blowjob tonight. Would you mind telling me how active you've been with men, and whether or not you have any diseases? I have a wimpy-ass neighbor at home who sucks my cock, and this is the first time I have considered meeting with a stranger.

That was just what I wanted to hear because I had decided ahead of time that I would not meet with any men who had participated in anal sex. I just felt that made the risk of catching diseases higher. You can take your time with my meat and I hope to give you a good first experience. I can teach you some other things as well. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair, feeling a little silly at grooming myself to meet another man to suck his cock. Then I walked down the stairs to his floor, and nervously knocked on his door.

Ron opened the door, and I was surprised to see a rather unattractive, bald, overweight, hairy man, about five feet and eight inches tall, wearing only his boxer underwear. It was embarrassing facing a man like that, knowing that I had agreed to be his cock-sucker. He walked to his disheveled bed and pulled off his boxers as he lay back with his bulky thighs spread. Then he gripped his big, low-hanging balls and thick, soft cock in one hand and shook them at me. You said that you wanted to try this, and I damn sure need my balls drained.

First time dick sucking stories

Get on up here between my legs and get a taste of my cock. I moved onto the bed between his legs, and my senses were flooded with the musky and sweaty smell of his very hairy crotch. His soft cock was about five inches long with precum covering most of the head. I hesitantly took his soft cock into my hand and was thrilled by how thick and heavy it felt, especially when compared with my thin little dick.

It was also damp, from the precum and him jacking himself, and when I took the spongy cock head into my mouth, I tasted his precum.

First time dick sucking stories

I had read enough stories to know how to get started, and I began to suck and tongue his thick cock. Keep sucking and take more into your mouth. His cock was then at its full eight inches long, and I was taking most of it into my mouth and throat. I loved the feeling of being held captive by his legs, as he fucked his cock into my mouth. It only took a few minutes before he reached down and held my head firmly on his cock.

It tasted salty and just a little bitter, and I loved the taste as I swallowed repeatedly. I especially loved the way his cock flexed and expanded with each pulse of his cock juice. You swallowed my meat and cum like a pro. Now get on down there and suck my balls for me while I churn up another load for you.

His balls were hairy and the size of small lemons, and the musky and sweaty aroma was even stronger from having my face right in his crotch. I sucked first one and then the other testicle into my mouth, and I loved the texture of his balls and scrotum. After a few minutes sucking him that way, Ron pulled his legs back and tilted his hips up, exposing his perineum.

It might be easier for you if I turn over. First time dick sucking stories rolled over onto his side, and then leaned farther over, half way onto his belly. Then he pulled his right leg up towards his chest, which exposed his balls, perineum, and ass. I moved in behind him, with my lower body sideways, First time dick sucking stories it would be more comfortable to access him.

It was kind of like a sideways sixty-nine, except that my front was facing his back. I first started sucking his balls again, and then slowly moved back to his long, bulging, and hairy perineum. I knew from reading that the perineum is a sensitive erogenous zone on men, and I began sucking him there and going back and forth to his balls.

In that position, my chin was rubbing into his fat, hairy, sweaty ass crack as I sucked and licked the back end of his perineum. I knew from the stories that some of the cuckold men sucked the asses of the studs fucking their wives, and called it rimming. I had never thought about doing that, but I found that as I got more and more turned on by the things I was doing to Ron, and his strong musky odor, I was tempted to try it. And I also reasoned that Ron likely chose that exposed position to entice me. I kept moving farther back as I sucked his perineum until my chin was buried between his fat ass cheeks as I licked the juncture of his perineum and ass.

I moved back a little farther until my tongue was licking in his ass crack, and it felt like it grazed his wrinkled sphincter. I was hoping you would get the hint if I got you sucking behind First time dick sucking stories balls. Ron was squirming and pressing his ass back against me, relishing the feeling of being sucked that way. In the position I was in, hugging his hips and sucking his ass from behind, I was humping the bed. I almost gave myself an orgasm but stopped just before I did. I knew that if I ejaculated I would lose interest, and not be able to continue, at least for an hour or two.

But fuck, man, you First time dick sucking stories chowing down on my ass like it was a wet pussy. I was sorry to stop you since you were still going strong, but I need to cum again. Then you can suck my balls and ass all fucking night if you want to. Ron got over me in the sixty-nine position, although I knew that he had no intention of sucking me.

He pressed his hardening cock to my mouth and started fucking me like a pussy. His big belly was pressed against my throat and chest, and I loved the feeling of being pinned under him that way. It took him about twenty minutes to cum that second time, and it was amazing taking his cock cream that way and swallowing it all down. Afterward, I stayed in his room for another hour, sucking his First time dick sucking stories, balls, and ass.

But maybe you can get up early and drain my balls for me before I leave. We should keep in touch too, since I travel a lot and get to both Salt Lake City and Omaha three or four times a year. I was on cloud nine all day at work on Wednesday, reliving in my mind all the things I did with Ron.

I had brief moments where I felt guilt, shame, and disgust, but overall, I was very happy that I'd had my first experience with a man like him. I really loved sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. I went back to my room that night and modified my Craigslist posting to include comments about wanting to suck balls and rim an ass, as well as sucking cock.

I even called myself a cumpig because of my newfound taste for cum. I got a response from a man, named Marty, who said that he's a truck driver parked at a truck stop, not that far from the airport. I had not ly thought about having sex with men of other ethnicities, and his response was very titillating. Please send me the name of the truck stop and where you're parked, so I can look it up. Marty replied with his location, and it only took me twenty minutes to get ready and drive there. I parked in front of the restaurant and walked down the rows of idling trucks until I found his.

I saw several men in other trucks, and they smiled at me, probably knowing what I was there for. Marty jumped out of the cab to greet me, and I saw that he was wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt and is about five feet and nine inches tall and of a normal build.

First time dick sucking stories

I was impressed with his soft, brown, six-inch, uncircumcised cock. His foreskin is thick and was oozing with precum and his egg-sized balls were hanging low in his hairy, brown scrotum. He straddled my head, facing my feet, as I lay back, and I liked the strong, musky smell of his crotch. He then pressed his hairy balls to my mouth, and I began sucking them alternately as I licked and sucked his sweaty nut sack. After sucking him that way for just a few minutes, he began moving back and forth, fucking my face with his balls and perineum, as I kept sucking and licking him.

Then, in one quick movement, he slid farther forward and sat down, burying my face between his ass cheeks. As soon as my tongue touched his asshole, he started squirming and rotating his ass on me, and I began pushing my tongue into his hole. He leaned back on the bed and watched as I got on my knees and took his thick, nine-inch cock into my mouth. I loved the taste and texture of his thick, rubbery foreskin and precum, and I pushed my First time dick sucking stories into the foreskin and swirled it around his big, cheesy cock head.

I sucked and licked that thick cock, making loud slurping noises. In the position I was in, I was leaning down and hugging his waist, to hold him tightly against me as he swiveled his hips, fucking that big Latino cock into my mouth. I was surprised that he lasted so long, and in about fifteen minutes his big, throbbing cock filled my mouth with multiple squirts of thick cum. I swallowed and swallowed and kept sucking for more as his big cock softened in my mouth.

It seemed that Marty was good for only one ejaculation, and he lost interest right after I drained his balls into my mouth. We did talk for a few minutes, though, and I gave him my business card, so he could contact me on his trips through Omaha, which he made about once a month. I went back to my hotel, and I was glad that I had the chance to suck a Latino man. I know that a cock is a cock, but the taste seemed a little different, and it was somehow more degrading to suck a brown, Latino cock, and swallow his juices. I was determined to find a black man to suck and thought that might not be too hard since the population of Omaha is about fourteen percent black.

That additional humiliation of sucking the cocks of men of color First time dick sucking stories feeding into my arousal and joy at servicing those men sexually.

First time dick sucking stories

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