Finding girls Volga

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Right at the beginning of your adventure in the Volga, you will come across a mother traveling with her daughter. The girl will ask you to find her a teddy bear. Check this to learn where you can find the toy. The teddy bear is in the southeast part of the map. However, these terrains are highly radioactive. Don't go there if your gas mask is damaged.

To get the Finding girls Volga bear, you will need to get on top of destroyed buildings. Demons' lair is on one of them. The toy is right in front of it. Approach the lair. If the enemies are still here, be careful.

Finding girls Volga

If they catch you, they will throw Artyom off of the building, killing you instantly. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Metro Exodus Guide. Game guide. How to find a teddy bear for the girl? Table of Contents.

Going through tunnels Celebrating the New Year Going after the map and blind monsters. Secrets and trophies. Diary s Trophies achievements. Metro Exodus: Sam's Story. How to get the good ending? Harmonica melodies Diary notes Night Stashes. Starting tips Characters Mutants Factions How to obtain resources? Weapons and combat. Weapons basics Types of weapons in Metro Exodus How to get ammo? How to clean weapons? How to get gas mask filters? How do I get upgrades for armor, helmet and gas mask? Will Artyom die in Metro Exodus? How do the morality system work? How to make everyone survive?

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How to find the battery charge controller? Achievements Finding girls Volga trophies. List of all achievements trophies The Angler Trophy. How long is the game? Epic Games Store, Steam and preorders System requirements. All missions and objectives list Moscow. Winter - Aurora. Visiting the bunker. Spring - Aurora.

Finding girls Volga

The Caspian Sea. Summer - Aurora. First contact with the locals Pioneers' village Bandits' camp and cemetery Stealing a boat and the Admiral The path to the dam and Alyosha. Fall - Aurora. Dead City.

Finding girls Volga

Way to the Metro Walk through the metro Kirill and expedition for medicine The boat crossing Hallucinations and blind beasts. Side Missions. Volga The Caspian Sea. Maps, collectibles and upgrades. Diaries and postcards. Equipment Upgrades and Point of interest.

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Finding girls Volga Finding girls Volga

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