Dfd for chat application

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Views Downlo 21 File size 2MB. Why Voice chat? From that time and on we started wondering if we can participate in that technology and how? The idea of creating a chat server was initiated and it has two dimensions, one to have an experience in network programming and the other is to let people conduct meetings with others in different locations. Such that it crosses time zones, can reach many people, and reduce the paper flood. General Overview As a matter of fact there are several varieties of chatting.

The simplest computer chatting is a method of sending, receiving, and storing typed messages with a network of users. And other one is through the voice or vocal. Every time the client wants to chat he runs the client application, enter his user name, host name where the server application is running, and hits the connect button and start chatting.

Messages may be broadcasted to all receivers recipients are automatically notified of incoming messages and they can directly talk with other and this voice is broadcasted to all, here during this operation all messages are encrypted at the sender side and decrypted at the recipient to disallow any hackers to the server from reading these messages. For this system to be physically realized you should be familiar with programming and networking. This is a first glance at our senior project and the rest of explanations and ideas are eagerly waiting for you in the next chapters.

In the next few sections we are going to explain how these applications works and how they are synchronized with each other. It matches this control to the group of commands it has. Else if the string does not begin with any command, then it is a normal string and therefore it should be broadcasted to other connected users to be displayed in their public window. In fact there are many controls in both server and client where each has its own job and some of these controls are common between both server and client.

Table 1. Client The role of the client is to interface with the user, translate requested operations, and interact with the server. It is essential for the client to have a GUI, to act as an interface for the user. To get connected to server you just enter a username, the host name you want to connect to, and finally hit the connect button, Dfd for chat application then enter username.

Voice communications, between clients are direct, with the server interference. Text communications should also be possible. Voice communications should occur in real-time. All voice communications occurs using the UDP Dfd for chat application.

Sound quality is maintained be at least samples per second, bit sample size and 1 channel. In case of the client, these steps are followed: 1. Create a socket 2. Specify the address and service port of the server program 3. Establish the connection with the server 4. Send and receive Text massage 5. Send and receive encoded voice. Decoded and play Dfd for chat application sound obtained from the server. Record the sound, encode it and send. Close the socket when finished, Dfd for chat application the conversation.

Server Till now it is clear that the server application has dual job, one to receive data and another to transmit data. It plays an important role during the voice chatting as well. The role of the server is to coordinates all the activities of the clients in such a way that the clients interact as fast and as possible. The Server is implementing a minimal GUI to give feedback on client activities. The server will accept connections from multiple clients, but multi-threading is not necessary.

With voice calls, the server's only role is to check and see if the requested user is still active, and then to initiate the session and then take the sound data from client and broadcast it. The server side would follow these steps: 1. Listen for incoming connections from clients 3. Accept the client connection 4.

Dfd for chat application

Send and receive text massage and the command string 5. Send and receive the voice data. Display the list of various users connected and there current status. Close the socket when finished, terminating the conversation 4 1. Transferring the voice: When user connected with proper host name and portthen user can talk with other user privately if only two users are present or can conference with the other member. Users just have to click on talk button when he wants to talk. When we click on talk then the connection is open with microphone and recording is start. As well as the playback of the received sound is also starts.

Client notifies the server that user is talking and server notifies the other client the same using command string and nick name. For stopping the talking, same process is done Dfd for chat application with different control command. Once transferring of voice is taking place admin can mute and un-mute the client.

Dfd for chat application

Encoding and compression of voice is done at sending client side and decoding and decompression is done at receiver side only. For compression we are using speex technique. Requirement analysis is a software engineering task that bridges the gap between system level requirements engineering and software de. The following section presents the detailed requirement analysis of our project. To use existing computer network: The system has a capability to use existing computer network for voice and text communication.

Reliable communication: To provide more reliable communication through text chat at the same time voice communication between Dfd for chat application. Portable application: Robust application is needed which portably used for voice and text communication for diverse computer network.

Dfd for chat application

Distance Communication: Application needed Dfd for chat application long distance communication through network such as Internet. Important outcome of the Preliminary investigation is determination of whether the system is feasible or not. System helps in interaction with user while determining various requirements. It is user-friendly with appropriate error messages to help. One can easily work with the new system. In this way, the system is operationally feasible. The cost overhe include Software cost, Hardware cost, operating cost etc.

This will save time in decision making. As the project is built on the platform which is regularly used by everyone, so there is no need to spend more amount of money on it. Considering all the benefits, the value of the proposed system outweigh the cost of development of the system.

Hence it is economical. The system is technically feasible, as software and hardware are both easy available by performing proper installation. User friendly features added to improve the performance of the system. Java was deed to be easy for professional programmer to learn and use efficiently. Java can be used to create two types of programs-applications and applets. An output of a Java compiler is not executable code. Rather, it is a byte code. Byte code is a highly optimized set of instruction that is deed to be executing by the Java Run-time system, which is called the java virtual machine.

Translating a java program into bytecode helps makes it much easier to run a program in Dfd for chat application wide variety of environments. Because the execution of every java program is under the control of JVM, the JVM can contain program and prevent it from generating side effects outside of the system. The use of bytecode enables the java run-time system to execute programs much faster.

Java achieves the protection by confining a java program to the java execution environment and not allowing it to places extraordinary Dfd for chat application on abecause the programs must execute reliably in a variety of system. The hard-to-track-down bugs are simply impossible to create in Java.

Java was deed to meet the real-world requirement of creating interactive, networked s. To accomplish this, Java supports multithreading programming, which allows you to write s that perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Java programs carry with them substantial amount of run-time type information that is used to verify and resolve accesses to objects at run time. This makes is possible to dynamically link code in a safe and expedient manner.

Access to other parts of the computer. Java programs can be dynamically downloaded to all the various types of platform. Thus, it is portable. It is a strictly typed language; it checks your code at compile time. However, it also checks your code at run time.

Thus the ability to create robust program was given high priority in the de of java.

Dfd for chat application

The multi-platform environment of the web 2. From a human perspective, sound is the sensation that we experience when pressure waves impinge upon the small parts contained within our ears. Normally, this is the result of pressure waves being transmitted in air. However, sound pressure waves are Dfd for chat application limited to air. For example, if you are an underwater swimmer, sound pressure waves may reach your ear by way of water. What does Sun have to say about the API? It provides explicit control over the capabilities commonly required for audio input and output in a framework that promotes extensibility and flexibility.

Dfd for chat application

It provides a high degree of control over audio-specific functionality. It does not include sophisticated sound editors and GUI tools; rather, it provides a set of capabilities upon which such applications can be built. It emphasizes low-level control beyond that commonly expected by the end user, who benefits from higher-level interfaces built on top of Java Sound.

This will be the primary topic of the first several lessons in this conversation. Sampled audio data is a special case of sampled data in general. For sampled audio data, a series of digital numeric values is used to represent the intensity of a sound pressure wave. In other words, a set of numeric values is used to represent the actual waveform of a sound pressure wave.

Typically, the sound pressure wave or an electronic representation thereof is sampled at a uniform Dfd for chat application of points in time. An example For Dfd for chat application, the graph in Figure 1 might represent a set of sampled audio data values produced by a wide-band noise generator, such as the noise at an airport.

The vertical position of each dot relative to the red horizontal axis would represent the intensity of a sound wave at a particular point in time. The location of each dot along the horizontal axis would represent the point in time at which the measurement of intensity was made.

Package javax. Some of interface used: Clip The Clip interface represents a special kind of data line whose audio data can be loaded prior to playback, instead of being streamed in real time. DataLine DataLine adds media-related functionality to its superinterface, Line. Line The Line interface represents a mono or multi-channel audio feed.

Dfd for chat application

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