Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

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Scam artists have bilked animal lovers by posting with pictures of puppies and other pets. The often include a compelling story about why the puppy is available, and details about his or her lovable personality. If a pretending pooch peddler pilfers money from your pockets, file a complaint with the FTC. If you transferred money for to a scammer for a pet that never appeared, let the money transfer company know, too. I'd reverse image search the starting picture but cant since she tells no listing. I hope she gets scammed just so I can say I told you so.

Would Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption take Money Gram or Western Union. Person in VA. Site is healthyhavanese. Both men had heavy Indian accent. I went to get the Money Gram and clerk had to get manager's ature. He helped me only to find it's a scam. It sounded like the same man. Then I researched and found another breeder was the same, a scam. The dog was to be a service dog for a kid with Autism. Be careful, it's a big scam.

Thank you for having this with all of the warning s to look for. I just almost got ripped off big time. I asked all the questions that you said to and I found out that it was a scam. Glad I didn't lose my money. Miniature Dachshund Home is a scam. Stay away.

Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

Seems legit until you dig a little deeper and start poking holes into them. The whole I'm a Christian and how could you question me routine. All anyone has to do is ask for a photo of the dog with their name written on a piece of paper in the picture or even a date. It will let you know if the dog is even real right from the get go.

I found the whole thing too easy and decided investigate, that's when I saw this and followed all procedures, including being upfront about not doing money order or WU. I said to them my Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption was a Police Officer and it was normal for him to behave like that. Guess what! They never contacted me again! I can't believe people would stoop so low!!! It Siberianhuskycreak. Do not try to buy a puppy from www. They will press hard to get you to transfer money and then request more for insurance but only after you truly believe the puppy is yours.

However, there are no pups.

Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

Please beware. Then went on about saying how the dogs belonged to his song that just passed away from cancer. But it already seems sketchy to me. But does it sound like a scam to anyone else but me????? Yes it is a scam. Just had same scenerio. It was for Yorkie. I called Amazon and they immediately told Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption that it was a scam. Be Alert I almost fell for it. I had something like this happened to me, but I did my research before I sent the money.

A couple weeks ago I had posted on FB looking for a teacup yorkie for my little girl. Whenever I asked for more personal info the person blew up on me and that was all over. Just lastnight I recieved an back from a seller I had ed off of craigslist. They told me they woukd give me the puppy because it was her sons who just passed away to cancer. She sent me a video of the puppy, and I was quick to realize that the persons voice in the video I recieved in my was the same voice on the FB I had messaged the week before. This scammer said they where for Pensacola FL and since I lived so far away, they would just ship me the pup.

I did my research on the name that was on the Christine Lokkenankta and realized that this named had popped up ALOT for scamming people! It is so sad that some body would use the death of someone as a joke! Watch out! You should be able to see at least one parent and exactly what conditions the puppy was raised in.

There is another, more important reason than money though: when you buy a puppy sight unseen, sometimes you MAY actually get a puppy, but the puppy very often is from a puppy mill! Ever see a puppy mill? If you haven't, go to YouTube and enter "puppy mill. Losing your money or, 2. Buying from a puppy mill, and 3.

Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

Getting a sickly, inferior pet which at the very least will cost you vet bills OR might just die 4. Perpetuating the suffering of the dogs kept in puppy mills Finally, Google "how to find a responsible breeder.

Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

If there were legitimate, they would have Paypal. I realised myself as it all seemed a bit too fishy! The so called Breeder is Justin Moya and he would have scammed me had I not had a gut feeling about it and researched into it. I will be buying locally and viewing my puppy! Super havanese out of Norfolk VA is still doing the same scam. Cheap puppies with fight coupons so no shipping costs, WalMart to WalMart payment. WM saved the day as they have the Breeder name and address flagged for fraud.

I wanna know if this guys is scamming me, so I'll paste his reply here and please let me know if he is:. Once you send the pic,I'll immediately proceed with the transfer of ownership document. The need covering the reference is the restrict pickup buyers security That money would act as assurance that you'll come for the the dog. Can only be picked when you come to collect your dog and provide the reference. Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption usually a of a scam. Can this go the other way? My dog had a litter of puppies that I put up for sale on PuppyFind. First they wanted parent photos, which I was happy to provide, then they wanted a video, then they wanted a photo of the puppy with their name and todays date on a sheet of paper held next to the puppy.

They claimed it was supposed to be a gift for their daughter, but when I asked them to please pay for the puppy first or at least make a deposit, they flatly refused. I just didn't feel comfortable implying this little girl belonged to someone when I couldn't tel if they were just using the photos and info to create a false puppy ad or something?

I was as nice as can be and explained my hesitation, but they stopped texting me completely when I explained my discomfort with the situation. Does this happen a lot? Is this how people create false puppy listings??? Morristown AZ Inquired about a Yorkie. They only take Moneygram and when I offered to pick the dog up They offer ground transportation for I have a male called Timbo and female called Mia, both pure breed Maltese, they are 12 weeks old, vet checked, registered, well trained potty trained and have been well socialized and love the company of kids and other animals.

They are very healthy, and have all their complete documents. I am selling because I am in the military, I was promoted and my unit will be Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption in Maine. All i really want is for the puppies to move into a nice and caring home. I'm sure I contacted a scammer yesterday. He had an ad on Craigslist for French Bulldogs. Looked like a local add.

Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

He says he is in Colorado. I'm not contacting him anymore as I am sure it is a scam. He uses Kenny Bines in his s.

Cute teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption

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A new dog…and scammers’ old tricks