Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg

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A look at how investigators built their case in the killing of cowboy Ray Green. This is the.

Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg

Investigators say he was shot 10 times. Shortly before his death, Ray's ex-wife Dani Green looked up information related to gunshots to the head with a. In Mayfriends and family received calls from Dani Green informing them that Ray had been killed by their German Shepherd, Jazzy.

Authorities were sent out to the couple's sprawling Indiana property after a call from Ray's mother, who sought further details on her son's death. Investigators couldn't immediately locate Ray or Jazzy. During their search of the area, authorities came across a metal box yards away from Ray and Dani Green's front door. Dani allowed investigators to look around the entire property with the exception of that box, which she claimed belonged to Ray, so they set out for a search warrant to gain access to its contents.

Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg didn't make sense to friends and family that Ray Green could have been killed by the family dog — they knew him as a Texas cowboy who had a way with animals, having worked with them for years as a farrier. Dani Green was also an accomplished horsewoman and dreamed of competing in the Olympics in dressage.

Years before Dani and Ray met, he and his wife Maggie Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg bred and trained horses on their Texas ranch with their daughter, Tracey. Ray Green lost his wife in a tragic accident in when Maggie, who was on her way home from a barrel race with her horses, was killed in an Oklahoma bridge collapse. The Greens received a large sum of money as a result of a lawsuit filed on behalf of the victims. After a short courtship, Ray and Dani eloped and settled in Florida. She and Ray moved to an equestrian community in hopes of pursuing her dressage goals and making it to the Olympics.

The sport calls for participants to dress in clothing of the Old West and engage in competitive speed shooting under aliases — Ray was known as "Doc R. Green" and Dani went by "Dani Oakley. Friends say Ray Green enjoyed the social element and didn't take the sport too seriously, whereas Dani was a competitive sharpshooter who quickly became one of the fastest female shooters in the club. The Greens experienced financial difficulty during the economic downturn in ByDani had given up on her Olympic dressage dreams and moved back to her home state of Indiana to care for her mother and father, who both had cancer.

She set up their new home on her parents' vast but isolated acre property and was ed by Ray the following year. To help make ends meet, the couple divorced so that Ray could collect social security as Maggie's widower. It was at their home in Dillsboro that Dani Green told the story of an attack on Ray by their dog, Jazzy.

Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators opened the box to find Ray Green's body inside — he had been shot 10 times with the same kind of ammo used in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions. Dani Green reenacted her version of what happened leading up to Ray's death in a recording for investigators. She claimed Ray threatened to kill her, saying "I'm going to kill you. You need to die," and that the 10 shots were fired in self-defense.

Detective Tom Baxter played the role of Ray while Dani directed him through the reenactment.

Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg

The couple's mail carrier in Florida, whose name and face "48 Hours" agreed to conceal, told investigators she believed Dani was being abused by Ray. Though Dani never told her explicitly about any abuse, she said that she saw Dani with black eyes on multiple occasions.

In a review of the physical evidence, Prosecutor Aaron Negangard told "48 Hours" that it "completely contradicts" Dani Green's story. He believes that bullet holes in the sheets indicate that Dani "had to have shot him underneath Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg blanket, which means he was asleep. Prosecutor Negangard also believes Dani Green's web searches were "damning" evidence of her intent to kill Ray. A friend of Dani's from Florida said he believes Dani looked up information related to shootings because she was living on a remote property and was concerned with defending herself against possible intruders.

Dani Green was arrested and charged with murder on June 3, She was found guilty at trial and sentenced to 60 years in prison. In a tragic coincidence, Ray's death occurred on the 12th anniversary of the passing of his first wife, Maggie. A friend says it was a from God that they're back together.

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Cowboy for married lady in Oldenburg

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