Club sin day

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Club sin day

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. Read an Excerpt. Dmitri Pratt is living out his dream. Before she met Dmitri, Presley never imagined she would find a Master who could deliver on all her hottest fantasies. Mine is intended for mature audiences. Wildly hot, romantic, and emotional, Mine is another winner! Mine takes readers back to the beginning: to Dmitri and Presley.

As sad as I was to see the series end, it seemed that this was the perfect way to go. Tasteful with real and raw emotions. I was definitely invested Club sin day their world and relationship. Stacey Kennedy sure knows how to make a girl swoon. A dedicated cop, Sawyer Quinn blows off steam by immersing himself in his role as a Master at the hottest club in Las Vegas.

But when Sawyer goes after the perp who brutally beat his Club sin day, he teams up with Chloe Nash, a sexy private investigator who awakens a sweet new need: to keep her to himself, away from the dungeon of Club Sin. Chloe is beautiful, smart, and too innocent for the lifestyle.

Is her love worth swearing off the one thing that keeps him sane? Then he saves her life, and just like that, Chloe knows she will be able to give him anything he desires. She is his—wherever and however he wants to take her. Commanded is intended for mature audiences.

Club sin day

USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy returns to the tantalizing world of Club Sin in an enticing novel of control and surrender. Porter Marshall Club sin day nearly achieved his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, but his new sub poses a much bigger challenge than he anticipated. Despite their mutual attraction and red-hot dungeon sessions, Kenzie Hart plays her own games. But when Porter suggests taking their connection to the outside world, Kenzie denies him.

Is the passion they share real, or is he using her to solidify his status at Club Sin? And yet, who else can she trust with the shattering secrets she holds within? As Porter expertly brings her to the point of no return, Kenzie surrenders her body—and, piece by piece, her heart. Tamed is intended for mature audiences. Refreshing, Club sin day and raw, Tamed is on my list of favorite novels this year.

It surpassed my expectations! Bring on Master Sawyer! Her husband, Charles, had been her ultimate fantasy, a seducer in the dance of dominance and submission. She misses the sensual lifestyle they shared, but mourns him so deeply she cannot bear to embrace her submissive needs with another Dom—until a man who exudes temptation reawakens desires she can no longer deny. Elliott Foster is dazzled by Mary. As her Master, he dares to unlock the deepest pleasures of her flesh, releasing her from pain and healing her mind.

Now that he has found the perfect woman, the perfect partner, the perfect submissive, he desires only to give her everything she craves. Freed is intended for mature audiences.

Club sin day

I loved it! Stacey Kennedy is a master in her genre. Then Ella Snow enters his life.

Club sin day

Soon, the thrill of training her to embrace his world brings forth desires Kyler cannot control. After ending an abusive relationship, Ella makes a promise to herself to start living life to the fullest. Submission alone may not be enough to save her, leaving her Master with only one question: How can he help Ella heal while unlocking the deep pleasures she craves? Desired is intended for mature audiences.

Club sin day

What a scorcher! Having read, and five-star loved, the first two Club Sin books, I was incredibly impressed to find that not only has Stacey Kennedy delivered yet another five-star read in Desired, but she somehow has managed to create an even steamier and more swoon-worthy Dom hero! Sworn to unearth her secrets, Aidan uses his seductive skills to Club sin day her wildest desires until Cora yields to the pleasure she can find only with him.

Cora came to the club to act out her sub-and-dom fantasies without ever revealing the heartbreak that haunts her. He refuses to allow her to submit to any other man—nor does she want to. For as they give in to passion, they must lay bare their souls for a love that could heal—and free—them both. Bared is intended for mature audiences.

Five I-was-emotionally-invested stars! It ends just as hot as it starts with an incredible story in between! She made me cry! Once inside the elite Club Sin in Las Vegas, Presley is nervous but excited—and determined to surrender to her every desire. Dmitri is her Master, and his touch is like fire. With each careful, calculated caress, he unleashes her Club sin day inhibitions, giving her unimagined pleasure.

Presley is different than the other submissives Dmitri has mastered. The lifestyle is new to her, and so are the games they play at Club Sin. From the start, Presley stirs emotions in Dmitri far beyond the raw purity between a dom and the perfect sub. For the ecstasy they share goes beyond the dungeon, igniting a passion that claims the very depths of the heart. Claimed is intended for mature audiences.

A fabulous talent, Kennedy shines in this fast-paced and exciting novel. This book was smoking hot with an awesome story and I loved every single second of it! Share: Share on Facebook. Club Sin Series: Related Titles. Other Series By Stacey Kennedy. More about Stacey Kennedy. Other Series You Might Like. Find other titles in Contemporary Romance Suspense Romance.

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Club sin day

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Club Sin Day