Cheap teacup piglets for sale

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We have plenty of grain and resources.

Cheap teacup piglets for sale

It is very important to us that all the lovely pigs get their grain. So we will be here for you! Stay healthy and safe. Hold your families together with love and understanding while f inding gratitude in today. We can do this together. Mini Pocket Pig Family. Located in lovely Northern Idaho, our pigs are part of our family, but are eager to become part of yours. This is our hobby, Cheap teacup piglets for sale we are dedicated to sharing our passion and love for indoor pet pigs. If you are a loving family in need of a new member, we know how to make your household whole.

This little guy is curious and very sweet. He love belly rubs and hanging out with his people pals.

Cheap teacup piglets for sale

He is litter box trained. He will be ready for loving home around November 18th. This little girl is extremely sweet and loving. Loves giving pig kisses and very tiny! She is going to be a very fun entertaining addition to a loving family. This little guy is extremly sweet. He is going to be a show stopping pig like his dad! Very sweet and curious little guy. We definitely have the right breeding stock in place for amazing things to happen! We even offer you the opportunity to finance the purchase of your new baby over several months.

Cheap teacup piglets for sale

My daughter has wanted a Juliana pig for the past 4 years and never gave up researching her passion. My daughter and I never held or petted a pet pig before, but believed Jerri Lynn as her enthusiasm and energy poured out for her adorable piggies. She educated us on how loving, gentle, and smart Juliana pigs are. Even though I was hooked on these adorable piggies I was still a little apprehensive about purchasing from someone I never meet, but Jerry Lynn totally exceeded my expectations by staying in touch with me through the whole exchange and transportation process.

Jeri Lynn is truly a genuine honest person!

Cheap teacup piglets for sale

Making them the calmest and most well-adjusted piggies on the market. From the moment we opened Her crate door she was calm, affectionate, and well-tempered. Even after that long flight! Their color has brightenend and they are SO soft, no more scratchy pigs! Thank you so much for such a great Cheap teacup piglets for sale. I would highly recommend this to everyone who owns a Mini Pig.

He is such a happy little guy!!!! I just wanted to thank you again for bringing him into our lives. We love him SO much. We started to do some research, and ran across the typical night-mare stories of pigs growing to enormous sizes. One phone call to her and we were sold! Now I have had pets all my life, but my wife Leah has not. Leah is extremely allergic to just about everything. Walking into a house where a cat or dog lives in hives and breathing issues.

Leah was a bit Cheap teacup piglets for sale about our pig. In stepped Jeri Lynn to the rescue again! Jeri Lynn explained why pigs are considered hypoallergenic. She also suggested that we check with an allergist. Penelope is sweet, adorable, affectionate, smart, loving… I could go on forever. She is the best! We just love her!

I dare you to spend an hour with a pig and not fall in love. Jeri Lynn is there every step of the way. Please friends, if you are even considering adding a piggy to your family, take a few minutes to call Jeri Lynn…you can thank me later. I just want to tell you how much I love my piglet, Burt. He is so sweet and cuddly. Those breeders tell people their piglets will be small enough to fit in a teacup! When I spoke to you I knew that I would get exactly what I wanted. You know what you are doing and strive to place your piglets in forever homes. Your piglets are beautiful and sweet!

I hope that people read this and get their piglet from you! I know they will be as happy as I am with their new baby! It is hard for me to put this little boy down! Our family has been so pleased with our pig Annie from Mini Pocket Pigs. Jeri is an outstanding Cheap teacup piglets for sale who takes the time to develop a relationship with her future piggy parents. She invited us into her home to meet all her pigs. She prepares you with all the information you could possibly need to be ready to take your baby pig home and continues that relationship long after they leave her care.

She socializes all her pigs and makes sure they are ready for your home and family. Her love for what she does is so evident even in the package she sends you home with upon bringing your baby home. We are sure he is having visions of sugar plums, Cheerios, carrots, etc… dancing in his head! Thank you for Hamlet he is a gift even when he is on the naughty list!!!! Milo is doing fantastic. We love him so much!! Thank you for breeding such beautiful healthy miniature pigs. This fortunate family is very blessed to have our precious baby girl Merci Mei.

She arrived in Northern California on Good Friday. For this family it was the start of a new piggy adventure of love and kisses. Our prayed for bundle of joy is pure bliss. We are so fortunate to have our sparkly big eyed, very petite, and stunningly beautifully tail wagging show stopper that makes everyone stop in their tracks and squeal with delight.

Jeri Lynn is extremely knowledgeable. Her pigs are treated better than most children. You can trust Jeri Lynn to be a reputable person and breeder.

Cheap teacup piglets for sale

Merci Mei is proof of that fact. I just wanted to check in and let you know that Welker is doing fabulous!!!! We love him so so so much!! He has settled into our family like he was born to be with us. He is such a cuddly and affectionate little guy, we love it!!! He makes sure that he has his share of cuddle time in the morning. I love Jeri and her amazing piggies. I did a lot of research and Jeri is amazing. I adopted Tulip who is adorable and so loving. Jeri really cares about all her pigs and even rescues pigs!

Here is Cheap teacup piglets for sale Fully grown she is 35lbs. We adore our new babe! She is so sweet and bringing us so much happiness. She has been litter box trained since we brought her home and is very comfortable around people. Thank you for making this such Cheap teacup piglets for sale awesome experience for us!

Life has been busy since Hampton flew into our lives. I love the little monster, as well as our other furry kids love him too. I attached a few pictures. I can go on and on about Hampton but you all already know how special these dear little pigs are. Hope all is well with everyone at your home.

Thank you! My girl is the best! I was never left alone to figure this new lifestyle out on my own! Thank you for giving me my best girl! I am in love with my newest baby, Aspen.

Cheap teacup piglets for sale

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