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National Cash Grocers Daniel Proctor, who opened his first grocery store in when he was only 20 years of age and who became a prominent and successful independent grocer widely-known throughout the state, has contributed much to the highly competitive, retail grocery field in Wynne.

Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394

A leader in his chosen field, always alert to new ideas in modern merchandising, Mr. Proctor introduced new innovations in grocery shopping in Wynne years ago. He was the first to introduce the then revolutionary idea of "serve yourself" grocery shopping in Cross County, calling his store the Serve-Yourself Grocery.

This new and easy personalized shopping method was an immediate success, catching the imagination of women shoppers throughout the area. His popular store today - the National Cash Grocers - features not only serve-yourself shopping, now the accepted way of buying groceries everywhere, but also operates on a cash basis, another innovation Mr. Proctor was the first to introduce in Wynne. Constantly watching and studying the development of new trends in the grocery business, Mr. Proctor quickly realized the value of offering frozen food lockers to his many customers.

In he built these lockers in the rear of his present store on Wilson Street and again his judgment and understanding of his customers' needs brought him success in a new field. Proctor has continuously owned and operated a grocery store in Wynne longer than any other merchant in business here today.

He is now entering his 42nd year of successful operation. Daniel Proctor was born June 2,at the historic town of Vanndale, when it was still the county seat of Cross County. His parents were the late W. Proctor and Anna Belle Daniel Proctor. He came to Wynne with his parents Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 he was only nine years old and has spent his lifetime in Wynne.

He received his first experience in the grocery business while working for J. Hurt and then in at the young age of 20, he opened his first grocery store on Front Street where Baddour's Bargain Store is now located. And then this year, in the spring ofMr. Proctor opened his modernistic supermarket near his home, even then planning for greater expansion and Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 in the near future.

Located on Highway 1, across from the county courthouse, Mr. Proctor's Supermarket is the latest move in a continuous forward move by this progressive businessman. He is a 32nd Degree Mason. They were married April 8,after Mr.

Proctor had returned from service as a sergeant in the U. Army, rd Division Infantry. Proctor have three children: Delores, now the wife of Fred C. Specht, assistant division manager of Mutual Life Insurance Co. Harrelson have three children: Dan, Keith and Hey wood. Specht, two children, Susan and Gregory. Horace Proctorwho has been associated with his father in business sincewas born May 23,in Wynne. Army Air Corps, enlisting Sept. He is a former member of the Lions Club and of its Board of Directors.

Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394

He and his family are members of the Baptist Church. Proctor also serves his community as a member of the Wynne Volunteer Fire Department. Dan Proctor, with more than 40 years of courteous and efficient service in the grocery busmen could rightfully rest on his laurels but such is Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 the spirit and nature of this progressive and alert businessman as he looks forward to an even more successful career as the Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 and operator of a modern supermarket, which now occupies part of the site of the old family home property and will one day be located on half a city block.

Since its organization inWynne Federal has ably served its community not only as a sound financial institution but also as a highly respected and useful leader in civic affairs. Wynne Federal actually is a local clearinghouse for the savings of its investing members and for the lending of these funds to the borrowing members.

It is a mutual association with all investing members sharing alike in the earnings, without any preferred or permanent stock enjoying a higher rate of return or other privileges. The association encourages systematic savings s and provides an invaluable low interest lending service so that its members can borrow funds for buying, building or improving homes or other real estate. For the encouragement of thrift as one of the greatest of human virtues, the association welcomes new s in even the most modest amounts, also in lump sums proportionate to the demands for loans from time to time; and it is prepared to make loans on improved real estate with a minimum of delay and expense.

Since the association was chartered init has operated continuously and has never experienced any financial difficulty. Dividends have been paid at regular intervals and always at an exceptional high rate.

Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394

Wynne Federal has been fortunate since its beginning in having officers and directors of the highest integrity, ability and civic-mindedness. Collectively, their sum total of experience, capacity, and understanding of the community they serve and their faithfulness in opportunity is unmatched in the community.

As a net result, the association is a highly successful financial institution, yet, one with a warm heart and a sympathetic understanding and appreciation of its members. During its more than 20 years of successful operation, one outstanding individual has been at its helm, ably supported and guided by the wise counsel and assistance of the association's other noted directors.

That Clarence A. Forbes has continuously served as President of the Wynne Federal Building since its inauguration is evidence enough of his ability and the high esteem in which he is held by his fellow directors. His reputation as an outstanding savings and loan executive is known throughout the state. The other members of the association's distinguished board of directors - all men of unquestionable integrity and public spiritedness - are: H. Barwick, Jr.

Fiscus, J. Gardner, W. Killough and J. Their names are interwoven into the history of this area because of the vital role these men have played in the development of the community. Two Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 directors, George W. Eldridge and C. Isard, have passed away. In addition to Mr. Forbes, as Chairman and President, the other officers are Mr. Barwick and Mr. Block, Vice Presidents; Carrie R. Miller, Secretary and Treasurer; Geneva B. Killough, Attorney. Independent appraisers of the association are A. Duke, F. Wingard, R. Kelly and C. Miller is Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 a director in the Arkansas Savings and Loan League, the only woman ever to have been elected to that position.

The association's first office was located in the Martin Building; later in another building on Wilson Street behind what is now Holleman Drug Store. In the association moved to its present location to occupy a building, which was said to have been moved to Wynne from Wittsburg about The association completely remodeled this old building the latter part of and formally occupied it on January 11, Clarence A.

Forbes The name of Clarence A. Forbes will always occupy a position of prominence in the history of the railroad and the financial growth of Cross County because of the outstanding career of this highly respected man of individuality, ability and resourcefulness.

He started work as a messenger boy for the Associated Press at Omaha, Nebraska inearning Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 cents per day. While there he learned to telegraph, and later worked as telegrapher for the Western Union, Postal, Burlington and Northwestern and then entered the service of the Missouri Pacific in During the past forty-nine years Mr. Forbes has served on several divisions as telegrapher, dispatcher, chief dispatcher and trainmaster. Isard, daughter of the late Clarence Lee and Maggie W. Isard of Wynne. Two children were born to this union, both of whom passed away in infancy.

Early in his business career, Mr. Forbes was elected President of the old Wynne Building and Loan Association, which was successfully liquidated during the depression, and replaced with the present Wynne Federal Savings and Loan Association.

Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394

He has been President, and later Chairman of the Board, continuously since organization in He served as a director of the First National Bank during the depression, and also President of the Dixie Finance Corporation, which was successfully liquidated before World War II, after handling a half million dollars worth of installment paper.

Forbes also became Chairman of the Sewer Improvement District during this period, which paid off its obligations on time, after being badly in arrears. Both Mr. Forbes hold enviable positions in the life of the community and have make marked contributions towards its advancement.

They have gained the affectionate regard of all who known them. Wynne Furniture Company The name of Hooper has been prominently associated with the retail furniture business in Wynne, Arkansas, since and today it is being successfully continued in that field by Richard J. Jack Hooper, partner and manager of the Wynne Furniture Company and son of one of the founders of the respected firm. The late E. Later O. Killion bought Mr. Counce's interest, remaining with the firm until Jack Hooper, son of E. Jack is still a partner in the firm and has ably managed the business since his father's death in He is being assisted now by Y.

Wolfe, who has been with the firm since In E. Hooper and son opened and operated another furniture store at North Front Street, discontinuing its operation after the death of E. Hooper in The Hoopers have been associated Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 the fresh produce business at various time for more than 20 years.

His record of success in truck gardening in this area has made Jack Hooper an authority in the field. Hooper and Lula Benson Hooper. He was graduated from the Wynne High School, having moved to Wynne with his parents in From to he was engaged in the wholesale fruit and produce business and then from until he Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 the U. Subchaser No. He was honorably discharged on September 13,as machinist mate second class. To this union have been born three children; Mary Patricia Hooper, age 7 and a student at St. Hooper, Jr. Richard J.

Jack Hooper is an intelligent and resourceful self made man, who has worked hard to make a success. He has always been interested in the advancement of the county and his wide experience and thorough knowledge of truck gardening, for which this area is particularly well suited, makes him an invaluable citizen. Barwick's Garage A pioneer in its field in this area with a heritage extending back nearly half a century but extremely modern and progressive in service and products today, Barwick's Garage on East Merriman Avenue in Wynne is one of the best known business establishments in Cross County with a proud reputation in civic leadership as distinguished as its famous make automobiles.

Owner of this highly respected and very successful Ford dealership is now one of Cross County's most beloved and esteemed citizens who came to Wynne, Arkansas, as the result of one of those fateful turn of events which Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394 often changed the course of many lives.

It was a letter, which gave young H. It is often quoted that "opportunity only knocks once. It is the individual with imagination, initiative, courage and determination that transfer such opportunity into intelligent and forceful action.

Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394

Such was the story of young H. Navy during World War I. The story began May 25,in Illawara, Louisiana, with the birth of H. Barwick Sr. They saw that he was reared in a truly Christian family and that he received a thoroughly sound and comprehensive education. The Barwicks moved to Grenada, Miss. He later attended Georgia Tech to study electrical engineering. From tohe was employed in the same capacity by the Grenada Ford Motor Co. Then came the decision to the Ford Motor Company in Memphis, a move which was to change young Barwick's entire life.

Casual Dating Widener Arkansas 72394

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