Carpentry testing tools

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Carpentry testing tools

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Carpentry testing tools

Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Chlowie Aslhea Bautista. Jastine Capuyan. Fredrick Mwakikoti. Jaz Abogado. Show Carpentry testing tools. No Downlo. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Carpentry hand tools 1. Measuring tools 1. Pull-Push Rule - flexible tape that slides into a material case and it is used to measure irregular and Carpentry testing tools shapes. Meter Stick - used to measure a work piece.

Try Square - squaring, measuring and testing tool used to check adjacent surfaces for squareness. Caliper - used to transfer measurements from the rule to the work. Pencil - used to layout or mark cutting lines. Marking Gauge - wood or metal tool consisting of a beam, head and a point used to Carpentry testing tools a line parallel to the grain of the wood. Chalk Line - used to establish a straight line on a surface. Divider - tool with two metal legs used to lay-out an arc circle or step off division on a line.

Compass - used to scribe arcs and circle in a metal wood. Try Square - tool used in squaring, measuring and testing the squareness of a wood. Steel Square - framing square used to mark out the work for squaring and checking of angles and is used in the construction of roof framing and large furniture. Spirit Level - tool used for testing vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Plumb bob - tool used to test the vertical and horizontal surfaces. Chisel - tool used to trim and shape wood. Plane - used to obtain a smooth and flat surface. Spoke shave - small plane like tool from irregularly shaped objects. Cabinet scraper - rectangular piece of steel with two cutting edges used for working flat and curved shapes. Cross Cut Saw - handsaw used to cut the wood across the grain. Rip-saw - hand saw used to cut the wood along the grain. Back Saw - handsaw with a metal Carpentry testing tools and plywood and ery. Compass Saw - used to cut irregular shape either in large or small board.

Turning Saw - used to rip, cross and cut curves in lumber. Coping Saw - u-shaped saw used for cutting irregular shape in small board. Dovetail Saw - small back saw with a straight chisel type handle used to cut very fine ts. Auger bit - tool used to make hole in woods.

Expansive bit - tool used to drill holes of various sizes in woods. Drill Bit - tool used for boring holes either in metals, woods or plastics. C-Clamp - used for holding together pieces of lumber while working. Bench Vise - used to hold any materials or tools in place. Bar Clamp - used to hold large boards or frames together while assembling or gluing.

Oil Stone - used for sharpening edge cutting tools such as chisel.

Carpentry testing tools

Files - used to smoothen metal and wood surfaces. Paint Brush - used to apply paint or varnish on Carpentry testing tools surfaces 4. Nail Set - used to drive the head of nails lower than surface of wood. Saw Set - used to bend the upper half of each tooth to one side or the other to form a set. Sander - portable power tool used for sanding furniture pieces. Router - used for shaping surfaces and edges of furniture parts. Jigsaw - power tool used primarily for cutting curved or irregular shapes of wood surfaces.

Circular saw - power saw used for many types of cutting, particularly on large panel stock. Electric Drill - power drill which is used to drill holes in various materials to perform a multitude of tasks. Goggles - used to protect the eyes against flying debris and harmful liquids. Ear Protector - used to protect the ears against high frequency noise. Face Mask - used to prevent the inhalation of sprayed paint fumes.

Gloves - used to Carpentry testing tools the hands while working.

Carpentry testing tools

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Testing tools in woodworking