Best aesthetic bodybuilders

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The three-time Mr. A memorable photograph depicts a grinning Lee Haney, less than a year shy of the first of his eight Olympia wins, hoisting Makkawy into the air on the occasion of just having been defeated by his much smaller rival at the English Grand Prix.

Best aesthetic bodybuilders

Suffice to say, he was the only bodybuilder that invoked fear in the heart of the nearly invincible Arnold Schwarzenegger. After coming to America in the early s, he soon discovered that he had the God-given structure to be a world-class bodybuilder. Inhe climbed to the pinnacle and won the Olympia for three consecutive years until he was bested by Schwarzenegger in Oliva was the most massive guy of his day, but the seamless flow of his muscle Best aesthetic bodybuilders was truly a thing of beauty.

Robby Robinson was one of the all-time greatest bodybuilders.

Best aesthetic bodybuilders

Olympias, and won eight IFBB pro contests over the span of his competitive career, including the inaugural Masters Mr. In bodybuilding, there are legends, and then there are Legends, with a capital L. Appropriately enough, L also stands for Leeas in Lee Haney. Haney employed a triple threat of groundbreaking size, stellar shape, and spot-on conditioning, enabling him to garner a record eight Olympia titles.

Best aesthetic bodybuilders

When Zane defeated Best aesthetic bodybuilders enormous young Austrian bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger in —at a deficit of some 60 pounds—people took notice. Stellar lines and attention to detail had won the day over jaw-dropping mass. The implications in no small way inspired Schwarzenegger to develop the transcendent physique he would display a few short years later and helped shape the entire sport itself. Zane continued in his pursuit of physical perfection and very nearly reached it.

Samir Bannout presented a physique at the Mr. Olympia contest in Best aesthetic bodybuilders, Germany, that came close to matching the ideal embodied by the figure of Adonis. But, good genes or not, Bannout did his gym homework as diligently as any of the other legends on this list. Bannout presented an ideal balance of shape and mass. With an oversized personality to match his large muscles and tall frame, seven-time Mr.

Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger was a natural onstage and in front of the camera bodybuilding, cinematic, and political. In his pro career, Schwarzenegger lost to only two men: Frank Zane at the Mr. Universe and Sergio Oliva at the Mr. Following the latter, he never lost another contest. Arnold remains one of the largest voices and advocates of professional bodybuilding, and inspearheaded a movement encouraging judges to reward the small waists, v-tapers, and overall aesthetics reminiscent of the Golden Era.

When he walked to center stage, it appeared as if he was gliding inches above the floor. His body seemed to slide into poses as if each was created specifically for him. His form was graceful, yet extremely powerful. At the Mr. Olympia, Nubret managed, at a bodyweight of only pounds, to best the hulking Lou Ferrigno, who outweighed him Best aesthetic bodybuilders nearly 70 pounds, en route to a second-place finish in the tall class, behind Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In other words, what if your name is Lee Labrada? With the exception of taller-than-average height, Labrada had it all: shape, proportion, rock-hard conditioning, and mass to spare.

Best aesthetic bodybuilders

He won his pro card in and promptly made a statement by winning his first contest, the Night of Champions. He would go on to win six more pro contests before hanging up his posing trunks in In andLabrada took second at the Olympia to the other legendary Lee of his era, Haney. Although he never earned a Sandow trophy, Bob Paris tops our list as the epitome of aesthetics. Surprisingly, he would never place higher than third in a pro career that spanned nine years, but he became the unanimous standard-bearer of the aesthetic ideal.

Contrary to the general perception that balanced bodybuilders were relative lightweights in the gym, Paris Best aesthetic bodybuilders a hardcore gym rat Best aesthetic bodybuilders often tackled power exercises in his training routine.

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Best aesthetic bodybuilders

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The 15 Most Aesthetic Bodybuilders of All Time