Angel massage in bangkok

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Just imagine the amount of hand jobs, blow jobs and full fuck service that occurred within walls of Angel Massage. They are one of the first brothels to take advantage of widespread exposure on the internet when businesses started creating websites. For the longest time Angels Massage had reputation for the hottest young Thai massage girls. And also for employing the most massage ladies, boasting over 50 girls at any given time.

Though there are a few nice guest friendly hotels in the area like Arize Sukhumvit Hotel and 24 Inn near many happy ending massage shops. A full year to be exact. Because today, there are so many other full service massage shops in Bangkok to fool around with sexy Thai massage girls.

When I went back in this week to make this review it felt like I was going back to see an old friend. I truly felt that way because back then, I visited Angels Massage frequently. I even had a hair cut inside Angel massage in bangkok the hell of it. I guess because I spent so much money inside they indulged me with a hair cut. Just this past week I went in early, about 3pm. When you enter the mamasan will show you their massage prices.

Angel massage in bangkok, keep in mind Angel Massage prices on their website only shows the price for massage only. There was one guy that kept asking me if I was sure. If Angel massage in bangkok thinks a 1 hour oil massage for B includes sex I think he should just stay home and jerk off. For this visit I chose a 1 hour and 30 minute gel massage which cost B as it says on their website. However, you have to pay an extra B for full service, which comes out to B which is on par with most of the happy ending massage shops in the area like Boss Massage.

So, whichever service you plan to choose at Angel Massage just add on another B. I paid an additional B for the VIP room, which is basically a room with a bathtub for a bit of soapy body to body massage action. For that day, for some reason I wanted to play hide my weasel between a hot Thai massage girls titties. But, as I always say, best to ask to see all of them upfront. Seated inside at the time were about a dozen ladies. All were done up with heavy make up and of course beautiful hair.

Angel massage in bangkok

I was in heaven. But all were decent looking. I admit I had a bit of a hard time picking one. When this happens, I usually try and pick the slimmest girl. VIP rooms are a little bigger than the regular shower rooms. Angel Massage added these rooms about 5 years ago when they renovated. Which was good because I remember before their rooms were really old and shitty. While the tub was filling Mia asked if I wanted a Thai massage. I was already down to my birthday suit so why not? She was still fully clothed in her tight yellow t-shirt and white jeans. Which is the uniform of Angel Massage girls.

I asked if she could take off her clothes for a bit of foreplay. She obliged and took off her shirt and her bra. And I started playing around with her titties and nipples. After all these years, this shit never gets boring to me. She just might be right. When the tub was a quarter full Mia aled it was time to get into the tub. And I gleefully did as I watched her take off her Angel massage in bangkok and revealed a nice shapely ass. There were no stretch marks on her tummy. With a focus on my cock between her perky tits. It was so enjoyable I had to ask if she could do it for another 5 minutes, which she smiled and obliged.

What a good sport. Or maybe she felt sorry for me thinking I was really retarded. After 30 minutes messing around in the bathtub it was time to get on the bed for a gel massage. But once I twisted my wrist while having sex in a bathtub years ago. So I never did it again. Mia popped out the gel and proceeded with a gel massage. By the time she asked me to turn over I was all ready to go. I was hoping for a bareback blow job. But my hopes were dashed when she broke out a condom and shrink wrapped my weasel before blowing.

When that happens a blow job is a bit Angel massage in bangkok. Because you can get bareback blow jobs easily in plenty of other shops in Bangkok.

Angel massage in bangkok

So I asked Mia to get on all fours and I rode her until I popped. From my topside point of view Mia has an incredible hour glass figure. Okay, so you were wondering how many times you can pop. You get only one.

Angel massage in bangkok

Their Thai massage girls are hot. The rooms are clean and the rates for a massage and sex is very reasonable. Angels Massage is recommended! IndoAmericanDude December 23, pm. Thank you for all your posts. I recently visited Bangkok for the second time and I followed much of your instructions and this trip was as awesome as my first trip if not more. I really debated going to Angels massage but put my trust in this blog.

The girl I choose was May and she Angel massage in bangkok fantastic to say the least. Very considerate. I liked my experience here so much that I went again after a couple of days and had a similar fantastic experience with Pink. I have generally observed that if you are respectful towards the girl, they give you a much better service. Anyway I am here to say thank you for all the information you have put out here and to tell others that Angels massage lived up to the expectations that this blog set for me.

I stay aware that at these places, the girls keep changing.

Angel massage in bangkok

But Angels massage was consistent both times. The first time I went, it was around PM and there were girls present. The second time I went around 6 pm and the s were same. The second time, I actually first went to premier but did not like any girl from the big lineup of girls, in truth I was being way choosy simply because I could in Bangkok. Jimmy December 24, pm. Glad you had a great time at Angels. It is one of the most popular oil massage shops in Bangkok! Dominique Chia December 14, Angel massage in bangkok. Hi Jimmy, i had been reading your posts and just wanted to clarify since i just arrived in Bangkok a day back, so overall which is the best shop for a full package do you think?

Jimmy December 15, am. Hi Dom, I really like Passion Massage and have been going there a lot these days for full package.

Angel massage in bangkok

Second is Angel Massage which have the most girls working inside. Quick question: suppose, I take a girl with me into the room for an agreed price of baht for one shot at angels massage and I happen to like the girls service! And we had sex and I blow my load with time to spare, could I offer the girl like more to let me have another go without consulting the mamasan?

Is that possible? Jimmy November 5, pm.

Angel massage in bangkok

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