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In Kansas City, power comes in many forms. Sheer wealth can mold the city with the stroke of a pen. Athletic heroics can bring our city together. Charismatic community organizers can shake up the system. Here is an unranked list the 50 people shaping our city right now. The former political prodigy turned his focus to helping fellow veterans after disclosing his PTSD. It was a powerful show of leadership in a country where psychiatric disorders carry a social stigma.

40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males

Kander gave up what likely would have been a successful run for the most powerful position in the city to lead a movement to help fellow veterans. Kander on the nature of power:. We almost always overestimate the degree of influence we have over how things unfold around us.

Having a 6-year-old helps. For comparison, Arrowhead is only 1. The new mayor of Kansas City oozes charisma — and faces intractable problems. The new mayor of Kansas City, who won election in a June landslide and took over in August, knows that most mayors stake their legacies on major capital improvement projects. But Lucas has different ideas. The entire region is rooting for Lucas and hoping his steady hand sees progress. The new governor of Kansas finally ended the school funding fight. For the past decade, the way Kansas finances its public schools has been 40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males subject of a lawsuit working its way up and down the court system.

Democrat Laura Kelly ran for governor promising to solve the crisis, and within six months of taking office she did just that, brokering a deal with the Republican-dominated legislature and then winning court approval for the plan. Up next for Kelly are tough battles over Medicaid expansion, prison reform and sports betting. For nearly two decades, lawyers Rekha Sharma-Crawford and W. Jamal is an esteemed professor who has lived in the region for more than 30 years without a criminal record.

Supreme Court and won. After years in the trenches of indie filmmaking — including the satirical documentary, C. Gorman has been shaping city and state parks for 40 years. Gorman grew up on a farm in northeast Missouri and moved with her family to Kansas City in Inshe became the first woman appointed to the Kansas City Board of Parks and Recreation Commission, serving until She was instrumental in efforts to expand the Kansas City Zoo, acquire land for parks and establish new fountains.

Gorman was later appointed to the Missouri Conservation Commission, which oversees regulations, policy and planning strategies of the Department of Conservation. She led a campaign to raise half the funds from the private sector and the Department of Conservation provided matching funds. Gorman Discovery Center. The president of the urban league just produced a game plan for creating equity in KC. The report, published every five years, includes both essays and a wide array of hard data. The release drew people to the Plaza Branch of the library to gauge the progress African Americans have made in economics, health, civic engagement and social justice.

The Urban League is celebrating its centennial, and one current focus is getting African Americans ready to work in the booming local construction industry. If she could do any one thing in Kansas City:. The new head of Hallmark has been with the company for 40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males years. In June, Hallmark got a new boss, Mike Perry. The new president and CEO of privately held Hallmark is only the second person outside the Hall family to lead the year-old company.

But after 30 years with Hallmark, Perry is pretty close to being family.

40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males

Perry is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City who worked his way up the company. Former top execs Don and Dave Hall, the grandsons of founder Joyce Hall, stepped aside for positions on the board. Dorrell has been wildly successful in this endeavor.

Aiding the Kansas City art scene one donation at a time. When Helzberg Diamonds sold to Berkshire Hathaway inheiress Shirley Helzberg and her husband, Barnett, used the wealth in support of philanthropic efforts — especially in the arts. The jewelry store proprietor also dabbles in real estate development, particularly in the Crossro Arts District.

Most recently, Helzberg showed avid support of the reopening of Tivoli Cinemas at Nelson-Atkins after the independent movie theater closed its historic Westport location in April. Truman, who served in the senate until becoming vice president in But the Lexington, Missouri, native and Rockhurst graduate has made waves since becoming the youngest sitting senator at age The organization was started by her grandfather, Fred, in and is known for its ability to play kingmaker in Kansas City politics.

40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males

The moderate Democrat is the new face of Kansas in Congress. But maybe she should be. Sharice Davids represents all of Wyandotte and Johnson counties and parts of Miami county, after she flipped Kansas 3rd District from red to blue last fall. The second is lesser-known; constituent services. I started off with an associate degree. I have student debt. That background, she hopes, helps her be more attuned to constituents with similar concerns — and maybe even similar aspirations. But true strength, she believes, comes from helping others find their own voice.

Davids happily recounts how many people from her campaign have run for office themselves. The city is eager to see what the new royals owner has in store. When word got out that David Glass was selling the Royals, the city had a collective freakout.

40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males

In came John Sherman. Sherman has long been a civic and business leader in Kansas City. He and his wife contribute to local orgs like the Truman Presidential Library and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, as well as nation al groups like Teach for America.

When Kansas City n eeds to throw a grand party, it looks to George Guastello. In November and December, the station turns into a busy Christmas wonderland. Come summer, the century-old train station is home to Celebration at the Station, the largest free Memorial Day party in the region. And when a Kansas City team wins a championship — as the Royals did in and as the Chiefs might well do this year — Union Station is called upon to host the revelry. Port KC is one of 15 port authorities in Missouri and is charged with promoting development and commerce in the city.

The agency is somewhat obscure, but it has broad authority to issue tax breaks, condemn land and set up special tax districts. Made in KC started in when three local guys started a weekends-only pop-up shop concept in the Prairiefire shopping center.

Fast forward four years: Made in KC has six shops in high-profile spots around town, including downtown, the Crossro and Country Club Plaza. We feel that the quality of those goods makes it easy to represent our great city. Keith Bradley on the importance of local retail:. It gives artists and small businesses more confidence to expand, to start to try new things. It also generates great experiences for us all like festivals, concerts and others that make our city fun.

The president of UMKC forges ahead despite a rocky start. By the tweedy standards of academia, C. Mauli Agrawal has had a wildly turbulent start to his tenure as the president of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Agrawal was hired to turn the traditional commuter school into an elite urban public research university — a stiff challenge. Just a few months after assuming the role, he came under fire by conservatives after a right-wing extremist speaker at the university was sprayed with a water gun.

Can Agrawal keep his bold plan to transform the essence of the university on the rails despite cascading distractions? It will be interesting to watch. The developer leading the way on the new airport terminal. You could say that the journey to the new 40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males at KCI airport was a turbulent one.

Nevertheless, Geoffrey Stricker persisted. Stricker is senior director at Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate, the team behind the project, and Stricker has 40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males and purposefully developed partnerships with minority- and women-owned firms.

Olathe-based Garmin made its fortunes from the exploding popularity of handheld GPS devices.

40 yo Kansas City female looking for hispanic males

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